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  1. Thank you everyone for your kind words. We'll be returning home with my niece until we can figure out what to do with her in a week. It will be nice to go back to normal, but it won't be the same.

  2. I'm so sorry for your loss....

    1. West Coast Dude

      West Coast Dude

      Thank you Michael for your condolences.

      Love the Wests!

  3. Rest in Peace, Cayden James. You were a wonderful brother, son, daddy & husband. May 27, 1984 - October 18, 2011. Thank you for giving me the courage to speak up about what I want from life. You will be missed!

    1. Show previous comments  3 more
    2. Bleu


      Heartfelt condolences.

    3. Krista


      So sorry to hear about your loss.

    4. West Coast Dude

      West Coast Dude

      Thank you all for your kind words, condolences and greetings. It means a lot.


      The Wests.

  4. babies smiles take away the pain :P

  5. Congrats Andy and Mike :) So happy for you and looking forward to see the pictures. Bon Chance ~ The Wests

    1. Andrew Q Gordon

      Andrew Q Gordon

      Thank you my friend :)

    2. West Coast Dude

      West Coast Dude

      You're very welcome. Of all the gay couples out there we're sure you and Mike deserve it the most. Enjoy every moment even cleaning the poopy diapers because soon she'll be in pull ups! Best - The Wests

    3. West Coast Dude

      West Coast Dude

      PS: We think she looks exactly like her daddy Andy!

  6. Only good part of all this is seeing the guy I've been in love with for a decade....other than that it's so painful I just want to curl up into a ball and cry..

  7. Sorry for not being on here, and if I missed any messages or comments. I'll reply as I have time, I've been in the USA for almost a week as my brothers chronic lymphocytic leukemia went from Stage I to Stage III. I've taken a 3 week leave of absence from work. Thanks for your support!

    1. Show previous comments  5 more
    2. Marzipan


      *hug* My thoughts are with you.

    3. Tara00


      My wishes with you and your family! :)

    4. West Coast Dude

      West Coast Dude

      Thank you everyone for your kind wishes and prayers, you don't know how much it means to me!

  8. Merry Pranks tonight...Catching the metro, should be fun ROFL...

  9. Need to come up with a new member title...any suggestions?

    1. Show previous comments  1 more
    2. West Coast Dude

      West Coast Dude

      What is the lt fan club????

    3. wildone


      I think it is the Longfellow Thorgaurd Fanclub :P

    4. West Coast Dude

      West Coast Dude

      If that's a club of guy's into albertian men, then sign me up...I seem to have a thing for them lol

  10. Students shouldn't apply to competitions unless they know the repertoire for every round, not try to prepare it last minute with their teacher! Argghhh hormones and stress driving West crazzzyyy!

  11. Eulenspiegel this week...guess I better practice, instead of downing tequilla shots and munching on chocolate eclairs...

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    2. Michael9344


      Good luck:). And you'd better stop the shots.

    3. West Coast Dude

      West Coast Dude

      Eulenspiegel is really tricky, usually I never practic and just show up to orchestra and can read the work :/ Damn...


      Thanks Michael? What does stop the shots mean?

    4. Michael9344


      Stop taking tequita shots.

  12. amazing how an IM about being polish can brighten you're whole month after a certain *** from the same place broke your heart by cheating!

  13. So apparently my two str8 best friends, have now come out of the closet...what a bad time to be an ocean and a continent away....

    1. Dark


      out of the closet with each other? XD

    2. West Coast Dude

      West Coast Dude

      They both don't know each other, and they'd probs h8 each other if they did lol..

  14. you are unforgettable, because you make me want to be a better guy, and I'm so honest with you. But what you've done is unforgivable...

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