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  1. Some pics to illustrate the story.....
  2. hehehe - not good at guessing What I meant is about 90cm in circumference - so yes, 30 cm wide
  3. Chris Booyse


    Awww - sweet Can't wait for CJ's next story!!!!
  4. Uh-Huh And then a cliffie - bad, BAD CJ
  5. Yeppers - Scar back in the mix. Cliffie time ahead Big time.... Why is this man's stories so addictive???
  6. Chris Booyse

    Travel Plans

    Wow! A sequel I'm hooked all over again! But, please, please, no more cliffies! I suppose it is asking too much, knowing CJ's writing style.... hehehe
  7. Chris Booyse

    Dead Man's Hand

    Ho-hum. Another cliffie. While the death toll is mounting and we are left contemplating those impossible choices. Not funny. Not funny at all. I'll be sending my cardiologist's account to Mr. James.
  8. hmmm - no cliffie this time - good Let's hope it stays this way. My blood pressure cannot handle the devious Mr James. Be it as it may, Mr James' stories rock!
  9. Chris Booyse

    Fire in the Sky

    I am sorely vexed. If there is no Chapter 38 tomorrow, there will be TROUBLE. This cliffie is not funny, and it plays havoc with my blood pressure.
  10. Oh Boy. I HATE cliffies..... The King of cliffies is back ... All hail Your Majesty!
  11. Chris Booyse

    Chapter 1

    Ooh wow! Nice start! I'll definitely be following this story. Thank you for sharing with us.
  12. Chris Booyse

    Chapter 4.1

    I can't tempt you with jerky - not available in Darkest Africa But what about a kilo of biltong (our variation on the theme)? I realy, really like both stories. Many thanks Sasha!
  13. Chris Booyse


    Good trick nostalgiclikeyou! I also cannot wait for the next instalment. Pleeeease Sasha
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