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  1. slug

    In the hospital

    Get better soon!
  2. Happy Birthday!

  3. Happy Birthday!

  4. slug

    The Gauntlet, by TetRefine

    Another great chapter Matt. You make the characters feel very real so it's easy to get into your story. A cliff hanger all ready!
  5. Great story CJ. If only the eye was wider and they weren't low on fuel.
  6. slug

    Any Story Suggestions?

    How about "Working It Out"
  7. slug


    Around here most houses are unlocked and the few that are locked have the key hanging under the deck. All cars are unlocked with the key in the ignition. It's great on hot days to go into a store and leave the windows wide open and know that no one will steal your cd's or anything else. In the winter everyone leaves the cars running with the heater on when they go into stores. I hate the thought that some day it may not be that way any more.
  8. slug

    Show yourself?

    If you think that's bad you should of been there in the 70's & 80's.
  9. slug

    Circumnavigation 66 :Double Bluff

    Another great chapter CJ. There sure are lots of twists and turns. I don't think the custom agents had any right to search Atlantis. Were they thinking Trevor was hiding something? They just board Atlantis and decide to search for an hour or so to look for something? Maybe Trevor shouldn't think they are friends. I wish the chapters were a little longer but I could read for hours.
  10. slug

    Circumnavigation 63 : Clouded Judgement

    I think Sanchez is thinking that George & Bridget are becoming too big a risk and did have the room bugged. Maybe send the tape to a P.I. I'm sure Shane was just writing in his journal and would never hurt half naked Trevor. In fact, I think Trevor will rent a boat to get out of the area for awhile and Shane will go with him. It's time for some sex!
  11. slug

    Circumnavigation 62: Enemies Near and Far

    I think it's Shane poking around to verify everything. Will he help Trevor or attack him is another question.
  12. slug


    Get well soon CJ. Try a little chicken soup to get rid of the chills and feel better.
  13. slug

    Circumnavigation 60: Carnarvon

    Great chapter CJ. The title to the boat is in Trevor's name and so isn't the insurance. Trevor has no knowledge of insurance fraud so he can't be guilty of anything and the insurance has to pay. I assume the insurance is capped at some point and is not unlimited to total replacement. I guess the boat is registered in Dirk's name so that is why the Constable came up with him and not Trevor when investigating the EPIRB. I hope Trevor borrowed a couple of blankets to sleep on. Bank, buy clothes, talk to boat yard, call Joel & Lisa to tell him he is OK. Will Joel & Lisa be at their special spot?
  14. slug

    Circumnavigation 54 : The False Cross

    Thanks for clearing that up CJ.
  15. slug

    Circumnavigation 47:

    I really enjoyed that chapter CJ, Thanks!

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