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  1. ARBN'd resurrected as "The Boys of Sunset" http://skorrip.blogspot.com/

  2. 1. The Bible (with Hebrew & Greek translations included) 2. The Complete Works of Ayn Rand 3. I don't actually know the name of the series, but you can find them in old bookstores in Berkeley. Written in 1960's & '70's on like how to make clothes, build a cabin, skin a deer, etc for when civilization collapses. 4. The Complete Works of C.S. Lewis 5. The Power of Positive Thinking by N.V. Peale
  3. Wow, "won CIF swimming" was almost 4 years ago.

  4. Cute story. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=e6TEwb82LeM&list=TLt-vMNqTOtrI82bGqJawncuHtZEgERpeS
  5. Although no one is exactly hanging on every word either Working stinks during summer. It was nicer when I could hang at the beach all day and be a bum. This growing up is way over rated. I do like my job though, the law is pretty cool even if I am just a flunky now I've been able to sit in on some cool meetings hearing about strategy and junk like that. Been getting to hang with my buds from Loyola and work some with the young guys on the polo team. If teaching weren't such a sucky job (sorry Mr Arbour) I might consider it, but I think I'd go nuts pretty quickly. I hear all the st
  6. Tommy_B

    Chapter 19

    I felt bad reading your response to Tim and that there are only 6 reviews for the chapter. For all the work you do you deserve more feedback, but I am as guilty as any since I usually just read and don't even sign in these days. I like this story a lot (i like all the Will ones!) but I am afaid as we march to the actual 9-11, it will be necessarily somber. I was too young in 2001 to fully appreciate how big a deal it was, but as I got older and friends brothers or fathers went out on duty to Iraq and Afghanistan I began to get it more. Anyway, I like it when Will hooks up with guys
  7. I know the song is Unforgettable, but every time I think of where my life has been the last few years for some reason the song runs through my head. I've finished my second year at Cal and I've got an internship with a law firm because I think law is probably what I want to do. I can't believe its been over two years since high school. It seems like time flies by. I'm still tight with a couple of guys from high school, including my "little brother" who isn't so little any more. He is more adult and grown up every year and he is going into his senior year and he'll get his own little brothe
  8. Especially to my two dads, the only two I've ever really known. Love you two so much, thanks for everything!
  9. Happy Birthday my Friend, I hope you have an AWESOME day and a GREAT year :)

  10. Love that song! Okay, so Christmas was great and the day after I took off to CO with the grandparents and some of my cousins to go snowboarding. The coolest thing was there was hardly any natural snow the days before Christmas and then it starting dumping a ton. We had sooooo much fun. All we did was board eat and sleep it seemed. I did get in a small time in the pool every day, but the pool is small at the grandparents place so I wound up going down to the city rec center that does have a real 25m indoor pool so that was hot. But oh yeah it sucks swimming at 8800 feet. I need to come
  11. That is Merry Christmas to those of you who don't speak Hawaiian Christmas Eve.... at the grandparents until it is time to go to Tim's cousins house for the annual CE gathering. All the "men", anyone over 8 basically will have on Hawaiian shirts, not just any Hawaiian shirt, but a special edition Reyn's Spooner Christmas Aloha Shirt. Then we all eat Mexican food and drink Mexican beer, well the men at least, the wimen folk drink Champagne or Chardonnay on a count of them being the fairer sex and belching not being all lady like. Where did the tradition start? Who knows. Tim's father
  12. .....but it was sure nice to be home for a few days with no books and no responsibility. We lost to UCLA in overtime so the only chance we have at the NCAAs is if USC beats UCLA badly, we might get the at large bid since we only had one league loss, to USC in sudden death overtime and we beat UCLA 8-5 at UCLA in league, but it is still a long shot and won't happen at all if UCLA beats USC. Anyway... enough of that. Had a great time being home, eating good home cooking again. Went to the USC-UCLA football game with my grandparents and parents and we had a blast (grandparents and whole
  13. Quick update. We won our first game easily and we play UCLA today who had to go to overtime to beat Pepperdine. If we make the finals and USC does too (the play Stanfurd) then we make the NCAAs. If Stanfurd beats USC then we need to beat them again to get the NCAA bid. Anyway, leaving for UCLA now.
  14. Ok, so i know that is a Christmas song and brings up visions of cheery snow scenes and sleighs, but we don't get that in So Cal, we get a little rain and it gets chilly.... it was down to 48 this morning but 66 in the afternoon and the water is 60 but the waves were small as in non-existant but after being away for 3 plus months it felt good just to paddle out. Only three freshman made the traveling team and two of them were foreigners with major international experience, so I still feel good. I am living with Michael, one of my best friends, and he is on the travel team so that is awesom
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