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  1. JustynC

    Chapter 11

    Wow What a way to end a chapter lol. I THINK Natalie is real super cool chick so far You Rock Krista
  2. My user name was originally Justyn C Case but I changed it to JustynC after my parents found out I was using my real name. I was going to change it to Justyn Case but decided against it. Good thing I did cause that insurance company Safe Auto had a agent guy named Justin Case in 2009 and yes all my friends let know about it geeze.
  3. JustynC

    Chapter 55

    I believe his name is " Richie "?
  4. I remember you from back then.

    1. JustynC


      Hey there James , I remember you too. How have you been dude? Long time aye? Are you going to update " Operation Hammerhead " ? That's one of the kewl stories I remember reading. I believe you had a horror story too but I cannot seem to remember the title. I don't know why my profile only let's me list one genre cause I have more than one. Anyway Thanxx for your message and Stay Safe !



    2. jamessavik


      Hi Justin. I will get around to Hammerhead but, I've had a couple of other stories sneak up on me and force me to write them. They'll be out soon- look for The Summer Job. It is shaping up nicely.

      I've got a sci-fi/horror story here called "The Big Empty" I did a couple of Halloweens ago.


  5. JustynC

    Chapter 35

    20 years? Geeze I was just 14 almost 15 years old when I found this story on Nifty. It's one of my faves. i remember I used to bug Com for more chapters and as much as a pain in the ass I was Com never got mad at me, I think? Told ya Com way back then that you were a Master Author and still are. I went by Justyn C Case back then but changed it to JustynC. Maybe you remember me? If not it's totally kewl. Anyway thank you for another great chapter of " My Only Escape " Stay Safe Com! Love Ya!
  6. JustynC

    Chapter 55

    It would be kewl if Dylan could talk to Justin in a dream you know, like give advise or lift his spirits in some way? Geeze 28 chapters and 9 years since Dylan left us and I still miss him soooo much.
  7. JustynC

    Chapter 17

    WHY COM? WHY DYLAN????? HUH? WHY? Don't kill him ok please?
  8. JustynC


    Another super cool story abandoned. Great just great.
  9. Again, HAPPY BIRTHDAY Justyn, I hope you have another FANTASTIC day and a GREAT year guy :)

  10. Happy Birthday Justyn, I hope you have an AWESOME day and a GREAT year guy.

  11. My avatar is the Clan Short Crest and the AI stands for Artificial Intelligence. Clan Short Artificial Intelligence Division

  12. Not too many lawns to mow in Phoenix. Most are pretty brown about now. lol Lots of pools to clean though. I'm a former Tucsonian. Left 2 years ago after 20. Now we have shade that is free, wet stuff that falls freely from the sky and green things that don't hurt you. It's in a new land far away. Called Virginia. Free entertainment too. Called "Red Necks."

  13. Wow thats some avatar

  14. Hey, thanks for adding me. I see you tried to start a conversation but I keep getting this error that says I can't use the private messaging system. I think my status is not active enough or something.

  15. See? People DO like the story eventhough they might not comment or let you know they do but they do lol. I want to thank you again Krista for posting NWL for us to read. I'm glad you did'nt say "You snooze You lose" JustynC
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