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  1. ShadeBear

    FAR Chapter 14

    Am I mis-remembering? Or did I dream the next chapters?
  2. ShadeBear

    FAR Chapter 1

    I have been waiting for this one! I hope you develop it further!
  3. ShadeBear

    Chapter 14

    I generally don't comment. But there is an exception to every rule. This story is EXCELLENT!
  4. ShadeBear

    State of Mind

    Complete characters! A joy to read!
  5. ShadeBear

    Paying The Piper

    Fantastic read! Don't start unless if you have something important on your schedule! You will read this straight through!
  6. ShadeBear

    Unbreakable Faith

  7. ShadeBear


    Dark! Amazing character development! You will be left wanting more.
  8. ShadeBear

    OB Chapter 5

    I am enjoying reading this again!
  9. ShadeBear

    NB Chapter 16

    Hey there, I cannot read this chapter. The sentences are not wrapping. I don't know who to contact. So I am telling you. Shade
  10. ShadeBear

    Hunting Season

    Thank you! By any chance do you have have a FB account? I'd be honored to follow you.
  11. ShadeBear

    UF Chapter 7

    I hope that we get treated to another segment of this story. You create characters that worm their way into my heart. I hate to say goodbye to them.
  12. ShadeBear

    Story Search

    Love on the Rocks. By. Marcus McNally I read it on CRVBoy.
  13. ShadeBear

    Chapter 64

    Ummmmmm... jello? Giggle. Guess thats better than quivered like aspic...or shivered like flan.... Pudding isn't the same either... But j e ll o?
  14. I 'think' I'm finally sarting to like the new interface....but I am disgruntled that I have a limited number of "+'s" (I read ALOT)

    1. Dannsar


      Nae luck ... it's all about to change apparently :D

  15. Thanks for the like in GA stories :)


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