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  1. Wolflady

    Chapter 1

    Wonderful chapter. It fits seamlessly into the Pern saga. I am excited about the upcoming thread battle. I also need to unearth my copies of Pern in order catch up Great job.
  2. Wolflady

    Chapter 1

    I am so glad to see this addition to the Psionic world. love the fact that you brought back a couple of the earlier characters. I am definitely looking forward to more of the story.
  3. Wolflady

    The Story

    An excellent story. Thank you for writing. It reminds me of the Heroes of Telemark, especially the escape.
  4. Wolflady

    BF Chapter 21

    I was curious about the comment on pregnancy, so I looked and found this https://www2.palomar.edu/anthro/animal/echidna_reproduction.htm. I think this is Antonia version of a walkabout.
  5. I'm glad to see that they are (hopefully) going to make it and I am curious to see if they find anymore of Talon's stashes. If I remember correctly he placed several in the earlier chapters. Thanks for updating.
  6. Wolflady

    Mirror Image

    Good pick up on switch. It's going to be fun to watch this guy try to keep Cameron quiet.
  7. I agree with Terry, did not see it coming. It's going to be interesting to see how the double is going to carry on the rest of the evening. But more importantly WHY did they need John out of the way.
  8. I am glad I found this again. I love this story and hope that you are continuing to write.
  9. Wolflady

    FS Chapter 17

    Just what is it that the ex-boyfriend wants from Angela? He us going through too much trouble and expense just to harrase her. Another good one.
  10. Wolflady

    FS Chapter 16

    How is this guy tracking them? I agree with Butcher56- he needs to be caught on the training grounds which would put him under the military justice system. (If the Australian system is like the US one)
  11. Wolflady

    FR Chapter 24

    Hopefully the court appearance will be in their favor. Good luck with the drivers exams!
  12. Wolflady

    FR Chapter 21

    I have enjoyed the story so far. I hope that Kirk and Leon are going to be okay. I have a feeling that they are going to need the extra funds that Anton is providing.
  13. Wolflady

    FS Chapter 9

    Man- Mitchell can't seem to get a break from a**holes and now it looks like the new commander is also miffed. I'm glad that WO Owen's is there. Good chapter.
  14. Wolflady

    FS Chapter 8

    I have just caught up on this story and I have to say that Sir Cub has had a very busy introduction to the army. Can't wait to see what happens next.
  15. Wolflady

    Hero Wanted

    Interesting start to the story. I need to point out an error. The Colossus is supposed to land in Philly but when the general is talking to the Champions he says Houston.
  16. Wolflady


    I am enjoying this story and look forward to reading more.
  17. Wolflady

    FR Chapter 5

    Great news about the ex-dad being remanded. Also the return of Grand Dad. Good chapter and I enjoyed it.
  18. Wolflady

    FR Chapter 3

    It is a Internet archive site. They gather information on all kinds of sites and you can retrieve pages from them. If you type in a url address, it will show you 'captures' of the address. I found several pages listed for: https://www.gayauthors.org/story/quokka. Pick one and it will take you to a calendar showing dates the page was accessed. Click on the date and the page will come up. It may not have everything,but at least you can retrieve some of your data.
  19. Wolflady

    FR Chapter 3

    There may be a way to find some of the stories. The Wayback Machine may have copies.
  20. Wolflady

    FR Chapter 3

    I am so glad that you are back! I too am gutted about Deception- it was a really good story. This one is working up to be another good one.
  21. Wolflady

    FR Chapter 2

    This promises to be an interesting story.
  22. Awesome. I need to start tagging the stories I like. It would make life less stressful.
  23. Thanks everyone. Dennis191- I'll check Wattpad. JayT- If not him then the boy he rescues. I will try looking under the psionic tag.
  24. I am looking for a story called 'The Tunnel'. It is a post apocalyptic story about boys living in a mall who decide to find something better and move to a neighborhood where they set up house. The second story is about a young boy with psionic powers and lives alone is a huge house. He goes out one evening and a young boy who is addicted to drugs tries to rob him. Instead he takes the boy home and helps him through detox. That's as much as I can remember. Thanks for any help.
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