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  1. To whom it may concern: I'm Not Dead and my stories are not actually abandoned

  2. 1. I live. 

    2. Believe me, I know how "aww, too bad " it can be when you check on a story after a long time and see mo update

    3. My work isn't abandoned 

    4. My fellow anime fans:

    I just watched Frozen II. And I noticed something. The "ah uh ah uh" notes from that recur throughout. .. am I the only one who crossed referenced them with "kiss kiss fall in love?"

    *I see you come, I watch you go* you never seem to leave me though ^_^

    1. Page Scrawler

      Page Scrawler

      The part where Elsa cringed at seeing herself singing "Let It Go" had me in stitches.  :rofl:

    2. VampireMystic


      Like: Even Elsa knows the it was over exposed...

      Also, Hi Page

    3. Page Scrawler
  3. So, I just realized that one of my (unposted) story ideas is basically the crux of a new New York times best-seller. 

    I don't know how I feel about it...

    1. Zombie


      great minds think alike?

  4. Anyone else watch the beginning of Casino Royale (2006) and think: Villain was lucky Bond used the sink...

    I can say no more

  5. Roses are dead, violets are too, Pizza is yummy, so let's order two!

  6. Someone asked a room: "You're in an action movie, what's your best one-liner?' First attempt was vaguely successful: VampireMystic: "I told them... I TOLD them... but Nooo, and now I've got to deal with it., or they'll convince themselves it was my pet or something" *camera zooms back so the city on fire and giant tentacular horror are in frame. * - gazes at it with an appraising eye - "As if I'd make anything with such shoddy workmanship..." VampireMystic: Every time I read it I start laughing so I completely forgot the next one I was gonna do. It's so funny because after I wrote it, I realized that, it's not how he would say it but, I have a character, or 2, this could happen to *edited version where they are both standing there* A:"If nothing else, at least they can't possibly blame us for this. " B: ... A: "You don't think... I mean, sure they're... but you don't REALLY think..?" B:... A: *sinks down in a massive "I can't even, " sigh* B: "There's less paperwork if we let it finish off the residential district it's headed for " A: *Snorts* Nobles... we Told them. I remember. I was there. You were there. It's poetic. B: of course, there's their children... A: probably already cruel and arrogant and deranged B: And the servants. A: They know who pays them and where the money comes from. They're just as guilty. B: ...And their children A: it's the parents' responsibility , they accept ed the risks B: ... - silence for a minute - B: There was that menagerie. A: *twitch* "I suppose that tiger and the rest didn't agree to be there. B: They'd never be able to prove that the thing didn't break a few walls and...accidentally free... the entire collection BEFORE we killed it. *they straighten and stretch * A: so it's 'free the oppressed and deliver them from bondage ' this time? B: "it sounds better than "to save the big kitty and some birds and things " * walking toward to source of firelight that we now see is the city on fire with the giant tentacular horror coming into frame* -fade out- -noises of battle unseen - - later. Amidst smoke the rising sun illuminates rubble ...and heros... covered in what is likely NOT particularly chunky preserves. A: there was that... other... collection. B: ... A: We did lose the souvenirs when the inn went. B: yawn "No." A: what's one last explosion? It'd be months before he digs hrough enough rubble to even hope of finding anything. Much less take an inventory. B: *Sigh* Love, we already got the tiger. He seems to be enjoying a walk on a leash. - the leash being the pulley chain from the district gate - He wouldn't like being tied up outside to wait. A: ... B: I think the thieves guild survived. I doubt the honorable mayor will have his collection much longer. A: ours is better anyway - later. While using a pair of mostly intact mirrors they happened by to teach the tiger "chase the dot of light" A: still, better than the last one? B: You're still calling THAT a vacation? A; I was calling it a Thursday. - a pause to wipe more gore from getting in his eyes- B: Hmm, in that case... Yes.
  7.  I started writing in a status update joking about finding an old file. It became a rambling account of events around my story Predators.

    Then I started trying to make a point about what happens to the quality of writing when you try to force results. 

    Besides the fact that I'd like to be sleep before 1 a.m.,  I think if I let it grow it could be a blog entry in the very near future. 

    Look forward to it. 

    (Or... start a pool on how long it will really take me to post it.)

  8. It hasn't been safe to go in the water since 1974 (book) or 1975 (movie). Unless you have a bigger boat. Ba bump........ Ba Bump.......
  9. Someone may have already pointed this out: The problem with having baby sharks everywhere is that they grow up to jaded adult sharks with no jobs that sit on the couch all day hogging all the Doritos or whatever. Because when you try to flush them into the sewers, all the crocodiles are like: "Nuh uh" In related randomness, my only exposure to this phenomenon was when I was messing around with an Echo Dot and asked for a lullaby. And then Mystic be like: "Nuh uh. Alexa, shut up"
  10. I'm having a moment.

    That moment when you realize that a great way to start chapter, let's say 8, has been masquerading as the last 678 words of chapter 7.

    And they've been staring at you for over a year.

    Because you missed a great "Reader's are gonna hate if I cut the chapter off here" line. (Mwahahahaha)

    And now that the moment is over, I'm thinking: I've got enough writers' blocks to build a castle.

    And I'm picturing: 

    I'm stuck on the outside of such a castle ( A year ago ) going "Open up, I'm king here and I'm searching for words to join me on a quest for starting Chapter 8."

    And then, from behind the crenelated writers' blocks a fake French accent says: "We've already got one."

    and I just walked away muttering about newts, and hand grenades, rabbits, and laden swallows.

    Should've asked to see it. Or built a giant wooden badger.

  11. Something funny would go here... But sitting here I keep waking up to realize I almost dropped my phone. December 24th through the 26th was a lot more fun when all I had to do was show up. *insert cliche derivative of " kids wish to be adults and adults wish they were kids* so, hello and goodnight
  12. Caroling, from the casts of Predators, Predators: 2-14-9X, 'Were-', Lies, The Truth:

    *Zach Wolfe, Predators, whistles in place of a pitch pipe*

    We wish for compelling plot points...

    We wish for compelling plot points...


    We wish for compelling plot points...

    And to get to "The End!"

    (Edit end)


    Cliffhangers, cliffhangers,  what will happen next?

    No one knows until the end, just read one more page...


    Deck vill-ains in epic fi-ights...

    Fa la la la la,  la la, la la...

    Then go home, for steamy ni-ights...


    On the 1st day of drafting my writer gave to me...

    A complex backstor-yyy...


    On the 5th day of drafting my writer gave to me...

    Five thousand words...

    Four sex scenes ...

    Three side plots...

    Two love interests...

    And a... com-plex back-stor-yyy...


    Merry Christmas to all,  and to all a good read!

    1. Reader1810


      That was marvellous! :D 

      Merry Christmas! 🎄

  13. Santa says Hi

    1. VampireMystic


      My reply: Hi Santa. Remember to reward my sister's kids. Everyone has issues but they're good kids. 5

      I wish you could back off from my birthday a bit, but I understand the situation. 


      Bard, thanks for playing middle man. 

    2. Guest034229


      Well a Happy birthday to you too. I can imagine it sucks getting overlooked at Christmas as a kid. But now you've got ready made parties to join in.

      Have a great Christmas


  14. Comsie has a gift And he keeps giving us gifts. Hmm Comsie Klaus? What would we leave out? I thought of something but I'm not sure I should write it out here. Thank you, Comsie Klaus! ( the joke would work better on a Christmas story but that's not the one I'm reading right now so too bad)
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