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  1. jeet01


    mahabharata is one of my fav novels,one of the jewels of my childhood.I would love to see what you can do in the background of this epic saga.I need more.....
  2. jeet01

    I Love You

    its amazing the way u can write a bright happy chapter and a gloomy sad chapter so accurately....and and i love alisha now dont kill me....jokes apart...please make them happy
  3. I like it.....this is really a nice chapter.Now finally something will happen between Ed and June.And Carol is now bisexual Though I am still curious when we will see the villains again......
  4. Hi kkkkk i mean sacred its a good chapter to read.Its nice relaxing..life can be good like this.After all the dark things happend ti June finally he is in his happy way.And yes....They ARE boyfriends....come on.And looking at other reviews...gosh...they can type that lengthy??????
  5. jeet01

    Christmas Surprise

    Good god u r back with this amazing story.....i like the way you describe this fantasy world where corporations controls everything....its really feel like future reflection of todays world. its a all over happy chapter.I am sure there will be future devolopment with Kims father.I just want to see Kim and Raeden fighting side by side against this evil corps
  6. Uh ok i am trying.....i need to express myself got it...do i hav to? yes cause someone forced me to be here to write this ..... Last night i was thinking about this...i have to write something here...but what? i am terrible at deadlines so here i am.Am i talking to myself here? I was told i can write anything i want to....but its really hard when i am not used to express myself correctly or accurately.Be myself...its easier said then done.I am not an author...but i love to read stories here.Its kind of passive, no effort.I am too lazy to write reviews too..yah i know i sound terrible.More then two years now in this internet web,in here or in fb too.too many friends on fb....but i still feel lonely.Its not the same as in real life,the distance thing can never get fully erased.The stories are my consolation,they make me feel good when i feel down. Is this enough? can i go now?
  7. This is the only zombie story i hav read so far....this should be a movie....there i said it.and i dont want to cry for new chapters he he he
  8. jeet01

    Christmas in Zonei

    I dont really know what to say.....this genre of stories...new to me....its amazing the way you write this...i can visualize it....perfect...something out of the ordinary...something new and fresh...i love it
  9. First of all i want to congratulate you for this amazing chapter......i wonder how much time and effort it takes to give us this....you are right...i have to write atleast one review for this.You make me sad......it happens like this in real life...but you have the option to make it much more hapyy in fantacy.Such in depth writing....you certainly gearing up the standard.Now you have to work harder then ever to make this worthy for us lol.And i think i know what are you planning to do with Carol and Michelle
  10. Ok so i have to write this.....right?....when i started reading this story......i thought it will be another romance story with lots of drama and tears and emotions......not much surprising at all......BUT you prove me wrong......the surprise came at chapter 13......you changed my whole outlook to this story....and i am happy for that.The strong powerful way of writing which can potray so much sadness...reality.....trazedy...i ahve no words for that.Hats off to you Sacredlove for that.
  11. Everything is possible,you just have to want it enough....keep reminding me that

    1. sacredlove


      Don't worry. I'll keep reminding you that:)

    2. Sasha Distan

      Sasha Distan

      want it harder.

  12. Why its so hard for me to socialise?

    1. sacredlove


      I ask the same question to me sometimes. But someone ones told me that the people who think that they can't socialize are always proved great friends and I believe he was somehow right.

    2. jeet01


      I dont know


  13. its funny that whenever i start to read a new story....it stops updating...so i hav desided i will only read completed stories

  14. jeet01

    Once Upon A Time

    I want a sequel..... pretty please...............................................................
  15. after so long i have finally succussed to upload my page background

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