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  1. Cachondeo

    Chapter 11

    I really don’t get Richie’s father...
  2. Cachondeo


    Well to each their own I guess...or is “digestive biscuits “ code word for something kinky and fabulous?! 😉
  3. Cachondeo


    All the best to you and your partner in crime/marriage. Have a wonderful wedding and a better honeymoon! Showering you both in rice for prosperity and...lunch?😝 💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖
  4. Cachondeo


    Yes to everything you said!
  5. Cachondeo

    Chapter 13

    “So let me see if I have this straight. Your mom died when you were 12. Shit hit the fan when you were 14, you did rehab for your back and pretty much lost a year, moved in with Cassie and her mom, got your GED and then a degree in computer stuff, found out you were a multi-millionaire at 22, discovered who your biological father is at 24 and found me, the love of your life at what 26?” ...so never an odd number, eh?
  6. Cachondeo

    Chapter 12

    You were absolutely right, there’s no need for a picture, we just need to let your words soar! And I’m thrilled he incorporated mountains in the design which was one of the first questions in the game; I wonder if Ian thought of that before or after knowing Lex’s preference... Lovely, just lovely😊!
  7. Cachondeo

    Chapter 7

    “...as they focused on the shape in front (of) him he heard “Lex??”. “ Turning the shower he stripped off his shirt.” ” I can also tell you who is related to whom”
  8. Cachondeo

    Chapter 7

    To my understanding the “explain clause” only applies when the question Involves options like “sunrise or sunset” so that was cheating (and I’ll be the first to admit that I’m dying to know about Lex past) but whether the culprit is Ian or the author himself remains to be seen...😉 Very nice chapter! P.S.: DD or SB? Neither (I’m also a cheater, see) SB is way too pretentious for me and while I do enjoy donuts I’d rather have a churro myself 😋
  9. Cachondeo

    Chapter 6

    Glad to help, a few more: “He stopped for lunch (at/by?) a small cafe...” “...he had to tamp down a wave of desire, His gloves helped to keep himself under control but it was still hard.” “The spot that you just started is is really sensitive.” “Sure, as long as long as you’re up to it.” /// Loving the pace, the story and the characters
  10. Cachondeo

    Chapter 5

    Here’s another one for your collection: “Far be it from me to try to explain it to the one more time that this house was built...” Again, I suppose you meant them P. S.: any chance you can include an image of the tattoo once it’s complete? That’d be awesome!
  11. Cachondeo


    Well well well now, that was way more "intimate” and tender that I expected; almost the opposite to a roll in the hay and me definitely likes 👏🏻👏🏻 . Hope this goes somewhere, they both seems nice people who most certainly deserve a break. //// ...just thinking that to have someone you’re in a relationship for five weeks cheat on you (which in my book is close to nothing in terms of getting to know somebody let alone getting fed up with them) has to be a huge blow to your self esteem...oh my, poor Jaymes; and I know that cheating has more to do with the cheater than the cheatee (does that word even exist? lol), but still...
  12. Cachondeo

    Chapter 4

    I found a typo if you’re interested: Shut up Nemo,” she laughed. “But really Lex, I’m totally shocked. I know had hard it is for you and if you’ve really decided to do this then I can’t wait to see how it comes out. That is, if you want to show me.” I suppose you meant to write “...I know how hard it is...” ///// I find the story very interesting so far and your writing engaging👍🏻
  13. Cachondeo


    Psst, psst, Brian...chapter ten?! 🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻
  14. Cachondeo

    Chapter 10

    That should be a moto; very powerful words👏🏻
  15. Cachondeo

    Chapter 10

    Well, seems like uncle Ray said what needed to be said for Richie to get unstuck. Let’s hope things’ll get better from now on🤞🏻
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