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  1. Cachondeo


    "Auntie Malevolent" was priceless, LMHO!πŸ˜‚ Are you ever gonna explain how that first Day came to inherit the property? Lover? illegitimate son? hypnotist? Loved the story to bits, and really sad to see it end. Thank you so much for sharing it with us😘😘😘😘
  2. Cachondeo

    Chapter 23

    If you enjoyed this, check lomax61, he's also a wonderful author and his stories are great. Cheers!πŸ™Œ
  3. Cachondeo


    Yeah, put your money where your mouth is...or in this case the chapter where our eyes are or the 0s and 1s where your modem or data bus...you know what I mean, right? Give us the chapter!! Not cool B😧, you are a author/player. See, when I first got the notification for the three new chapters my heart skipped a bit and I thouht: "that's it, he wrapped it up and there will be no more Lenny and Ade smooching in the cottage" but then there was a mistake and it was actually the same chapter that got the tripled and I was hopeful againg and then you promised to post two more on Wednesday and Friday and is already Thursday and still no chapter (rambling my *ss off, I'll stop now) so pleeeeeese, post it already!!😭
  4. Cachondeo


    I'm not gonna pretend I got even half the refferences you threw in there but as to "collectively beg for several more bowls of chapters" I'm all for it!!😻😻❀
  5. Cachondeo


    Who runs a background check on a contracter?! Wtf?! On second thought maybe aunt Millie has a point and that's actually some good advice since they've never been a trustworthy lot! Always behind schedule and constantly asking for more money, nothing but a bunch of con men, them all!πŸ˜‚πŸ˜„πŸ˜
  6. Cachondeo

    Eyes And Ears

    Me thinks Bill is some kind of private eye or at least an undercover copper of sorts but there's definitely more to him that what meets the eye!
  7. Cachondeo

    Eyes And Ears

    Yes!! It reminds me of The Maltese Falcon for some reason (troubled and fragile little Rhys being the damsel in distress, or maybe that's poor Mason after all? πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚
  8. Cachondeo

    Eyes And Ears

    Well since the story is told from Mason's perspective, either he has at least another personality he doesn't know about or he is definitely not involved in Toby's murder; as to the rest...all seem shady even Rhys!
  9. Cachondeo


    Oh, never thought of that! Clever! We shall see, won't we? So far the dresser's findings turned out to be a little on the underwhelming side but maybe among the six unopened boxes of 35mm film lies a treasure...
  10. Cachondeo


    "Warning: This chapter contains another cliffhanger, so if you're not a fan consider abstaining from reading until Tuesday when the next part will be posted." For real B? that's like placing a piece of cake in front of a child (or my grown *ss self for that matter) and telling them that if they could just wait a couple of hours it would taste so much better and they can have seconds and even some tea or milk to go with it...of course they'll eat it right away, it's cake! Now please note I'm comparing your writting to cake and in my book that's a huge complimentπŸ˜™ P. S.: please do not burn down the house yet, it seems a lovely piece of property.
  11. Cachondeo


    Oh, my bad; me thinks because they were lovers
  12. Cachondeo


    It's your own fault B, all that plotting and twisting is making your poor reader's imaginations run wild! ;)-
  13. Cachondeo


    What he/she said
  14. Cachondeo


    Because his father must have known about Lenny's sexual preference and probably must have also heard some rumors about his ancestor sharing said preferences (maybe even heard something about his nephew and what really went down in that house) and therefore thought that with Luke gone, leaving Lenny that propperty was "fitting".
  15. Cachondeo


    Gosh B, you are the king of cliffhangers, sigh! It's just like in that song: "Impossible to live with you but I could never live without you. You make me cry... I hate you Then I love you Then I love you Then I hate you Then I love you more" ...and on the subject of more, I've been thinking and since you never asked, three chapters a week would be the perfect amount and in exchange you can keep tormenting us with your lovely cliffhangersπŸ˜„
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