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  1. Cachondeo

    Chapter 6

    “...and allow for a very high level of theological distortion in order to enjoy TBCoH. They are not and have never been for everyone.” Sorry if I sound ignorant but what’s TBCoH?🤔
  2. Cachondeo

    Getting back out again

    Um...it was indeed plenty nice, not gay enough though; or at all🤷🏻‍♀️ You should most definitely upload it onto another more suitable platform!👍🏻
  3. Cachondeo

    Chapter 13

    I just looked around a bit and couldn´t find anything...
  4. Cachondeo

    Chapter 8

  5. Cachondeo

    Chapter 3

    It’s all very interesting but its high time you explained under what circumstances was Justin transfered from his previous school.
  6. Cachondeo

    Chapter 2

    Revenge by toying with other people’s feelings....hmm, a bit dangerous but I totally dig it! 👊🏻
  7. Cachondeo


    Uhh yeah baby, revenge is a dish better served cold. Since Poot Bill couldn’t change the past and erase the hurt, beig able to unload all his frustrations on the culprit and finally move on with his life was a close second best. Nice work!
  8. Cachondeo


    That was weird but not nearly as weird as I imagined it would be; I thought they were astral projecting themselves in their sleep or something...😅 Very very cute!
  9. Cachondeo

    Oh Boy

    Do tell!!😜
  10. Cachondeo


    "How can it be a sin if you have no choice about it? Why did God make you the way you are if it was a sin? If he’s supposed to love us all, why would he set you up to fail? It doesn’t make sense to me. I have faith that God makes us what we are for a reason, and he loves us for what we are. And well, if he doesn’t, if he’s a god who discriminates, who turns his own creation away because they are living as he made them to live, with no other choice, then I don’t want anything to do with him anyways." Beautiful, beautiful words; not just Owen, I’m in awe as well☺️
  11. Cachondeo

    Secret Santa

    Ah, zhe plot zhickens!🧐
  12. What’s the name of the site again? Because I trod looking for “stories on line” and couldn’t find anything😯 Thanks!
  13. I abso-freekenly love your stuff, man!! Second shot is in my top 10! Cheers! And I also think that sometimes life gets in the way and...well it saddens me deeply (mostly because I’m a drama queen and I wonder if something bad happened to every author that’s vanished) but we can hope.
  14. Cachondeo

    Chapter 15

    So beautiful, terribly sad as well but beautiful nonetheless 😧
  15. Cachondeo

    Chapter 11

    Booooo, you big bully you! Leave the poor girl alone, she´s been through enough

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