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  1. Cachondeo

    Chapter 87

    ¡Extremadamente interesante!
  2. Cachondeo


    I suppose feeling very remorseful and deeply in debt with his faithful readers Mr. Lancaster would graciously oblige us all with an extra chapter, won’t he? (hint, hint)
  3. Cachondeo


    I once dated a guy who had some girl try to take her own life over the brake up (threatened him several times he try to end things with her prior too) and the way he told it, even though he felt really upset and responsible for it, it was an inescapable situation where the only solution was to stay in an unhappy and one sided relationship or cut her loose.. At the end he chose his freedom (and quite possibly his own sanity) and I think he did the right thing. Some people are just too codependent and can’t stand to be alone, to the point it’s just unhealthy.
  4. Cachondeo


    Yeah, make it a long and satisfying one (innuendo intended😉) with lots and lots of wonderful chapters to enjoy.
  5. Cachondeo


    Glad our boys are tight and hopefully falling in love with each other (although I suspect James was a goner from the get go) I just wonder about the mysterious uncle and his claim on the bakery 🤔
  6. Cachondeo

    Chapter 18

    What...final chapter?! Already?!
  7. Sorry, please forgive me. It wasn’t my intention to guilt trip anyone (or was it?☺️) it just that sometimes I fell in love with some of the stories and I get like a dog with a bone! I’m still not over the fact that Dom Luca went awol and it’s been what...almost a decade now? So you see it’s hard for me to let go😔
  8. Cachondeo

    Chapter 17

    I long time ago I got in a very heated argument with my mother (I still do every once in a while but time has mellowed both of us quite a bit). I had a gay friend who was really out (and quite effeminate); we hung out all the time so I got very defensive about her views on homosexuality being a “choice”and a “lifestyle” and no one would yield when all of a sudden (tired of the discussion I think) she said to me: -Yeah, yeah, now that you have a close friend who happens to be gay you act “oh so modern”, but can you honestly tell me in good conscience that you’d leave your own child in his care, all alone without supervision?! (‘cause gay man=child molester, deviant, pervert...right?) I said yes and I she scoffed at me. I was flabbergasted but also floored because I realised right there that she was so set against it that there was no way we could have a rational conversation. I was so mad! Man, it makes my blood boil just to remembered it...so I thought “I’d better kill this beast with cold hard facts; so I researched a bit on the subject of pedophilia (it was quite some time ago so I couldn’t just google it) and I showed her the statistics. A real eye opener; I don’t remember the exact numbers and I don’t want to lie (it would end up being a disservice in the long run) but between 70/80% of child abusers (whether they prey on girls or boys) where heterosexual men. Yup! This was like 18 years ago, so I have to wonder, for people to still fear homosexuality or think gayness is something you can catch, or that all gay is wrong and evil...will we continue to turn our gazes away from hard evidence? Where do all these irrational fears stem from? Is there’s really no point? Sorry for the rant. I still think Richard’s father is bad news and he’d do better without him. Too little too late.
  9. No, no, no...not over cuddling the author!! They gave us a lot of wonderful stories, yes! The shoulder surgery and physiotherapy are looming over the horizon, yes! (but seriously best wishes with that🤞🏻) but don’t tell them not to feel guilty, man! I’m counting on them feeling bad about that, guilt is a powerful tool! I want to now the baby’s sex! It’s been so many months is gonna be an elephant... If you spoil the author rot they will quit on us all together! A firm fan, I mean hand is what they need! All jokes apart, get better, find the inspiration you need and resurrect this wonderful story (a personal favourite), pbeeeeeaaaase!!!!😫🙏🏻 Much love to you💋
  10. Cachondeo


    Great chapter as always 👍🏻
  11. “Hey . . .’ Mark rolled over and put his arms around him, holding him tightly. ‘You okay?’ Ben nodded. ‘Yeah. Yeah, I’m really very okay, I just . . . I didn’t . . . I don’t think I understood until right now, how you feel about me. How I feel about you. I love you, I know that and you know that, but this . . .’ He paused. It was hard to express himself. ‘You’ve made me whole. You’ve given me a home.’ Mark smiled. ‘Now you’re just paraphrasing my lyrics back at me.’ ‘No, it’s true, though. That’s what’s so amazing. That’s why . . . That’s why it moved me so much. Because it’s what you’ve done, what you said in the song. And I know you sang me that chorus months ago, but . . . You know, I remembered the song, but I didn’t understand the words, not properly, not until now.’ He stroked Mark’s cheek with the back of his hand. ‘I don’t want to fuck you.’ Mark frowned. ‘What? Why?’ ‘Because I want to make love to you.’ Mark’s expression softened, and he smiled. ‘You’re the only one who could ever say that and make me want you more.’ Ben reached down, stroked Mark’s cock a couple of time, watching his eyes flutter closed. Then he pushed him over on his back, positioning himself between his legs, and pushed inside him again, slowly, gently. He made love to him. Moved inside him until they moved like one, kissing him, kissing his neck, and whispering, ‘I love you, Mark. I love you so much.’ ‘I . . . I love you too.’ They built up together, and Ben held back until he could see Mark’s cock twitch, until his moans that filled the room turned into desperate, high pitched groans. Then he took his cock in his hand again and stroked it until he came. He tightened around Ben, impossibly tight, and Ben came as well, with a loud groan. He collapsed on top of Mark, breathing heavily, and Mark put his arms around him, kissed his cheek and his neck. This. This right here. This was everything. This was his home.” I was gonna tell you that I had no words, that it was the most heartfelt thing I’ve read...and then came this: “God, how he loved this man. This kid who had come out of nowhere and turned his world upside down. Who had showed him the kind of love Ben thought was reserved for fairytales. This perfectly imperfect human being, spontaneous, unpredictable and reckless, but ultimately the most loyal and loving of people. And what luck, what infinite fortune, that Mark loved him back.” What on earth can I say?! You said it all. Thanks for this beautiful story, really, thank you! I was going through a bit of a rough time and you lifted me up, thank you! It was lovely.
  12. Cachondeo

    The Longest Week

    “As it turned out, however, Mark wasgetting too sore, and they had to make do with their hands. Not that Ben was complaining. Mark’s face when he came, his eyes, his voice, they were just as beautiful no matter how he got there.” That has to be the most caring/loving/moving/cheesy (but I love cheesy) paragraph ever written...loved it!! It made feel all kinds of warm and gooey inside 😌
  13. Cachondeo

    The Longest Week

    Haha 😂 , so did I! When people lay on beds or couches with their shoes on I cringe. I call it the tin spoon syndrome.
  14. What does “This was no oh-so-English spag bol he’d made.” mean? I googled it but...are you talking about bolognesa sauce? Loving the story so far; characters, pace, dialogue: all very nice💖
  15. Ouch! sounds painful; hope everything goes well👍🏻
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