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  1. RobV

    What Are You Reading Right Now? (Non-GA)

    Just finished TJ Klune's Wolfsong which was pretty amazing, about to start the sequel Ravensong. GA really got me into shifter stories.
  2. RobV

    700 strikes against Shane

    Probably the best chapter yet. They're both so frustrating yet so endearing. I love it. Hopefully Donovan's epiphany will help them find their way back to each other.
  3. RobV

    Chapter Seven: Post Blue

    Just caught up with this. I guess I'm in the minority but I really like the dark turn this story has taken with Nick going off the rails like that. I mean, this is a kid who was raised by his sister, watched his mother attempt suicide and was raped. Few come out of that unscathed and mentally well. Looking forward to the rest, I hope you'll be able to finish it.
  4. RobV

    Bad Romance

    Loving this so far! I think it's a great idea to dive deeper into Lance's history. He's so fascinating. Even though I want to read more about him and Diego, this is a great alternative.
  5. Ha the kids are amazing. Love both of these guys and rooting for them to get their happily ever after.
  6. RobV

    Chapter 26

    Sad that it's over, but glad they got their happy ending. What a wonderful story. One of the "classics" here that I'll always remember, and will probably read again at some point. Good luck with your next project, looking forward to it!
  7. RobV

    Family Reunion

    LOL the moment he started thinking about Kels I was like "wait, what if that is actually Shane?" You did not let me down. Glad Donovan stood his ground and didn't get sucked back in. It's gonna take something much bigger for them to get back together. Another lovely chapter.
  8. RobV

    Chapter 18

    Another wonderful chapter. A lot of progress in one day. That intervention two chapters ago was exactly what they needed. It would be a shame though to see Kyle abandon his career. It makes sense for their relationship and for Matt, but he's so good at what he does. Hope he can find a fulfilling job closer to home, if he does decide to move back.
  9. RobV

    Trash Talking and Walking

    Love all the drama. I don't think Shane is beyond redemption. We just need to know why he's so insecure and carrying around all this internalized homophobia. Excellent chapter!
  10. RobV

    Chapter 15

    The whole backstory we got is what makes it easier for me to empathize with Jacob. He was a messed up kid from a violent home and Kyle saved him from that and became his world, only to go off to college and leave him behind. I think he felt abandoned then already. That unhealthy dependence on Kyle never really went away in the years they had a long distance relationship. So he dealt with it in a very self-destructive way, probably thinking that Kyle would eventually "save" him again. For his own mistake to sabotage all that must have been the absolute worst shock to his system. And to be cut off like that without any confrontation or any chance to explain... I really do understand the resentment that built up in him in the following decade. I also don't feel like he's trivializing his own role or truly blaming Kyle for anything. He's angry at himself the most. He doesn't love himself. That's why he's lashing out and being a stubborn bastard. The peeks into his state of mind have been far more revealing than the nonsense he spewed to Kyle. While he doesn't regret saying it, I don't think he actually meant it. It's just a way to get to the situation that he feels is "for the best". Anyway, that's my take on it. I definitely agree Jacob should be the one making amends and begging forgiveness and I can't stand his behavior right now. If I were Kyle I'm not sure I could ever get over it. My boyfriend with my dad... ugh. But I understand how Jacob got to this point and I don't think he's a bad person for feeling and behaving this way.
  11. RobV

    Chapter 15

    Wow that last scene. So perfect. I blinked away a tear together with Jacob.
  12. RobV

    Chapter 11

    Just caught up with this fantastic story. The quality of the prose and the depth of your characters is truly remarkable. I love that we got to know them as teens and now see them as adults. Not easy to evolve their personalities in a realistic manner, but you pulled it off wonderfully. It doesn't feel like a first story, more like the craft of a seasoned writer. The only thing I wasn't too fond of so far was Brian and Andy getting together as well. I find it too convenient when most of a group of teen friends ends up gay, and a little out of place in a novel like this that's relatively dark and real. That said, I do enjoy their storyline and look forward to the rest of it. Meanwhile Kyle and Jacob are already among my all-time favorite GA couples (and I've read hundreds of stories on here). Amazing stuff! I hope they get a happy ending eventually, but I'll forgive you if they don't, it's that good.
  13. RobV

    September, 2018 (C)

    That was brilliant. Wow! Incredible storytelling. I sympathize with Sean, everything in his life is a mess. I'm glad everything's out in the open now. Diego and Lance growing closer is a beautiful thing. Love the video of their entrance
  14. RobV

    September, 2018 (B)

    Another fantastic chapter! I love these characters so much. Hopefully they all survive this.
  15. RobV

    Big, Strong...Friend - Shane's POV

    Well done Shane. You have more than made up for your past behavior, now it's time for Donovan to step up. Loving it!

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