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Second Shot

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Genres: General Fiction
Sub-genres: Coming of Age

What do you do when you are deep in the closet but you meet the man of your dreams? Do you take the chance and risk the consequences?

This would be the first story I posted here, I can't say it is autobiographic in anyway, but it does draw on a few things I have done or experienced in my life. Comments are welcome.
Copyright © 2011 Andrew Q Gordon; All Rights Reserved.

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Phew, what a ride, I want more, there has to be more to a great story like this.

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This was the first story I read on GA & probably what took me here in the first place. 

Long story short: Boy meets boy. They feel a spark. They try to meet again without outing themselves. Plans fail due to the strong attraction. Rules get broken and rewritten. Pressure, self-imposed or from peers and family, threatens to break what they have. They have their own demons to face. They are bad communicators because they say so much in such haste. You can't help noticing the crushing weight on their young shoulders even as they have so much love and support in their corner. It's a rollercoaster of a journey, but worth following from start to finish. The legal nerd in me recognizes all the little things that point to the author's background. And the protagonists are convincing, loveable and very real. They have their glaring flaws, some of which cost them dearly. But they are resilient and tenacious as well, because they are in love.

I've revisited the parts in which they meet for dinner off campus for the first time, and those in which they deal with that tragic yet cathartic incident, many times. The ending of the entire story is also very powerful. @Andrew Q Gordon does not shy away from all the nitty-gritty of everyday life. He writes beautifully about the sexual tension as well as frustration and despair. He tackles violence against the gay community as well as mental health. It begins beautifully and ends meaningfully. A very long story indeed but a great journey nonetheless.

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Wow, what a fantastic story! I can’t wait to continue reading more of your stories! 🥰

Response from the author:

Thanks Ian.

Somewhere in a hard drive somewhere is a follow up story from 5 or so years later. I never finished. I ended up moving onto to new things which took on their own lives. I keep thinking to revise this and re-release as a free story to my newsletter, we'll see. Once I get back in this story, I could write the sequel. 

Wish me luck ;)

Thanks again, 



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