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  1. David Santos

    Chapter 26

    Oh! Phew! I'm sorry if this sounds weird, but I'm just so relieved to hear that she is fine. I don't know her, but I feel a kind of connection from reading her stories. Sure, I would like for her to write more, but even if she had decided to give up writing I'd still be relieved to know that she is all right.
  2. David Santos

    Chapter 13

    Is Ethan… a waterbender?
  3. David Santos

    Chapter 5

    I wonder if Linda didn't know that Richie wouldn't be pleased about her moving into his dead mother's house mere days after the funeral, or if she just didn't care. Maybe there's more to the story, I don't know, but based on the information Richie currently has, I see his reaction towards her as completely understandable. And although I feel sorry for Freddy, his situation is not Richie's fault nor is it Richie's job to fix it, specially if the way for him to fix it would essentially amount, in his mind, to betraying his mother's memory.
  4. David Santos

    Chapter 24

    Did Tracy just suggest that Jack should mislead Jeff and just use him to win points with his mother?
  5. David Santos

    Chapter 9

    I'm not a big fan of Tracy so far. From all he went through, I would expect him to be a lot more cautious than he is, specially towards Jack, whom he seems to almost deliberately be setting up to go through the same thing. The way he outed Jack to Jeff, right after telling Jack he wouldn't say anything, really doesn't sit well with me. Yes, Jeff is gay and wouldn't have reacted badly, but it still wasn't Tracy's place to do that.
  6. David Santos


    “Let’s just call it... leverage” My inner voice read that in Nate Ford's voice.
  7. Preying on vulnerable people and giving them something they want or need in exchange for their “services” is what a predator does. They are pretty good at rationalizing their actions so that they portray (or even see) themselves as the good guys. So no, I for one won't pat Mike in the head and praise him for what he's doing.
  8. Ha! I finally get to share a birthday with a character. Though Dustin would be one year older than me.
  9. I've read this story several times, and it's still one of my favorites.
  10. A lot of stories seem to imply if not outright state that you can't be happy unless you are in a romantic relationship. I didn't feel that vibe from this ending, and for that I'm thankful. I mean, I love a romantic story with an HEA as much as the next guy, but it's nice to break from the mold every once in a while. Specially when it's done as well as it was in this case.
  11. I want to rant about Richard, but I can't. I see too much of my teenage self in him, making a meal out of breadcrumbs. I mean, there is being optimistic, and then there is this. Hopefully he'll come to his senses soon enough.
  12. So, now that the child rapist–torturer–murderer is finally dead… He will be brought back? I don't know if I have the stomach for that.
  13. David Santos

    Chapter 7

    I'm going to be very disappointed if Julian doesn't face a gruesome death. Regardless of how interesting his character may be, some things you just don't get to walk away from. Or shouldn't, anyway. Then again, the more I read the less of a fuck I give to these two in particular, so I'm not even sure if I'm going to finish this one.
  14. I probably should mention that “nojo” in Portuguese means “disgust”.
  15. I'm glad they are together. I was rooting for them. I hope it's for good. Now, if Noah had accidentally fallen face-first on a bucket of superglue sealing his mouth shut so he couldn't tell Jordan that he came out to his parents throughout that day, it would probably have been just a bit more conspicuous than how things played out in this chapter.
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