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  1. Rolfe45

    Aged to Imperfection

    Great chapter! Covered some ground, good to see Corbin piecing it all together. But that cliffhanger..... don’t make us wait too long. Thanks so much for sharing your talent with us.
  2. Rolfe45

    Chapter 14

    Did she publish under Aubrey’s name again? I can see this being damning, as Aubrey will have to come clean about her ghost writing the previous articles in order to distance his name from the article. Maybe Aubrey’s foundation piece can help clear Andrew’s name in the end.
  3. Rolfe45


    Worth the wait. But please don’t make us wait as long for the next chapter. Based on the story name, I know we haven’t heard the last of Pete. But can they ever have a “normal” relationship or friendship after all this drama? Give us more! Thanks for sharing your talents.
  4. Happy Birthday!

  5. How do you do it? I get so worked up when I read these chapters. The emotions feel so real. Maybe I'm a manipulative, yet loveable asshole too, which is why I relate so well, haha. The story is amazing, thank you for sharing. But even greater is your writing, I've never felt so much emotion while reading a story. Thank you for that!
  6. Happy Birthday!

  7. Happy Birthday:)

  8. Rolfe45

    Sex and Laundry

    Damn. Hot damn. Corbin on a warpath is scary. I just hope he doesn't go too far.
  9. Rolfe45

    Chapter 77

    Amazing work, Mr. Arbour! I have thoroughly enjoyed the Bridgemont saga. I truly hope you intend to continue this saga. I'm not sure how I'd survive without the escape which reading the Bridgemont & CAP sagas provides.
  10. Thank you, Mark, for 2 chapters today. However, it has only made me want to read more. I truly hope Brad & Will are able to keep it together after this. Such emphasis has been placed on how much family means to Will and I see him taking this really hard. However, his sense of obligation to Maddy might be his saving grace. Also if Brad, as it seems, has come around about Will's emancipation. These characters seems so real. I need to get my friends to read this so they understand; I always want to pick up my phone and bitch about a character, but have no one to call. I guess I better start using the forums. Thanks again!
  11. Rolfe45

    Chapter 36

    Amazing talent. Amazing story. And while reading this chapter was definitely not pleasant, it can only attest to your talent. Thank you for sharing your art with us. These characters are so real to me that I'm going to say a prayer for all of them, as I go to sleep tonight, that they survive.
  12. Rolfe45

    Chapter 32

    Wow Mark, I'm not sure if I'm more shocked by the content of the past few chapters or the pace of your postings. Bravo on both accounts. I understand everyone's concerns about Brad's behavior and everything, but I get it. He thinks (the Martin situation) he is doing what is best for his son, as misguided as he is. Besides, this is fiction. Anything can happen. Mark, you do a wonderful job and I appreciate that you share your talents with us. Now perform a miracle and post another chapter soon. Thank you.
  13. Welcome to GA. If there's anything I can do to help just shout

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