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    somewhere under the stars in Arizona
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    Music because I love to sing, reading great works of literature and short stories. And just for something to do outside of my home I like to play eight ball pool.

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  1. See the source image

    1. Headstall


      Happy Birthday, Imoline!! :heart: 

  2. Happy birthday!

  3. lmoline

    The Phrase

    Thanks Valkyrie, This month has been hard to deal with so far, but I'll make it through. I do appreciate the support though. Have a sweet day. Lmoline
  4. lmoline

    The Phrase

    The Phrase by L. Moline Screaming the same phrase Hearing the same reply, Seeing the results are identical I wish I had never come to this place I wish I would have known what I know now I wish I hadn’t drunk so much, or my friends would have cut me off Now I lay here crying in pain Screaming the same phrase, Hearing the same reply Seeing the results are identical He told me you will never be free I will always be with you He was right, I can still feel his hands I can still feel his touch My nightmare continues even now Screaming the same phrase, Hearing the same reply, Seeing the results are identical. The phrase was and is “NO, please stop” The reply was a laugh that echoes in my head The results are that I survived.
  5. I have just posted and corrected a new poem. It is now waiting in moderation. 

    1. Headstall


      I'll be sure to check it out, Imoline. Good to see you back and posting. :) 

  6. lmoline

    I Started Thinking

    I thank you, Cyrus, for your kind words. I also thank you for letting us share in your art. From one artist to another you are appreciated.
  7. lmoline

    Chapter 2

    I love this chapter, it's nice seeing how shy Wes and Chase are around each other. And of course more of the cutest kid alive in my mind.. Benny, you will never go wrong with him..
  8. lmoline

    Chapter 20 - Adam

    I love Adam as a new dad. i also love the new grandparents, however I'm still wondering about Anna. Since you brought in the psychologist A.K.A "the Shrink" I'm now wondering if Anna suffers from an undiagnosed mental illness. Even if that is the case she does not need to be in Rileys' life.. Now with the guys bringing in a new addition to the group of cute kids, when is Benny coming back.
  9. lmoline


    Great beginnings to a lovely story, however I do hope the parental units get what's coming to them... lol.
  10. lmoline

    Chapter 4

    Thank you, Brian, for sending love, it is always nice to know someone cares. Now as for the poem it is a reflection of the emotions that had built up over the last couple of months. Some of the build up was do to my therapist bring up things that I was not and had not dealt with, hence the name of the poem. Although , I guess writing it was my way of surviving all over again. Thank you again for your support, Have a sweet day.. Laura
  11. lmoline

    Wishes and Dreams

    Thanks BDANR, I appreciate it greatly. Yes this poem is very melancholic. It is a poem of wishing for a better life than I had. Thank you again and have a sweet day..Lmoline
  12. lmoline

    NB Chapter 10

    Man, dude just won't take the hint.. I wonder if they will ever get it together?
  13. lmoline

    Chapter 4

    Thank you, Gary. This piece was very hard to write, but at the same time it was a necessary release. You are right about life being a challenge and it's not easy to get through. As always thank you for your constant support. Have a sweet day. Lmoline
  14. lmoline

    Chapter 4

    thank you RJ , I'm definitely going to try. I just realized that the first initials of your name are the same as my sons. Lol anyhow, thank you for reading and commenting on the poem, it means a lot to me. As always, Have a sweet day.. Lmoline
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