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  1. secretsides

    Chapter 12 - It's more than mating

    This is such a great fun story!! I am so glad you're a fast poster 😁😁😁😁
  2. secretsides

    Chapter 1

    Yes, please!!
  3. secretsides

    The Bitch Is Back

    THE WOLF LIVES!!! :-) thanks for continuing this! You have been missed. Looking forward to the next chapter :-)
  4. secretsides

    Chapter 27

    OMGG Woman! Are you going for Cliffie Queen?? You are killing me here. :. Seriously though this is getting tense! So good.
  5. secretsides

    The Talk

    I have known so may people (myself included) that in their 20s went after the fantasy to the exclusion of the awesomeness right in font of them. Hopefully Corbin will 'toughen up' before the greatness passes him by. Love this story. The chapters are always so full and the characters could be people we know. . )o)
  6. secretsides

    Chapter 3 - Ishca

    Me thinks Aki is gonna be a busy boy!
  7. secretsides

    Chapter 16

    Excellent..just excellent!!
  8. secretsides

    Chapter 14

    BWAHAHAHAHA SOMETIMES THE REVIEWS ARE JUST AWESOME. I love the story, but some of the reviews harken back to the old dastardly villain serials from Saturday mornings. Will Dudley's arrive before the train hits sweet Nell???? Seriously tho I hope it's Matt AND the Sheriff!. Just not Erin, please????
  9. secretsides

    Chapter 6 - Bullets in the Pan

    Love this story! So glad I 'found' you!! . )
  10. secretsides

    Chapter 11

    Now, we need Barry to find the phone...call Matt and have him bring the sheriff and a really big gun!!!!!! )
  11. secretsides

    Chapter 23--Epilogue

    Wonderful story! I found this thru a comment on another story and I AM SO GLAD I did! I will be checking out your other work. Thanks! )
  12. secretsides

    Chapter 2

    This is what I love about your stories! You always find a fresh view on a well used plot. Your talent always makes your stories enjoyable and very engaging. THX )
  13. secretsides

    Chapter Forty-Two

    Go Brent! I hope he sends her stuff to her Dad's, they belong together. She sure doesn't need to be anywhere near their kid. Good chapter!!
  14. secretsides

    Bullet Bites

    OOOOH I feel Corbin sliding to the 'dark side'. ). go get 'em Corbs !! .

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