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  1. Grienne

    Chapter 64

    Thank you Mark for another great chapter! I think everyone has more or less run down the arguments about the email, etc. I more or less agree with the main theme of JJ was right to be upset, but maybe, just maybe, a little dramatic in his panic button/email response. Its JJ, say I'd say its pretty solidly in character. But the one point I think is being a little glossed over about Carullo - it's one thing to say he's free to sleep with whomever and that that they don't have commitments - but its quite another for Carullo to sleep with people right in front of JJ. He had every reason
  2. I'm super excited to hear that, Mark!!!!!
  3. Grienne

    Chapter 49

    I truly do love this story, which the only reason i cant keep myself back from engaging here. I know plenty of ppl disagree, but I'm just throwing my two cents in. Here's my thing, i dont think JJ is perfect, i think he has made mistakes, and he should apologize for them. But his family (specifically in this case Will and JP) seems to be far more intentially mean spirited or vindictive. Maybe people will disagree but to me, a kid (everyone seems to agree JJ is less mature) being near-sighted, and as a consequence hurting people strikes me as a lesser sin (and more of a moment tha
  4. Grienne

    Chapter 6

    Yay, a new adventure, and a new lieutenant! I love Spencer wanting to see Granger open the box, that was hilarious. As a side note, I ended up not too long ago having a conversation with a couple historians, centering mainly on the French revolution. I was able to stick with it and throw in just enough to pretend I knew a lot more than I actually remembered from modern euro history ap 16 years ago entirely because of our Lord Granger and his exploits - I thank you most sincerely!
  5. I have to say I agree with centexhairysub. And ill apologize at the top for my long rambling comments here - but i proceed. Even if you grant the premise that JJ has behaved badly with Carullo, this seems horrifically extreme. Ill certainly admit im a bit biased, I've always liked JJ. A couple points have made already and i wont rehash them. But a couple things that I find particularly galling I'll highlight. First is that JP has decided that JJ has been horrible, when all he's heard would be a summary of a couple minute conversation between Will and Carullo, and he heard it from
  6. Hey, I haven't read it in a while but if Matt and Wade know - for my money - I'd guess they found out in The Box. Everyone else on that trip already knew and pretty much the whole family's secrets were revealed. That being said, I'm not sure they do, and I'm pretty sure none of the youngins know. If JJ knows, I don't think he found out in any of the books.
  7. Grienne

    Chapter 32

    Thank you, Mark, I'm absolutely loving the twists and turns. i spend a lot of time each week pondering what's coming next. Before the flight to new york, i was sure the drama in question was going to be around having JJ, Alex, Carullo, Buzz and Brad all in the same condo... because yeah, that would be a disaster. wow, was i wrong. I'm not sure I understand what Will is doing here, in the last two chapters he told Carullo, who Will knows JJ is attracted to, that JJ is a bum lay, and then told everyone JJ blew Buzz, but Buzz wasn't that into it. I get he's annoyed with JJ, and he's convinced hi
  8. On southwest Airlines, you don't get seat assignments, you get boarding groups. It used to be primarily based on who checked in first (at first at the airport, then online check-in) though A1-13-ish had been reserved for certain types of tickets, now you pretty much have to buy an earlier spot all through A and probably B. There are three boarding groups, A, B and C and there are numbers within each depending on the number of seats on the plane. If you're there, you line up in order (A1 being first, A2, and onwards) and board in that order, if you're not there you can board at anytime after yo
  9. I just feel bad for those boys stuck in an elevator with no bathroom. Each time I think of a new chapter, I remember Brad and Stefan, stuck in an elevator - I looked up this blackout, I can't believe I forgot all about that. It would have been summer after freshman year for me so I was either in Boston or Chicago, which appear to be the major cities surrounding but uneffected by the blackout. Good luck, me.
  10. Grienne

    Chapter 22

    Mark, Mark, Mark, I'm going crazy now. I swear this is like the literary equivalent of edging. Please, please, pretty please don't make us wait too long for this New York summit. I am glad that Wade seems to get that he screwed up a bit with Will. I'm hoping he is expending effort to help the Crampton-Schlutters this time, my faith in his allegiance has been faltering. Thank you, Rachel
  11. Grienne

    Chapter 21

    Wow, I didn't see that coming. We are certainly being lead to believe Zach beat up Trevor, but of course that makes me think there is something else going on. Zach did say he wouldn't do anything when speaking to JP when they all met up in New York, and Will refused to give his word. As Zach knows Will went after Julius, you'd think if this was his plan he's include Will. I also don't think that if Zach attacked Trevor himself he'd let Trevor live. Zach has a cold-side, and a calculating one. Trevor being alive means he could be a witness. If someone managed to beat Trevor that completely, the
  12. Grienne

    Chapter 20

    Hey Mark, I am so excited to see new chapters. I needed my fix! Thank you! Its clear we're on the edge of something, but this is the first time I've really had no idea what was about to happen. I really like the bite of JJs life. Do we know if JJ and Ella realize they Uncle/Niece? They are Jim and Rich's kids, right? I am a bit confused a bit; I went back and re-read most of Black Widow and I'm kinda confused. The dinner at Escorial and trip to Maui, the first time they get mentioned it sounds like they are already planned. When did that happen? I still remain confused about what Brad was do
  13. I like "helloo Dolly". I also think "Dilly Dally", like someone who goes slow has some potential, unfortunately, especially if the kids isn't exactly bright. But here's the part that really gets to me... Dally Dalby... say that five times fast (especially after a couple of glasses of wine ). Yikes. At some point stuff like this must constitute child endangerment.
  14. I'm pretty sure he did. In Flux, they met at the graduation parties Darius followed ME back east for "parties". Matt commented that he couldn't be held responsible for having slept with ME as far as Darius was concerned because he did it first. Darius later comments that he spent too much time with her - when explaining to Brad he can't go from 0 - 60 in relationships in no time at all. In Streak, JJ also calls and asks Darius for permission before sleeping with ME. We didn't get the story from Darius POV, so maybe they didn't actually have sex... but I think it was heavily impli
  15. Fair point, but I think if JJ keeps going for guys he meets through his family he's going to have to get used to guys that have slept with one or more of this brothers.. or fathers... or grandfathers. hehe. I love the the CAP'verse.
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