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  1. A wonderful read I highly recommend. Would really like to see it continued.
  2. believein_u

    Chapter 5

    Hmmmm Draco, Jacob and jasper.... interesting. As much of a hothead as Jasper and Jacob both are this is going to be an interesting read. Well done.

  4. believein_u

    Chapter 3

    Do not ever stop writing. You have such an amazing gift. I have read each one of your stories multiple times, always looking forward to new chapters. Life has thrown you some challenges and given you some great losses. Use those in your writing, it will nourish your gift, ease your hurts and bring you many blessings. Thank you for sharing your amazing gift with all of us. Charlie
  5. believein_u

    IOI Chapter 7

    Oh this is getting good!!! More please dear sir...
  6. I just have to say that Hagrid has always been one of my favorite characters in the books and movies. My grandchildren and I are big HP fans. My youngest grandson shares my love of Hagrid and makes me laugh every time when he says, "He's not as think as they dumb he is huh Poppa"? 😂😂😂 I love your version so much!! I just had to share that little tidbit with you. Best Wishes, Charlie
  7. believein_u

    Long Story Note

    This is truly one of my favorite stories on the site. I am unashamedly stating I am starting my fourth reading of it, I just cannot stay away. I look forward to the day that you are able to finish your rewrites and adding the final chapters. I do understand how busy you are and want to say thank you for all the hard work you do for this site. I am a devoted fan of GA and of yours. Wishing you all the best, Charlie
  8. believein_u

    IOI Chapter 5

    I am so loving this story and am anxiously awaiting the next chapter.
  9. believein_u

    IOI Chapter 4

    Uh oh, someone is about to feel some serious pain... Great chapter!!!
  10. believein_u

    IOI Chapter 3

    What an awesome sounding treehouse. I would have loved to have had one like it when I was a boy.... oh who am I kidding, I want one like it now too.😁 Another great chapter and I look forward to reading more. Charlie
  11. believein_u

    IOI Chapter 1

    Interesting start to the story, looking forward to more.
  12. believein_u

    IOI Chapter 2

    Intriguing chapter here. You have me captivated once again.
  13. believein_u


    Thank you CJ for an amazing adventure. I have spent the past few days reading this amazing piece of work. First word to the last, you had me spellbound. Bravo!!!
  14. believein_u

    FAR Chapter 14

    Great chapter, great story and I do hope there is more to come in the future.
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