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North Meets South, Worlds Collide

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Genres: Comedy, Romance

Tony is from the North. Mitch is from the South. Tony is Catholic. Mitch is Baptist. Tony drives a Mercedes. Mitch drives a pickup truck. Tony wears designers. Mitch wears jeans and t-shirts. It's a mismatch made in Heaven

Tony is from the North.  Mitch is from the South. Tony is Catholic.  Mitch is Baptist.  Tony grew up in the city.  Mitch was raised on a farm.  Tony drives a Mercedes.  Mitch drives a pickup truck.  Tony wears designers.  Mitch wears jeans and t-shirts.  It's a mismatch made in Heaven.

Copyright © 2017 R. Eric; All Rights Reserved.

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I seriously think you need an editor. You make too many mistakes...you instead of your, other misspellings, incorrect use of words, etc. Which makes an otherwise good story hard to follow.

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I love this story from the first chapter to the last chapter. It became even more special to me when I read that the writer and  Tony Delvecchio were married. I am very sorry for your loss R. Eric. You will see your beloved husband back. You definitely added something very special.

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Mr. Eric. I truly enjoyed the journey Tony and Mitch traveled. Though it was a bitter/sweet enjoyment. I also married an Italian/Irish man after both of us lost our wives. I being Jewish of blended European linage. C and I met by chance in '03 and hit it off. He was 17 years older and deaf. I learned ASL quickly. It soon became more than two buddies enjoying baseball, basketball, old movies. We married in '11, at least as much as the state of OH would let us, i.e. legal guardians of each other should something happen. I lost him in November, 2016. During the night I know he took my hand as we slept.  He did not wake in the morning. His big loving, caring, giving, heart gave out on him. The loving and romantic heart of an Italian and the impish twinkle in his eyes of an Irishman.

Thank you for this story.


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