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  1. Albert1434

    Chapter 2

    So many fun things getting there started in this chapter! I am enjoying Jock hope there more of him.
  2. Albert1434

    Chapter 1

    Wow Marty I am loving this story! I love your description it is just wonderful and has a true to life feel to it I cant wait to see where this will lead So I think that I could safely call this a truly great beginning to a great story and Journey. Thanks for sharing
  3. Albert1434

    Chapter 1 Hooked

    That's how I feel about it
  4. Albert1434

    Chapter 1 Hooked

    I totally agree with you Dughlas
  5. Albert1434

    Chapter 1 Hooked

    Well this is such a powerful story and I just love it. This story is full of Gary magic which we have come to look forward to. We come from pain to the hope of love full filled. And a old love set a flame once more with hope for the future. Clark is a great charter a light in the life of Andrew. I cant wait for the next chapter. Thanks so much for sharing this story. Wow
  6. Nice Poem Good Job Cookie
  7. Once again I find the wonderful Gary magic that I have so longed for. My much needed fix, so great to read and taste. Thanks again Gary
  8. Wow great Poem such power
  9. Pain passes hopefully and writing about it can only help
  10. Well I have finished my 3rd reading of this wonderful story thanks so much
  11. Enjoyable as always
  12. What better way is there to compliment an author then to say this is my 3rd time reading this story Killer story
  13. I loved these poems and the hearts warmth they hold. Very touching
  14. What a powerful poem good job
  15. You have taken us from the Darkness to Bright of forgiveness and love. Love cant heal all things no matter how much we may want it to. But hope can some times over come darkness and heal. And in this story it has I would like to believe it has. Chester's ordeal out of love for some one who is so damaged may will lead to a brighter life for him in the end. And thank god for Jordy's love for Chester. Great story and well written.
  16. That would be amazing if he did and I would be in love
  17. On my 3rd read and I find I would say the same things again like WOW
  18. Man love this poem perfect nature ❤️
  19. I love this poem sad but honest
  20. Albert1434

    Chapter 3

    I enjoyed this chapter its well written. I cant wait to see the next chapter.
  21. I just loved this powerful short piece. Once again I get a taste of Gary Magic and find my self wanting more Great dialogue
  22. Albert1434

    Chapter 2

    Good chapter and well edited Read well
  23. Albert1434

    Chapter 1

    I am enjoying this story it is well written
  24. Wow one bad dream I am betting
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