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  1. Interesting news in the US today... https://www.nytimes.com/2021/06/21/sports/football/carl-nassib-gay-nfl.html
  2. I completely missed this announcement. Glad you're feeling better, Mark.
  3. Thanks for the update, @centexhairysub! Dr. @Mark Arbour, congrats! Awesome achievement! Also, PhDs are super sexy.
  4. We have already made plans to evacuate from Atlanta for the sportsball insanity.
  5. Mark's got a lot of personal stuff going on as well as professional commitments. We've accepted that postings for this book and Black Widow will be sporadic and are just happy when they happen.
  6. Happy almost birthday to my favorite CAP character. Would be lovely to celebrate the occasion with a chapter.
  7. I've done it! At least, I've read the first two novels and am embarking on the third. Am enjoying him immensely! At any rate, he's keeping me entertained until the next Northern Exposure chapter.
  8. Looking forward to many more (birthdays and chapters)!
  9. Too cute! I spent a few days in Copenhagen (and Reykjavik, Stockholm, and various bits of Norway) in the late '90s. Definitely need to make a trip back.
  10. Not an expert on those fake famous Norwegian sailors then? We need a curtseying emoji.
  11. I didn't remember the ride, but I remembered the voice (and the Smörgåsbord -- I had my first Thanksgiving dinner there after I moved to this country). I wasn't sure at first because I sometimes have a hard time figuring out which of your characters are historical and which are fictional. I was driving myself crazy trying to google famous Norwegian sailors. I came pretty close to messaging @Timothy M. to see if he knew if "Apkott" was real. I also googled the Norwegian Pavilion and found a similar, but not identical, quote in a transcript. In the end, you provided enough clues that I took a chance. So, what do I win besides your undying admiration...for getting there eventually? First one to limp over the finish line. On crutches. Haha!
  12. I actually got as far back as 11 yesterday (skipping 17 which was posted after this thread) before I gave up. I found one possible reference (coincidentally in chapter 13) but I wasn't sure about it. Since it's all I can find, and you've confirmed the chapter, here goes. Am I the only one playing?
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