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  1. Especially with their very different attitudes towards Bastille Day. Loved this chapter! JJ and Carullo in the suburbs were hilarious and adorable. Thanks again!
  2. impunity

    Chapter 32

    I'm very relieved to hear Winkler won't be cold on the journey to St. Petersburg. Fun seeing the Comte again. Thanks for another great chapter! Happy 4th!
  3. impunity

    Chapter 31

    I agree with Daddydavek. After a nerve-wracking start, the journey has been unremarkable so far. I don't expect that to last. Thanks for the speedy posting and happy Father's Day!
  4. The family dynamics in Brad's half family are interesting, pretty much the opposite of the Crampton-Schluter clan. Thanks for another fantastic chapter! Hope to see Granger again soon.
  5. Awww, Will and JJ both had a really great day. Thanks for a delightful end to a pretty grueling week.
  6. These epilogue chapters are fun. Lots of character development, fewer opportunities to get killed. Glad Darius survived being late for dinner. 😃
  7. impunity

    Chapter 30

    After re-reading the previous books, I found myself in the interesting position of reading this one at both ends. Much like Granger's experience during his last nights in Visby. 😏 I opted to complete my re-read before continuing with this chapter, which was well worth the effort. I had forgotten much of the intrigues of the early chapters. I expect Granger finds being disguised as a common seaman on a ship he partly owns a lot more comfortable than being disguised as a woman in Egypt. Hopefully he isn't stuck on the lower decks too long, though. Thanks for another great chapter! Looking forward to more.
  8. Great chapter! Hope you manage to stretch this epilogue out a while longer. ❤
  9. impunity

    Chapter 29

    I'd forgotten quite how good it is. I love how you wove the different characters' story lines together without redundancy.
  10. impunity

    Chapter 29

    Great chapter, Mark! Ironically, in my re-read I am up to the part in Odyssey where Granger heads off with Winkler, Jacobs, and a willing partner on an epic land journey. Looking forward to reading where his off-ship adventures lead him this time.
  11. Poor JJ. He was distraught. Hope he manages to survive the trauma. Thanks for tying up the loose ends. Looking forward to more.
  12. impunity

    Chapter 28

    One voyage ends for our interpid hero and another begins. Can't wait for the next chapter!
  13. impunity

    Chapter 27

    The plot has definitely thickened. Caroline's news is intriguing. We learn the origins of the Blakeney Baronny. Looking forward to Daventry's reaction to the news about his wife and son. Hopefully George finds him soon. Thanks, hon! And early chapter is a delightful treat. Although it does mean we could be waiting until next weekend for the next one.
  14. impunity

    Chapter 13

    Midshipman Granger did not disappoint. Thankfully, it's an unusually slow day at work. 😏
  15. impunity

    Chapter 6

    First battle, first threesome. Also, our first sighting of Winkler. Minor edit needed: Granger was so absorbed in the kiss that he was almost shocked to feel Travers move up behind me.
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