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  1. impunity

    Chapter 4

    The Australian adventure seems to be off to a good start. I'm glad Will met some nice guys, although he can definitely stand to lose Chris. Looking forward to seeing where this story goes next. Thanks again. And a happy and safe Thanksgiving to you.
  2. impunity

    Chapter 40

    I'm very happy to hear Beef Stroganov will be entering Lefavre's repertoire. Lefavre may be less pleased but we all have to make sacrifices at some point. 😏 Thanks for another excellent chapter, Mark. This and the new CAP one were a lovely pee-holiday treat.
  3. impunity

    Chapter 3

    That was a really sweet chapter. Other than Scott's pissiness, everything seems like it's working out ok. That's a clear indicator that the drama is about to begin. 😏
  4. impunity

    Chapter 2

    Glad Will and Kai we're able to reconnect. I predicted Kiki would want to stay in her neighborhood, but if Will can provide both a home and a job at his nascent compound, that might work out well for everyone. Anticipating a comeuppance for Malo, though. Thanks for another great chapter, Mark!
  5. impunity

    Chapter 39

    So, George's part of the plan has succeeded. It just remains to be seen if Daventry's does, too. Great chapter!
  6. impunity

    Chapter 1

    So, this is Scott's third face but only second name, right? Just want to make sure I'm keeping up with key events. 😉 Glad he managed to rein in Will's impulses, at least until he manages to get the story first-hand and find out what Kai and his mom actually want. Personally, I think he'll either buy their house from the drug lord uncle or buy them a new one, rather than install them in his burgeoning family compound.
  7. impunity


    Yay, a new book! And it's all about Will!
  8. impunity

    Chapter 38

    For some reason, this chapter made me hungry. 🤔 😉 Count Stroganov is delightful! I'm very glad Granger managed to find something to take his mind off the next day's events. Thanks, hon! Looking forward to more.
  9. impunity

    Chapter 37

    What an incredible woman! Although, not the sibling Granger would have chosen to meet up with again in London a decade later.
  10. impunity

    Chapter 37

    It's a good thing the Countess managed to be useful, because she utterly failed at being charming. Even though she's allegedly 15, I'm assuming there's a Count von Lieven in the picture somewhere (probably in the background, hiding from her). 😏 Thanks, Mark, great chapter! Looking forward to the next.
  11. impunity

    Chapter 36

    I'm pretty sure von Beckendorf neglected to mention that detail.
  12. impunity

    Chapter 36

    I'm not sure why George feels he's in a lesser role. It seems to me that winning the Tsar's good graces is just as important as plotting behind the scenes, and George's knowledge and ingenuity as well as his diplomatic skills are crucial to that part of the plan. I'm looking forward to their meeting von Beckendorf's sister. Possible lust interest for Daventry? Thanks, hon! Can't wait for more.
  13. Mark, that was a beautiful end to a wonderful book. Thank you for all of it! Looking forward to the next installment of the CAP saga. PS: Just did my first recommendation. Thanks for the tip.
  14. impunity

    Chapter 35

    I'm so delighted to have Daventry back, even a snotty, whiny Daventry who is likely to infect the whole party with his respiratory virus. I cringed every time Granger held his hand. Where is the hand sanitizer? I enjoyed his reactions to Granger's news, though. And they are utterly adorable together. Thanks, hon! Can't wait for more!
  15. Cute chapter. I think Kat and Magi are best in small doses, though. Thanks!
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