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  1. impunity

    Chapter 14

    I'm glad the courthouse ordeal is over so Dave and the Leopard family can start to heal and move on. Although, it sounds like Deon's drama is just beginning. Thankfully, he has a strong support system with both his friends and the AFL to help him. Edited to add: Maybe not quite over. Presumably, we'll get to hear about the sentencing, hopefully in the next chapter. Ben and Mason are adorable together. Going back to Sydney is going to be so hard. Thanks, for another fantastic chapter!
  2. impunity

    Chapter 13

    I guess the odds would be a lot higher in Melbourne.
  3. impunity

    Chapter 13

    Thanks for clarifying. It wasn't clear (or maybe I missed it) that Dave, Deon, and Charlie were inside the building, although I should have realized when they asked for an alternate exit. I think what bothers me most about Clarissa is how much she seems to rely on others to keep her occupied. When Deon is unavailable, someone else has to "entertain" her. That might be a symptom of being in a new city, but she should be capable of keeping herself occupied without being so dependent on her boyfriend or a suitable stand in when he's not around.
  4. impunity

    Chapter 13

    I was a little surprised Dave had to wait outside with the crowd. I would have thought there'd be rooms for witnesses to wait in.
  5. impunity

    Chapter 13

    Well, that was dramatic! Very interesting turn of events with Deon in the spotlight. I agree with Tim that Clarissa's presence is likely to draw some attention. After all, why should she be there at all, if not to support her boyfriend? Ben and Mason are adorable together. I'm almost ready to skip Wednesday and get straight to Thursday. Almost, but not quite. Especially not after that cliffhanger you left us with. It's going to be a very long 2 weeks. Thanks for an incredible chapter.
  6. impunity

    The Buckle

    Loved this story! Hope to see more of Rex and Hayden. I assume Rex has an office at his restaurant.
  7. impunity

    Northern Exposure: General Discussion

    Mark's got a lot of personal stuff going on as well as professional commitments. We've accepted that postings for this book and Black Widow will be sporadic and are just happy when they happen.
  8. impunity

    Chapter 12

    As bad as America's reputation for religious homophobia is, there are plenty of gay-friendly religious people and churches here. Btw, I just saw the news that Australia is working towards banning private or religious schools from expelling gay students. While it's commendable that the government is taking this action, I'm kind of shocked that it's allowed now.
  9. impunity

    Chapter 12

    I looked back at the scenes where the brat discussed the plans for supporting Dave during the trial with various people. Unless additional discussion happened behind the scenes, it seems like he might have only told Charlie about the AFL Players' Association's plan to try to keep Dave's identity hidden from the media by having all the former Leopard AFL players at the trial. Certainly Deon doesn't appear to know, and he seems to be the most likely one to be suspected, as predicted by the brat and evidenced by Clarissa's initial reaction. Not sure how pleased Deon's going to be when he realizes he wasn't in on this part of the plan. I think everyone knows my opinions on Clarissa by now. Andrew seems nice and, thankfully, not homophobic. I expect he'll be very helpful as a mediator when Ben eventually gets outed to Eve. Ben and Mason will be very interesting as a pairing. Hopefully the long-distance issue won't be insurmountable; Mason has money to travel but he won't have copious time for too much longer. Thanks, Graeme. Awesome chapter!
  10. impunity

    Chapter 11

    Thanks the the reminder. I'd forgotten that bit of Ben's backstory.
  11. impunity

    Chapter 11

    I was surprised that Ben's family were both anti-religion and anti-gay. Is that a common combination in Australia? Here religion is the most common reason for homophobia. Regardless, I do hope Ben ends up with a true ally in his family; having her in Melbourne would be a huge plus in that case. Btw, do people really just show up unannounced like that? Surely she could have managed a little advance warning? José isn't very bright, is he? This will no doubt eventually work in Mason's favor. Thanks for a great chapter!
  12. impunity

    Chapter 10

    I really enjoyed this chapter, although it didn't improve my opinion of Clarissa. In addition to the bossiness, she really is a bit too self-absorbed. I'm looking forward to seeing her reaction when she realizes what the Melbourne trip is about and how unjustified her treatment of Deon was. I'm not entirely sure Deon will be pleased to see her there. Did we ever hear why Mason's parents have so much money? Congressional representatives don't make that much. I'm not sure most lawyers do either, although it would probably be more then a congressional salary. Regardless, I am really enjoying Mason as a character.
  13. impunity


    Happy almost birthday to my favorite CAP character. Would be lovely to celebrate the occasion with a chapter.
  14. impunity

    Chapter 7

    It certainly could be. But would be perfectly understandable. And eminently reasonable. I really like this chapter. Thanks!
  15. impunity

    Chapter 7

    I thought the brat's speech sounded familiar. I'm glad Mason found the apartment on his own. Clarissa's telling him might have seemed like she had an ulterior motive. Which, of course, she would have.

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