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  1. Thank you, you are doing a great job of doing that. Is City Side bar still open down there? Use to be a nice place to go have a drink right after work.
  2. Have traveled Euclid from Dale Mabry to Bayshore many, many times when visiting Tampa. One of my best friends use to live in Bayshore Towers from the early 90's till about 2002 or 03. Loving the story and they way you have it going. I don't get down that way near as much as I use too. I miss Bern's Steak House, Shell's, and Café Don Jose up in Temple Terrace.
  3. pickuptoy

    Rogue’s Gallery

    Brayon Hopper – Student at H.B. Plant HS, disowned by parents for being gay, lives with Chandon and Jill and is Chandon’s boyfriend. Robert plays Hockey and Baseball. I think I should say! Brayon Hopper – Student at H.B. Plant HS, disowned by parents for being gay, lives with Chandon and Jill and is Chandon’s boyfriend. "Brayon plays Hockey and Baseball" not Robert!
  4. Great story! I hope you continue a lot more about these guys. I also hope the Turners have to fork out compensation to Both Adam and Robert for emotional stress, damage to Robert's house he was willed and his possessions. And that Massachusetts has to fork over a large settlement to Robert for what he had to go through when he was beaten and how he was treated. Keep up the great work Brayon. Us readers and fans really do appreciate all the time and effort you and other authors put into your stories.
  5. I really like this story. I enjoy reading stories set in a place I am very familiar with is always great. Having spent lots of time in Tampa over the last 30 years with my company's headquarters being down there. I love Tampa, but unlike you and some of the responses on here I am also a Tampa Bay Bucs fan. But I wish they would get another great coach like Tony Dungy and having a team that we can be proud of again. Gruden took Tony's team and won a Super Bowl with them, but I am not a Gruden fan at all and glad he is gone. Just wish the Buc's had better owners. But I do love this story and since I am starting it a few years after it has been written look forward to the other chapters.
  6. pickuptoy


    Can't win every year. But the Redskins nor the Ravens are there either! Nor any of the other East coast teams!
  7. pickuptoy


    They would be Super bowl Champs a lot sooner if they would could have played for the Patriot's!
  8. pickuptoy

    Boxing Day

    I actually meant maybe with her foot as he lifted her up sometimes in the ceremony. Some kids shoes have Velcro on them that could or buckle or whatever. Not used to wearing a kilt CJ would not know realize it till after he had bared it.
  9. pickuptoy

    Boxing Day

    Enjoyed this chapter. Glad everything worked out fine. I was hoping somehow Liebe or someone would get either accidently or on purpose lifted CJ's skirt and exposed his hairy ass to everyone at the wedding. LOL!!
  10. pickuptoy

    Christmas Day

    Thanks Carlos for the Great Chapter. Keep up the great work you are doing. We really do appreciate all the hard work all you authors do to bring us stories like this.
  11. pickuptoy


    I live in far North Atlanta. If I could jump back into fiction stories I would have gone to see them! But can't do either so I can only dream.
  12. pickuptoy


    I'm glad they are making a stop in Atlanta. LOL. Since this story was written almost 4 1/2 years ago.
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