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  1. Mark I have finally caught up with you on this great story. I hope you keep on writing more and more of this Chronicle and others in this series in the future. Thanks for everything you do. You are appreciated! Now I need to go read the last two chapters you have posted Northern Exposure which is my favorite of all.
  2. Another Great Chronicle! Thanks again Mark. Will start on #16 Black Widow soon. I am almost caught up with you Mark.
  3. Thank you Mark! Fine Job! I look forward to start on the next Chronicle!
  4. pickuptoy

    Chapter 40

    I have been waiting for a while for the "I am pregnant" As active and good swimmer as all these guys sperm is, it was highly likely it was going to happen. I am just surprised that she announced it at the family dinner table. Also the timeline makes that 18 years ago today as I am commenting on this. Great story Mark. Keep up the great work. I see where you have posted another chapter in a later Chronicle on this story.
  5. pickuptoy

    Chapter 8

    Will has always been one of my favorite characters in this series. But I think he is being very hypocritical about all this. He already knew that is Brad and Wade had fucked before. Remember when Brad and Will were talking about Robbie having the fling with Alex Danvers the guy that took over Robbie's position after he was killed. Brad told Will that Robbie made him feel like he was a terrible lover. Will reminded Brad that Wade was ready to dump Matt because of the way Brad had rocked his world. I think that was back around 9.11 chapter 44 or 45 I know it was a few days after the 9/11 event. Also Will got fucked by Gathan who is Zack's 1st cousin, but they were raised as brother's. And Will is fucking Zack and in a relationship with him. I don't see any difference in the two situations. Will had sex with his 1st cousin John and then he fucked his first cousin Marie, John's sister. So I don't think he has anything to bitch about. I do think he did when Matt fucked Tony, because he had told each of them not to fuck the other.
  6. pickuptoy

    Chapter 78

    Thank you so much Mark for this wonderful story that you have gifted to us. This Chronicle #13 has been just as great as the 12 before it. Maybe the saddest of them all so far, but probably everyone of us that lived thru 9/11 believe that was the saddest period of time I our lives too. Keep up the great writing that you are doing. Earlier today I got a notification where you have posted Chapter 83 in the 16th Chronicle of this series almost 6 1/2 years since you posted this chapter I am now commenting on. So I know I have more of this great story to look forward to. I am excited to be able to go to # 14 next and I am sure it will be just as exciting as the 13 Chronicles before it. So keep your wonderful mind clicking and turning out more and more chapters and Chronicles for our future enjoyment. You are very much appreciated.
  7. pickuptoy

    Chapter 23

    Somehow I have a feeling that someone may soon be moving to the guesthouse as caretakers and full time employees.
  8. pickuptoy

    Chapter 13

    It sure as hell doesn't take much for Will to feel sad and lonely! Jesus he has to be one of the loneliest people on earth!
  9. Another Great story. Looking forward to the next Chronicle, but in a way I dread what is coming. I just hope that none of the main characters are lost in the attacks of 911. With so many powerful people in this series any of them could be visiting NYC on that horrible day. Let's just hope not. Thanks again Mark. Love you writing.
  10. pickuptoy

    Chapter 99

    When it was brought forth that Jeff was adopted, bud didn't know who his Mom or Dad was I just knew it was going to be someone either in the related to this family or someone with very close ties. When I was trying to figure out just who it might be, Lark never came to mind. I believe they will have a very close relationship when Brad and Will get them together.
  11. pickuptoy

    Chapter 30

    If Will were my son I would just ship his ass off to military school at least for a year. Or too one of the real strict boot camps. If not he is going to self destruct and have a meltdown. He is ten times worse to Brad than Brad was to JP. I know JP and Stef think that payback is hell, but I believe they are also making things a lot worse. Will has got to be cut back down to the 14 year old he is, or they will never be able to handle him.
  12. pickuptoy

    Chapter 1

    I was hoping for one of the 3 titans to do the narration, but look like this is going to be a really good chronicle too. Thanks Mark. Great Job!
  13. pickuptoy

    Chapter 46

    Great Chronicle! Looking forward to getting back to either Steph, JP, or Brad narration though!
  14. pickuptoy

    Chapter 35

    I kind of have the feeling that Berto may be waiting on him on the island! When Will mentioned if the guy wanted to see him surf he should have been in Rome, and Robbie snaughed and Brad gave them both dirty looks.
  15. pickuptoy

    Chapter 30

    I had the feeling that JP was going to pull that card all along. I am so glad he did.
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