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  1. pickuptoy

    Chapter 9

    Great Chapter Mark! I have not always liked how Will handled things. But I think he is maturing a little faster now. And think he handled this ordeal very well. Having spoken to Stef gave him a lot of insight also. He is showing a little of Tonto, JP, Stef, and Dan coming out in him more every day. He is probably going to become a very shrewd businessman that his wealth may drawf his Dad's and Stef's in the future.
  2. pickuptoy

    The False Cross

    Believe me, it is not an easy read, but you will get through it. I felt about the same way when I was reading the same parts you are reading now. At the end of the story, you will be glad you read the entire story. And want more. I still want more. And it has been a few years since I read this story.
  3. This truly is a great story. Was my favorite one on GA for a while. But now it has fell into second behind the Bridgemont Series which is into it's 8th book. But I think it is with Bridgemont being an ongoing saga is what makes it win out. I like following the stories I read on Google maps or Google earth. I followed Trevor all around the world in his ventures. And I have followed Granger on the Bridgemont Series the same. And he had been to a lot of places and met interesting people all over the world. He hasn't made it to Australia yet but has been around the Cape and Asia though. And down t
  4. pickuptoy

    Chapter 8

    Knowing how Will is, he will probably buy the team before he leaves and goes back home.
  5. pickuptoy

    Chapter 43

    Very good chapter Mark. I am still wanting Granger out of Russia and back out on the high sea's, but it is getting more interesting. I hate it that Count von Beckendorf has died, it seemed him and Granger made a good pair. Keep up the great job. Looking forward to your next chapter.
  6. pickuptoy

    The Hand of Fate

    This was the part I was talking about when I said hair raising parts and it is going to be like that for a number of Chapters.
  7. pickuptoy


    Isn't this a great story? You are about to get to some really intense and nail biting parts of the story with some cliff hangers too for a few chapters. Enjoy! I tried to comment for the last couple of days, but for some reason I could not. I think it was my browser causing the problem.
  8. Sojourn has done an excellent job writing this story. His characters captivated me and pulled me in so much, I wanted to read the next chapter as soon as I finished one. He makes you fall in love with his main characters and even his supporting characters makes you want to hear their full story. He makes you hate the bad characters and want to jump in the story and slap them, or worse. All 3 of his first stories including this one are all tied together. I have read all the comments of and responses from the first chapter of his first story thru the end of this one. Seems each story he only int
  9. pickuptoy

    Chapter 50

    Another great chapter. Great Job Jim!!!!
  10. pickuptoy

    Chapter 49

    Well I know we are getting closer to the end, because I know this story has only 51 chapters and I have just finished chapter 49. So still have the weddings and the Gay Carnival that has been spoken about. So I don't think we will get to the arrival of Raymond and Daniel new son. So Jim I am putting you on the spot now, there needs to be more, more, more stories of they great characters we all have fell in love with and the ones that still need to be born, and even some returning from the past 2 stories coming back to visit and get us updated in their current lives. You have done a great job o
  11. pickuptoy

    Chapter 47

    I remember back when Raymond was telling Daniel of some of the Adams vast holdings and wealth he told of a number of ranch's and named some states and a couple of countries. I can't remember if one was in California or not, but something tells me that is the one that Dennis and is father are suppose to be moving too. With a furnished house and a part time job also available for Dennis that too. Raymond told Dennis, "And Once you finish high school a very low-interest loan will be arranged by the ranch to help you earn your degree." So I am pretty sure this is one of their properties. I really
  12. pickuptoy

    Chapter 46

    It probably happens more than you think. An abused kids is use to set someone else that had nothing to do with it up. Sometimes it is a mother using it against a divorced husband or relative. I am a big fan of Westerns. I have had Encore Western Channel for years and has been one of my most watched channels until I switched to AT&T last year and don't have it anymore, but about to switch again and make sure I do get it this time. But I remember Montgomery Cliff from "Red River" that he made with John Wayne. Very good movie. But I remember seeing him in others but I have not watched th
  13. pickuptoy

    Chapter 42

    Gram is a very smart man. If you think back to Lee Atwater. He was probably one of the smartest campaign strategist that ever was. And probably one of the most controversial to both groups Republican and Democrat. Some of both hated him. He was ruthless, but someone that most people even his enemies would be proud to set down and have a beer with or listen to him play guitar. Not to mention he was cute as hell too!
  14. pickuptoy

    Chapter 41

    I actually like your style of writing Jim. Instead of writing the script of the character to be what you predetermined them to be like, or say, or do. You kind of float them and let them lead you to the direction they want to go. I don't think many authors have that ability to give their characters reign over the direction the story is going, not that you are not telling your story, but letting your character develop as your mind adapts to their development. If you had that storyboard guiding you on how the story is to be written, I don't think your stories would be near as good as they are tu
  15. Happy New Year to Everyone! The Staff of GA, all the Wonderful Authors the bring us so much pleasure. And to all the others that are just readers like me. I hope everyone has a prosperous and healthy New Year!
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