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  1. pickuptoy

    Chapter 4

    Thanks Mark for the Great Chapter! Happy Thanksgiving to everyone that celebrates it this Thursday!
  2. pickuptoy

    Chapter 40

    “We make a good pair, my lord,” Winkler said with a smile. And they do. Winkler works hard for George, but he has shared seeing the world with him. And getting to do it with his lover Jacobs make it even better. George's life would not have been near as comfortable without Winkler his trustworthy friend. George and Daventry may be as close as brothers, but I think he cares as much about Winkler as a brother also. I pray they are together for a lifetime.
  3. pickuptoy

    Happy Anniversary

    It was might mistake and not yours. I just re-read that part, and I see where I misread what you were saying. It should have registered to me that they had just gotten their passports.
  4. pickuptoy

    Happy Anniversary

    Wow! Since the last chapter David and Colt have been to Italy 3 times and about to go back again. Sounds like they got it baaaad! LOL!!. Sounds like everything is going well for all parties of the extended family. And Andy's ex got drunk and got killed while driving drunk. I hope she didn't hit and hurt anyone else, but I believe that would have come up if she had. Bill Martin might be someone for Jacob and Kyle to talk to about running the orchard for them if they get to busy to handle the day to day operations. I am sure he is retirement age from teaching. And the orchard may be something that has always been a dream of someday being involved in. I know a guy that retired from being a prison warden and started his on vineyard and winery in his late 50's. Thanks again for another Great Chapter!
  5. pickuptoy

    Chapter 39

    I don't know about George, but I am tired of all the Northerners, and of Russia in particular, I was in hopes that he and Daventry would have gotten their audience and George may have gotten his forgiveness and pardon by Tsar Paul after the letter and nice gift. And very soon be on their way before March and the murder of the Tsar. Daventry may need to stay behind to take care of the business for what he was set out to do, but I am ready for George to get back to his ship. I miss the excitement of the sea battles and the bounty's that he brings in. I know he misses his men and they miss him. He needs to get his sea legs back.
  6. pickuptoy

    Letting Go

    Maybe David and his family might cause Colt to reach out more to his own kids, and maybe they will get a little closer. Sometimes watching from afar, helps one to look at things a little different than they may have in the past. He might be surprised how much his kids had wanted him to reach out as a Dad not as their Father. And David is the right one to guide him.
  7. pickuptoy

    Letting Go

    I really liked this chapter. David has had so much on him all these years. Now he has an opportunity to enjoy watching what he has helped create blossom and spread and take responsibilities for both their interest and his too. He will always be in their life even if from afar at times. I think Colt will enjoy the time they spend at the orchard a lot more than he would ever dreamed. I bet in the not so distant future he may not want to spend the allotted time he now imagines away. Them two boys of Kyle and Jacob's and the other boys and girls may soften his military heart as his role into grandfather folds out. He may get more involved in his own kids and grandkids too. And yet David and Colt can get away and enjoy their relationship. If Kyle starts his own firm or even joins one, they may need to find either someone they already know who can take over the orchard, or search for one from other area's. Jacob seems to be getting a lot more business now from his website and his mother-in-laws contacts. I think this story is going to keep us readers jumping up and down wanting more. Thanks JDonley75 for your great story!
  8. pickuptoy

    Chapter 2

    Another great chapter Mark. I hope Kai and his mom do move into the guesthouse, maybe Will can pay her some to take care of his place and as construction of each phase or house is completed some of the others can pay her some too so she becomes the main caretaker and overseer of all the complex. As it grows there will be a lot more responsibilities for her, Kai and possibly Keenan too. I wish there was some way Will could come up with a document that shows he holds a second mortgage on KiKi's house for all that he had spent on it since he had it remodeled. So that Malo has to pay him back for all that was spent on house increasing its value. If he can do that I am sure he would willing give that to Kiki as a good start too. I am sure Malo was thinking how much more the house was now worth than before they had met and befriended Will. Total of what he had spent plus interest. If Malo starts trying to push back or make trouble all Will has to do is get his Cartel connections to contact Malo and warn him off. They all know of each other no matter what part of the world they are in.
  9. pickuptoy


    Great new chapter. I like how David smoothly guided Kyle out into the world again. And conspired with Bob the planed accidental meeting at lunch with them and Kyle and Isaac. David had to know that Isaac's injury would peak Kyle's interested and him and Bob must have discussed how disappointed in the attention that Isaac's lawyer was giving his case. Like Kitt I think it is time that Kyle hangs his own shingle outside and office and build his on firm. Or maybe attract another firm to pull him in as a Sr. partner in their firms. But I really hope he builds his on firm and brings in some old acquaintances from school or Harrisburg. I have the feeling that David feels his relationship with Colt is going to blossom into a lot more that just and occasional trip somewhere. And may not be around the farm full time in the near future. If this does happen and Kyle's working some again there is going to be interesting of times around the orchard ahead. Look forward to more of the this great story.
  10. pickuptoy

    Chapter 1

    I totally agree. Granger and Winkler are tops with me. Then most of this family is next. I figure Will is going to put Kai and his Mom in the newly remodeled guest house as his overseer's!
  11. pickuptoy


    I am so glad you have started this new book of our old friends. I am sure Will shall get past Zack with very few problems with it. I just hope he soon finds someone that he can be out and open with. His true love will come soon enough. Maybe he can spend more time with Steph and also his Dad and learn to make lots more money. Look forward to more exciting tales of these guys. Thanks Mark for continuing this and Bridgemont Series. They both are terrific!
  12. pickuptoy

    Chapter 38

    Another great chapter! Thanks again Mark. Keep them coming please!
  13. pickuptoy

    Sad News

    So sorry to hear this about Rob. I am just now getting around to reading and hearing about it. Got involved in some other stories and work is getting a lot busier lately. I see that was on Sept 18th. How is he doing now? Has he improved any and if so, do his doctors think he will have full recovery from the stroke? I know it isn't easy on him are any of you guys. All our thoughts are with you all! Please keep us informed whenever you can.
  14. pickuptoy

    Chapter 37

    That was exactly my thoughts when he was briefing them on what he wanted them to do if he was arrested. I feel Winkler will find a way to stay around until George is released if this does happen for any period of time. He is way to dedicated to George to leave him. Winkler is one of my most favorites in this series.
  15. pickuptoy

    Chapter 36

    Another Great Chapter Mark! Thanks again. Keep them coming. You are the best!
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