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  1. pickuptoy

    Chapter 11

    This is my 4th time reading this story. I think the reason that Davey bolted like he did was he really thought he had finally found someone that he could give all his heart too and not just a quicky and not do it again with that person. And that it was too good to be true. He didn't know the timelines of how far along she supposedly was. Remember his upbringing was also tearing at him inside. What if DK had made this timeline as it really was Brian's kid. I am sure he would have worked it into the story somehow and also Davey and Brian still getting together and trying to better this timeline. Remember Brian coming back and not even remembering who Marcie was, where she lived, or if he had protected sex with her or if he barebacked or what. He knew by what he had heard that they had gone all the way the night before he came back in time, and that she had only sucked him off before that. In most relationships there is usually at least 1 time if not many, that one partner or the other jumps conclusions without hearing all the facts first. But later after they do listen they see they were upset really about nothing. Davey knew he hated her for what all she had done to him, so that compounded it more if she was pregnant by Brian.
  2. pickuptoy

    Chapter 1

    I have so enjoyed reading these stories again. This is my 3rd time. I just hope that there will be another new story being set up after this repost.
  3. pickuptoy

    Chapter 15

    I do too. But it doesn't have to be immediate family, could be some of the old Claremont gang we haven't heard about in a while. Gathan, Wally, Clara. Or CA Darius, Claire, John, isidore, or others, maybe Hawaii, Kai, Kiki, or Scott Slater. But hopefully it is about the trip or maybe more news about the snake incident being hushed forever by Politis. Or maybe Stef is now part owner in Connie's team. That would be wild.
  4. pickuptoy

    Chapter 15

    Somehow I have a feeling that the phone call that Will blew off is some really bad news about someone back home. I don't know why that popped into my mind when I read it. That would have been Feb 1st back home, and Super XXXVIII had just been played and Janet Jackson's tit flopped out at halftime. That was probably the biggest thing that happed that day.
  5. I have been really really busy and have not had much chance to keep up with your reading of this story. Damn it is a great story isn't it. Enjoy, but there are some really intense moments coming soon.
  6. Sorry to hear that. Sounded like a very nice city as described in this story and like always I like to follow a story on Google earth and zoom in or try to find the places that are written about. Like city jetty, or police station, islands that they passed and anchored down by. Sad tha Kalbarri had so much damage. I hope they didn't loose to may lives with the cyclone. Thanks for pointing it out to us quokka!
  7. pickuptoy

    Chapter 46

    George just takes the bull by the horns, and struts right in for his inquisition. He really turns the charges against him by Admiral Chernyavin, back on the Admiral's not being there as the main reason for the great loss to the Imperial Majesty's navy. I wonder if the Tsar will punish the Admiral in the next couple of days! Winkler is still my second favorite character in this wonderful story. Excellent chapter Mark. Thank you for what you do for your fans.
  8. pickuptoy

    Chapter 11

    Great chapter! Will seems to be growing up more and more each day. Glad that Stef and JP are going to be coming down under for a while. I do miss their perspective now and then in the story.
  9. pickuptoy

    Mr. Smith

    Hold on tight!
  10. pickuptoy

    Mr. Smith

    Hold on tight!
  11. pickuptoy

    Chapter 45

    Excellent chapter! So glad the days are passing quick! Hopefully this will mean after the death of the Czar, George and Daventry can be on their way soon after. He needs to be at sea again. Thanks Mark
  12. You will be surprised. It is going to get exciting again.
  13. pickuptoy

    Getting Closer

    Or think about that fat 4th grade teacher anytime you want an arousal to go away! I really can't remember if he knew that Joel and Lisa were using Beverly's guesthouse as their love nest or not. If I do remember right, he didn't have any mistrust of Beverly when he left FL. Most all his mistrust was with his Dad. But it has been a number of years since I have read that part. Enjoy, because I enjoy reliving this great story with your comments.
  14. pickuptoy


    Funny what you said about the carrots. He is going to really pull one over on Trevor with the carrots.
  15. I don't think there is anything I can say that what tinytoes here has just stated. Just know that all of your devoted readers Love You! Everyone of them have stated it above and I am sure plenty more will in the coming days. The important thing is to get your health stabled and then get well. Just keep the determination that you will fight and win this battle.
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