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  1. Looking for something to read? Post your brief here so others can suggest the stories they loved! I love reading stories on here, but I'm also very picky. And there is waaay too much out there. So I thought this might work! My demands : I absolutely hate stories in which so many people are gay, it becomes unrealistic. That whenever some new guy enters the story, you just KNOW he's going to end up in bed with the main character. I love to be surprised I prefer mature stories set in the current time, although if it's well done I don't mind a little history or fantasy. My favorite story so far was Crosscurrents! Allright that was it! Feel free to post what you're looking for as well
  2. I'm also put off by that title! As well as 'Chronicles of an Academic Predator', but that one I read and quite enjoyed, so maybe I should try English teen as well.
  3. I'm really liking this story so far! It has a nice build up. I'm hoping we get to see a little more of Darryl though, I don't feel like I know him that well yet even though he is a major figure.
  4. I met my boyfriend on msn when I was 13. He is a friend of my nephews and back then it was all the rage to add as many 'friends' as you could. He was funny, nice to me, and we talked a lot about love and sex (what's it like being the other gender?) I fell in love with him without meeting him or even seeing a photo. He was just so funny, witty, but soft-hearted at the same time. My heart skipped a beat whenever his name popped up on my screen. We lived pretty far apart though. And I wasn't about to tell my parents I wanted to travel for over an hour to meet some boy I knew from the internet. So we lost touch. I got a different boyfriend. We didn't speak for years. When my ex-boyfriend cheated on me and I had just broken up, I started msn back up again because I was feeling lonely. Lo and behold, his name popped up. He hadn't used msn in quite some time, but somehow (fate ?) he chose this day to log back in. We talked, a lot. It was like in the old days. Except now I was 19 and could travel wherever I wanted. Lucky for me he is also good looking! A week or so later we were a couple . Love before first sight!
  5. I did a search for a topic on this but I couldn't find it, although I think this is something more people struggle with: Thinking of a title! I'm writing a story on a guy who moves to America from a foreign country, falls in love and does all kinds of sexy stuff. I can't for the life of me figure out the title though, all my brain comes up with is cheesy stuff. It doesn't matter too much since I'm not looking to publish it or anything, but I'd still like to hear if you guys have any tips or tricks for thinking of a good title. How did you come up with some of your titles?
  6. Oh but I totally understand that it isn't for everyone! But some posts made a more general statement about open relationships, like this one: It's that which I disagree with.
  7. Hi, I'm Voleuse. I enjoy reading (and writing) gay fiction so I ended up here. I'm kind of drowning in the mass of stories though, there are so many (and I'm picky! ). Anyway, on with the introductions. I live in the Netherlands, together with my boyfriend and my two cats. Errm, that's all I got!
  8. I'm surprised to see some people saying an open relationship can't be a good one. I think it's pretty judgmental to say that one form of a relationship is better than another form. I'm pretty offended reading this tbh. My relationship is open but that does not mean we don't really love each other or are not committed to each other.
  9. Voleuse


    Oh god, I need to stop reading right now because I can't take these two breaking up again
  10. Voleuse


    Aaargggh Andy what are you doing!! This story is killing me.
  11. Voleuse

    Chapter 2

    I liked the first chapter a lot but I feel like in this chapter everything is going a little bit too easily/smoothly. I miss a bit of buildup/tension. Maybe something will come up in the next chapter
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