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  1. DonR2D2

    Chapter 18

    I've been following your story in another forum for quite a while and I look forward to each new chapter. As I read through it here again, I was again struck by the emotions your writing brings to the forefront in me. Please keep writing and I look forward to more chapters of Forever. Thank you for your fine work.
  2. DonR2D2


    I've been enthralled by your series of books since I first found them. Great chapter - even though it was the end - and great way to end this book. And thank you in advance for Georgetown!
  3. DonR2D2

    Chapter 15 Final

    This was a sad, tragic story but I couldn't pull myself away once I got into it. Thank for this story which was well crafted and finely written.
  4. Hey, Don.


    Thank you so much for all the recent likes. I'm glad you're enjoying CJ's story.

  5. DonR2D2


    I'm so glad I found this sequel. I loved how happiness arose out of the ashes of despair. Very moving. Thank you.
  6. DonR2D2


    I found this beautiful story very touching. I think the war setting added a tension and immediacy to the encounter between the two men, causing me to feel compassion for them quite deeply. Thank you
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