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  1. “Probably not, I will ask our neighbours to look after him during the days, until after the funeral is over and done with, then we can decide what to do after that,” Mum replied. A few days later, Mum and I travelled up to the airport to collect my Uncle Rangi, who was quite a solid built man, who would easily drop someone in a tackle, and he nearly squeezed all the air out of me as he gave me a welcome hug. “Hello little sister, it is good to see you again after such a long time,” Uncle Rangi said before giving Mum a tight hug as well. When we arrived back home, I went next door to
  2. Coming soon...

    “Finding Simba”, part three of the Kilimanjaro story.

  3. I was now very curious on what was been said and why Jacob’s parents were calling us. “Yes that should be fine, what time do you want him to be there?” Mum said in response to some information, as I continued to listen to one side of the conversation. “Very well, I will have him there at 7 am, goodbye till then,” Mum said before ending the call, and she took a sip of her tea before taking a seat at the kitchen bench. “It appears that you have been invited to go sailing tomorrow morning, and we have to be at the yacht club by 7 am,” Mum informed me. For the rest of the day, I was exc
  4. Seven years with GA...

    50 stories & over 3,260,000 words...

    How Time Fly’s...

    1. chris191070


      Congratulations on your GA anniversary and your 50th story.

    2. quokka


      I originally wrote six years when it is seven years...

    3. Reader1810


      Happy GA-versary! :wizard:

  5. quokka

    Re updates

    You mention in the comments that the text is larger, some how the text is smaller, which makes it more difficult for me to read Preston, aka Quokka
  6. Chapter 1 All of my life I have had a fascination of trains, I guess mainly because my father was a train engineer in his younger days, and also that he took us on many train journeys as we were growing up. Although I was born in the suburb of Frankton, just out of Queenstown, in the lakes district of the South Island of New Zealand, I had only spent my first three years there, before the family moved to Australia. My father is was born and brought up in Port Lincoln, in South Australia, which is where we settled after the move from New Zealand, while my mothers parents are from the
  7. Having recently lost his father from a mining accident in Northern Western Australia, twelve year old Hunter Mitchell along with his much younger brother Fraser learnt from their mother, that we may be moving to her ancestral home of the Cook Islands, in the central Pacific. This meant that Hunter would be leaving his good friends, especially his best friend Jacob, who along with his father and older brother, took me on a sailing trip onboard a racing trimaran, to help me stop thinking of the loss of my father, and had an awesome time.
  8. quokka

    DTD Ch 4

    Day 5 I was woken up early again by the noisy group of guests as they had breakfast, and I just did some reading for a while, knowing that I would not get back to sleep. I had to delay going off exploring later this morning due to it raining fairly heavily, and it was 11.30, before I was able to go out and have some brunch. It began to rain again soon after returning to the accommodation, so I did some more reading until the rain cleared before setting off to explore another beach, known as Greta Beach. After a heck of a lot of walking, I finally made it to the beach, well to the t
  9. quokka

    DTD Ch 3

    Day 3 I woke mid morning once again, and I went in search for food and bottled water, which wasn’t easy on a Sunday, and after a few failed searches I headed back to the small supermarket in Poon Saan, which I was pleased to see is open and I bought what I needed and headed back to my accommodation. With it being Sunday, I decided to just relax today, and restart exploring tomorrow. After a shower and change I headed down the road to the tavern, arriving at 5.30, in time to relax and soak in the island, before enjoying a delicious lamb and veg dinner. Day 4 Woke up earlier than
  10. quokka

    DTD Ch 2

    Yes it is.
  11. quokka

    DTD Ch 2

    Day 1 Continued. Wow, what a long trip that was, the whole journey took seven hours including the time that we were at Learmonth and Cocos Keeling Island, and I was fairly tired from the whole journey, although I managed to snooze a bit for the longer part of the journey. We had to go through customs and quarantine once again, which I was expecting, and after collecting my hire car, I headed to the main settlement at Flying Fish Cove, Christmas Island. Due to it being New Years Day, most shops and other places were closed for the public holiday, so I went for a drive around the other s
  12. quokka

    DTD Ch 1

    Correct, although it is Cocos Keeling Islands and Christmas Island.
  13. quokka

    DTD Ch 1

  14. quokka

    DTD Ch 1

    Nope, I think you need to get your geography atlas out and use the clues I have given. or you can wait till I post chapter two.
  15. quokka

    DTD Ch 1

    Thanks mate.
  16. quokka

    DTD Ch 1

    Thanks Anton
  17. quokka

    DTD Ch 1

    Try again
  18. This diary is of my travels to a remote location for a seven day holiday, starting on New Years Day 2021.
  19. quokka

    DTD Ch 1

    Day Before The day has finally arrived that I can start my holiday, but first… I have a 70 minute flight to the state capital, and an overnight stay at a motel near the airport. Where am I spending a week on holidays, you may ask? Well it is a place that I have wanted to visit for many years, and it is featured in one of my earlier stories… Currently Australians are not permitted to travel overseas, so that restricts it to the Australian mainland and its territorial Islands. That should be enough clues to tell you where I am going. The flight up to Perth was uneventful and smooth,
  20. quokka

    XD Ch 9

  21. quokka

    XD Ch 9

    “Thankyou Xavier, where are your bosses?” I asked, “Mr Sebastian is onboard the yacht, and Sir Lewis in the settlement, and he is not a very happy person?” Xavier replied. “Oh, why is that?” I enquired, “Sir Lewis is filling in as temporary Administrator while the current Administrator is on annual leave,” Xavier replied. “Yes, that would make him very unhappy indeed, is he at Government House?” I responded, “No Sir that is on Christmas Island, he is meeting with the local shire. We are to collect him on our way back to the yacht,” Xavier said. “Ok, we had better not keep His Excellency wa
  22. quokka

    XD Ch 8

    Looking at Sebastian’s new yacht from the upper aft deck of my yacht, it looks to be about 20 metres longer, with five decks, and looking closely at the mast that has the communications aerials and satellite has a join in it, where it can be lowered, which explained how it managed to get underneath the three bridges. About fifteen minutes later, Wyatt and I stepped off my yacht and we walked the short distance to the other end of the jetty and boarded the new yacht. “Welcome aboard Mr Devonport,” Sebastian’s Captain said from the main deck as we climbed the stairs to that deck. “Thanky
  23. quokka

    XD Ch 7

    While the work was been done to the runway, taxiway and parking apron, I met with the Shire of Northam to work on some minor projects, one being my suggestion to sink Goomalling Road, for a distance of 800 metres, so that the runway can be extended a further 420 metres to 3,120 metres total. This will make it the second longest runway in Western Australia, and as such is ideal as an emergency airport in case things get bad at Perth Airport. A few months later, I was summoned to meet with the Premier and Deputy Premier at their offices in West Perth and they asked me if I would be able to g
  24. quokka

    XD Ch 6

    Funny man!!! 😆
  25. quokka

    XD Ch 6

    When we arrived on the first floor, I turned to face the visitors. “I have had this airport terminal designed so that it can handle domestic and international visitors, as shown by the security measures put into place, and would be able to cope with at least a dozen flights an hour if need be. As you are probably aware, the state government has been looking at alternative locations for a secondary airport, to cope with demand, when there are any weather issues or other reasons that may delay operations at the main airport in Perth. I thought it would be the best option to get active wi
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