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    Volc Ch 1

    Yes, it is all explained in my most recent comments on my profile.
  2. quokka

    Volc Ch 1

    Although I was born, and spent my first three years in Western Australia, before our family had moved to near Moncton, New Brunswick, Canada, when our Dad was promoted, to regional manager for a mining company. Two years later, before my younger brother, Kit was born; Mum and I travelled to Perth for the last three months of her pregnancy, staying at her sister’s place while there.
  3. Currently writing a book three of an old story…


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      @tagwolf Circumnavigation isn't by Quokka.

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      Oh oops sorry quokka well that made me look smart didn’t it

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    CoF Ch 10

    Thankyou too all who have read and commented on my latest story. A brand new story to coming soon. Q
  5. The following day, I made sure that I had completed all of my chores, and that the house was ready for Myles to arrive, which included a quick trip into town to do some added shopping, and to collect the two bikes from the mechanics. I had also bought a new front door lock set to replace the current one, since I was expecting June would soon be arrested for her involvement with the breaking into my property, as well as the attempting to break into my computer in the study. On the way back h
  6. Once I was back on the west fence of the triangular paddock, I went through the northern gate and along the line of trees on the north side of the home paddock, and I started to plough bigger fire breaks around the trees that are close to the house and main shed, as well as towards the milking shed and my fruit trees and vegetable patch, and that is when I came across a dead milking cow, and after some looking around, I found a dead calf and two goats. The cause of their death was fairly cl
  7. Only one chapter posted this week, hopefully I will have more time next week to post more chapters...


  8. Once Loretta had made the call to Ambulance headquarters in Perth, requesting the rescue chopper, and received confirmation, that it was on its way, with an eta of about 40 minutes, I followed Loretta and the gurney back into the cottage. I decided that I would not be of much use, so I jumped into my vehicle and raced back to the main shed, where I looked for and found some bright orange spray paint, that I recalled seeing before, and with that in hand, I headed to the paddock gate down the road
  9. quokka

    The Farm

    Great story, I can see this been expanded on, with more chapters or a different story with the two main characters included. Q
  10. quokka

    The Farm

    Great story. Well done mate. Q
  11. I have put the current story on temporary hold, as I am in the process of moving house, so I need to concentrate on that, so I will be back in two weeks. Preston.

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      Good luck on your move, hope all goes well.

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      Good luck,  I hope you have plenty of help at both ends.  It makes things go easier and faster.

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      Hope the move isn’t too stressful for you 

  12. I had a few ideas about the farm that I wanted to discuss with Malcolm, so I headed into town with Jack coming with me, and he even followed me out of the vehicle once I had parked, and I decided to let him come with me into Malcolm’s office. “Hello Mitch, and you brought Jack with you too, my how he has grown in such a short time,” Malcolm said when he saw us enter the outer office, and indicated for us to follow him. I want to be able to diversify a bit so as to be able to cope with any d
  13. “I have no idea where that is, so how close is it to my farm?” I asked, “That we do not know at the moment, we just have to wait till they get some aircraft in the air to assess it, we will have to wait,” Malcolm replied. “Well once I have done the milking and feeding, I am going to jump into my tractor and with the harrows that I found, I am going to grade all of my northern boundary fences,” I commented. “That is a very good idea. How about you leave the milking to me, and you can g
  14. Going to bed a little earlier than usual, I soon fell asleep to the sounds of the rain on the roof, but was woken suddenly by the sound of the crack of thunder, and the wining sounds coming from Jack. I called him to jump up onto the bed and he settled down with his back against mine, and I was soon fast asleep again. The start of a new week was no different than any other day of the week on the farm, milking and feeding the animals, breakfast for Jack and me, then plenty of other farm jobs
  15. Backing the vehicle up to the tree, I climbed on the back with one of my new field motion cameras, and I put the strap around the trunk at about 3.5 metres off the ground, and after attaching the camera to the strap, I altered the direction slightly so it is pointing directly towards the gate, before activating it. Pulling out my phone, I connected with the camera, and marked it as front gate, and I was able to clearly see the front gate from my phone. Happy that I had can now monitor the f
  16. I had bought a telephone system that has two portable phones with rechargers, so that I had the main phone in the office, one portable phone in the kitchen, and I took one out to the shed’s maintenance area, and I was pleased that the coverage was still good from the house. I had bought a dozen six packs of beer while in Albany, and I handed a pack over to each of the men who helped me today, and thanked them very much for their great help. When they had all gone with just Loretta and Malco
  17. “That would be great thanks Loretta, but can we make it 10 am, so I can get all the main chores done, and the milking shed cleaned, and I tidied up?” I asked, “Yes certainly, that is fine with me, I will see you then, bye,” Loretta said before she hung up the phone. “While I was milking the cows that evening, I heard a vehicle arrive, but I kept going with the work, and moments later, Malcolm and Loretta appeared. “Hello, what brings you folk out this way this evening?” I asked my visitors.
  18. Since Grandad’s funeral, I have been so busy with learning to run the farm I have not had much time for anything else. The family farm consists of just 1,184 acres, of good pasture country, in the great southern region of Western Australia, with about 4 kilometres of river frontage of the Hay River. It is located 48 kilometres west of the City of Albany and 26 kilometres from the town of Denmark, and just 12 kilometres from the community of Youngs Siding, which is where I do my fortnightly
  19. Forced to leave home at the age of seventeen, soon after my parents learnt that I was gay, I worked part time while studying at university, until I received a brief text message from my older brother, informing that our parents were killed. I didn't bother to attend the funeral, since I had been rejected by the whole family. A few years later, I was informed that our grandfather had passed away, and that I was the only one to inherit the family farm, that I had visited many times during the holidays, and where I was the happiest when growing up.
  20. This came up on a radio station Facebook page.
  21. Thanks for following me mate...

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      It’s a pleasure to read your stories 😀

      keep em coming 😜

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    NF Chap 19

    Glad to hear that all of my crew were now all safely on the Duchess, which is currently located in the Dover River on Cape Barren Island, my second phone call to Simon, was to give the order to set sail after dark for Bluff Harbour in Southern New Zealand, where I would meet them. I knew that it would take them approximately four days to get to Bluff, and in that time I planned to do a heck of a lot of travelling, to make it as hard as possible for anyone to track me down. Firstly I booked
  23. quokka

    NF Chap 18

    “Both he and our mother were killed, we later discovered by a drug cartel, and unwittingly we had taken the evidence of the drug smuggling with us, when I took over custody of my brothers, after their parents were killed. By the time that I realised that something was going on that looked very suspicious, they were starting to chase after me and my brothers, but thankfully we had this yacht to help us get away from them. Eventually we made it back to mainland Australia, and went to the Aust
  24. quokka

    NF Chap 17

    Not quite just yet mate...
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