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  1. animegirl1387

    Chapter 2

    I thought Koji was 16 now?
  2. animegirl1387

    Chapter 10

    So I've read this story several times now, it's one of my favorites. But there is a question I desperately need answered. What the hell does the tat on his ass say?! Love your work.
  3. animegirl1387


    I just wanted to let you know that I adore this story. And the other day after I finished reading it a song came on the radio that was damn near perfect for Shay and Mira. My Demons by Starset. I heard it and immediately thought of this story.
  4. animegirl1387

    Chapter 22 - Final

    I loved this story from beginning to end. The only issue I really had was, as there were so many different characters, it seemed as if you may have gotten them confused. At one point there was a Conrad Diaz, and in the end there is a Jess Diaz. Did Conrad become Jess? It just confused me as there are two different characters with the same last name, that appear, on the first read-through, to be the same person. Although Jess was present on the soccer team, it just felt like a different person. Now, to get away from the Jess/Conrad thing. It seemed as if you occasionally mixed people up in conversations. Like when Janice was consoling Jeremy and you, or she, referred to Jeremy as Jess. And when Mrs. Diaz was talking to Jeremy's father on the phone, you wrote Jereame, I think. Just a typo, but still, it threw me for a second. But overall, I really enjoyed your story. And I can't wait for more.

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