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  1. Germanbear

    Chapter 1

    It's a common topic in drama stories, this "kicking out" after the coming out. Is it real common in the U.S.? Here in Germany, I never heard about such horrible things.
  2. I'm looking forward to your next chapters of COTT. As you wrote, "the story has struck a chord". Get well soon! Cordially Carsten
  3. Germanbear

    Chapter 23

    Paternal Feelings for Matt, that's cute, isn't it? Nice done, Gabriel!
  4. I'm still a newbie in GA, and since English is not my mothertongue, I don't publish here. But I read a lot, really a lot. Some days ago, I found "18 Weeks of Twoey". That was my first binge reading experience. I'm sad to hear that the creator of this wonderful story is deceased. May he rest in peace.
  5. I love the "completed" stories in GA-- you can do "binge reading" like Netflix binge watching. I read the first seventeen-something chapters yesterday evening till my eyes burned, and I like it a lot! More than 100 chapters to go. Happy me!
  6. Germanbear

    Black Widow

    Welcome back, Mark! It's good to see you publishing again. I enjoy your stories very much. Good luck!
  7. Germanbear

    The Epicure

    The critics with dysgeusia, this setting reminds me of the french movie L’aile ou la cuisse ("The Wing or the Thigh") by french comedian Louis de Funès from 1976 (I don't know if this movie is available in th U.S., but, horribile dictu, some 40 years ago it was quite a success in France and in Germany as well). But you have a completly different plot. A nice plot actually, I enjoyed it. I read your story as my treat after a stressful day in office -- the evening can begin!
  8. Ill in bed, november is the season for cold and flu. And I suffer the november blues... But this amazing story was enough to brighten up my mood. Admittedly, as a "german bear", I sometimes had difficulties to understand Paddy's dialect, but it was worth the effort to decipher it. Thank you!
  9. This is my first entry in your forum, Mark, though I have written a few reviews for some previous chapters of the CAP saga. In the last few months, I worked my way through 15 parts of the "Chronicles", reading and reading on weekends, in my vacation as well as during some traintravels (and sometimes even in the office). And even though this all was a bunch to read (you stated in your annotations to "9/11", that the sheer amount of words of only that one part touches Tolstoi's "War and Peace"), even though English is not my native language, and though your vocabulary is far more advanced as anything you learn in german schools: It was no work at all, I enjoyed it very much. You created very vivid characters, the countless threads and twists in their actions and relationships as well as your very good dialogues make your "Chronicles" a highly valuable part of my world I don't want to miss. I'd like to thank yor for this masterful piece of entertainment (I don't know if you appreciate the word "art", but I could have used that word too). Kudos! And now I'm in a very different situation: So far, there was text in abundance. If i decided to read till 11:00 pm, there was still a chapter more, and if I read till midnight, then as well there were chapters enough. And now I have to wait... wait for the next chapter, and I'm dying in suspense! Thank you so much! Carsten PS: The ebook of "Streaks" left me perplexed, since it ends at JJ's Birthday with the sentence "I winked at Alex to tell him that he was the primary reason for my joy." An untypical end, you are not so placable elsewise. Checking the website, I learned, that there were still a few more twists to come, just as I expected and appreciate.
  10. Germanbear

    Chapter 50

    Once again on the cops: Our beloved characters smoke pot on every possible occasion and in every place. How come that the cops don't ever find the weed, they don't even search after it?
  11. Germanbear

    Chapter 49

    I never had anything to do with a US Cop, so I can't judge that by my own impressions. But whenever one cop appears in this story, he almost sure is an a..hole. I wonder if this is just drama (or could it be that the share of a..holes in the PDs is so much higher than in other circles)?
  12. Germanbear

    Chapter 42

    How disgusting! Gays and dykes! And that all on Christmas Eve! Tsstsstss. And (in round two) no mention of condoms either!
  13. Germanbear

    Chapter 7

    <Miss Piggy mode> Men! <Miss Piggy mode/>
  14. Germanbear

    Chapter 1

    Oh Robbie! For me, that really looks like a mid-life crisis for him, quite early admittedly, but it seems so. Been there, done that. Ugly feeling.
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