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  1. Excellent story my friend it made me cry, most gay boys are angels some are not but i love them all, every one of them. boys are the most beautiful things in creation.
  2. bubby1234

    Chapter 15

    I am sat here at my pc with tears in my eyes, i am so sad but i am also bloody angry, kids are our future, i was a foster carer for 15 years here in England, i looked after mainly boys 8--18 plus, they all arrived with major problems, i loved them all irrespective of their past, if i ever found someone hurting a boy in this way i would not hesitate to rip them limb from limb, unfortunately in the UK there are many asian grooming gangs who pray upon young preteen girls, but the asian gangs get police and child services protection even to the point of arresting the young girls for prostitution
  3. bubby1234

    Chapter 58

    A latter day Peter Pan, please god help all the lost boys.
  4. bubby1234

    Chapter 50

    All i can say is as a retired foster carer to boys in this age group is if i came across any of these evil men in the act of hurting a child i would tear them limb from limb whatever the consequences, unfortunately the police and government here in the UK always take the side of the abuser, sometimes even arresting the poor child involved.
  5. bubby1234

    Chapter 17

    In England we don't use euros, we use pounds sterling.
  6. bubby1234


    I think Havar is a demon general.
  7. bubby1234

    Chapter 1

    maybe you should have gone to specsavers, i have lived here for 70 years and i can tell you they are everywhere, some towns have three or four of them, burger king as well
  8. bubby1234

    Chapter 1

    Mcdonalds are in every town and city in the UK, have been for many years
  9. bubby1234

    Chapter 1

    I am an oldie from the uk and i can tell you that everybody now and 50 years or more ago new and loved hotdogs, they were very common
  10. bubby1234

    Chapter 2

    Just so you know black pudding is scrummy yum yum.
  11. bubby1234

    Chapter 13

    I know what you mean about some parents, i was a foster carer here in the uk, i took in boys 10-16, most had been thrown out by their parents and all were damaged in some way, it made me so angry but i did what i could, i loved them all, i did this for 15 years or so.
  12. bubby1234

    Chapter 25

    God i hate cheating, it makes me so sad and bloody angry.
  13. why has this chapter been uploaded twice.
  14. bubby1234

    Chapter 2

    Now this is getting very interesting, being english and from the north of this beautiful country i am looking fwd to see how things go.
  15. bubby1234

    Chapter 1

    Not a nice cliffhanger.
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