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  1. bubby1234

    Chapter 2

    Now this is getting very interesting, being english and from the north of this beautiful country i am looking fwd to see how things go.
  2. bubby1234

    Chapter 1

    Not a nice cliffhanger.
  3. bubby1234

    The Ascension

    Iam beyond words, well maybe one FANBLOODYTASTIC.
  4. bubby1234

    Retribution 4

    Good luck with the new job buddy i hope all will be good in your life for the future.
  5. bubby1234

    Retribution 3

    I second the above comment.
  6. bubby1234

    Retribution 2

    Woo Hoo, very loud sighs of relief from the southwest of England.
  7. bubby1234

    Retribution 1

    can you just say that you have not given up on the story, i look 10 times day in hope of a new chapter John from England.
  8. bubby1234

    A New Place 3

    This has become one of my top five stories, it may even become no 1, i hope he does finish with Victor and develops a relationship with his new elf friend, although he is a royal prince and his new friend is a servant it may be blocked by protocol.
  9. bubby1234

    Revelations 2

    The writer is not an american !, he uses a lot of british terms and comments, i suspect that he is from our green and pleasant land of england.
  10. bubby1234

    Chapter 17

    I can see jack and jimmy together in the future, (i hope)
  11. bubby1234

    Chapter 2

    There it is again, MUM is from England or australia, MOM is from the USA. just a small point but it is confusing
  12. bubby1234

    Chapter 1

    Can you clear up something for me, spencer calls his mother mum which is a british term and kevin calls her mom ?
  13. bubby1234

    Part I, chapter 1

    Religion is the cause of a nearly all wars, it is for weak minded people, it is the biggest failing of the human race and should be abolished +
  14. bubby1234

    Chapter 13

    I really hope that jack and tracy fall in love and become committed boyfriends and that jeff finds a nice boy of his own (maybe Jimmy ?).
  15. bubby1234

    Graduation Trip

    I did not think that you would start with the sluttin and cheating so soon, two is ALWAYS company and three will ALWAYS be a crowd, loved the first story but you have in my opinion ruined this so sorry no more for me
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