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  1. You mentioned something in your comment on Golden City that rings my bell.  I am 77 and also live my fantasies through some of these stories, as well as the ones I write.  The ones I write describe many of the experiences I wish I could have had in my younger days.  I'm over the hill, and know I will never have a loving husband, my life has been a waste.

    Maybe if I didn't get so wrapped up in reading some of these, I might actually get some of my stories posted.



  2. bubby1234

    More Than I Could Have Wished For...

    A very well known saying come to mind, two's company but three's a crowd, and it is VERY good advice.
  3. bubby1234

    Chapter Twenty-Five

    Why do all bloody authors think we all want threesomes its a stereo type that i for one hate with a vengeance.
  4. bubby1234

    Part 2

    I told you that i am a hopeless romantic, moist eyes at the end of this chapter, love is the most awesome thing in the whole universe.
  5. bubby1234

    Part 1

    Wow excellent first chapter, i am a hopeless romantic and love love storys, i am a firm believer in monogamy, i hate group sex and threesomes i detest lying and cheating but i admit it does add some drama into some stories, anyway 10/10 so far, please hurry up with the next chapter. John from England.
  6. bubby1234


    I love it so far BUT i am a hopeless romantic and i do tend to fall in love with the nice character's and i know this is your story and that is how it should be but at the first sniff of cheating i will be gone.
  7. bubby1234

    Chapter Twenty-Two

    That last bit made me smile, also i think that Aiden likes noah you know what i mean😉
  8. bubby1234


    Good chapter, i hope Danial becomes a long term placement with mr Griffiths and lewis.
  9. bubby1234

    Chapter Twenty-One

    Big frown at the beginning of chapter, BIG smile at the end of chapter, i am the biggest romantic in the whole world, in my world love is everything and it can only ever come first no if's or buts it just has to be first in every situation.
  10. bubby1234

    Sincerely, Me

    Reminds me of a song called ode to billy joe by bobby gentry
  11. bubby1234


    This looks like it could be one of the best stories i have so far read, it could even be equal with summers end and twinergy the boys of clear lake, 10/10 and 5 stars.
  12. bubby1234

    Bad Romance

    Awesome story so far, i hope he gets his Bobby boy.
  13. bubby1234


    Ask whatever you want anytime
  14. bubby1234


    If you need any info on anything regarding the uk please contact me only too pleased to help.
  15. bubby1234


    Just a small nitpick, we don't have child protective services here in the uk we have what is know as social services run by the county council, i was a foster carer for 15 years,

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