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  1. A brilliant chapter-I loved his media interview, the menacing Havar, his display of power using the dragons and the cliffhanger ending. The new demon threat has to me the most serious yet. He felt the demon from very far away. I hope he gets to the Tower and learns how to read the book now and gains new skills so he can defeat the new threat. I can't wait to read your next chapter.
  2. scrubber6620

    Chapter 31

    Thanks for this new chapter . Granger is on his way to St Petersburg with the help of a friend and sexual partner. Granger has escaped capture so far. He has learned that the Tsar is after him with more seriousness. My time in Wisconsin gave me an appreciation of the challenges of very cold winters. I don't envy the trip in the snow. You left me with the feeling the path will be scary and not easy. I bet it will be a great read, as always.
  3. This is a wonderful, complex well written story,. It's easy to want to know and appreciate the characters. The last chapter left Granger at a dangerous crossroads on his way to Russia and St. Petersburg, Will the Tsar find him and kill him, imprison him or maim him severely worse than Nelson's injuries ? Will the contacts Granger made in the Baltic be able to safeguard him? Will Granger's luck eventually continue to work for him after a painful transition? What will his friends, supporters, and family do to aid him back in England ?. I hope the next chapter will appear soon.
  4. I regret it has transitioned into members only after several great chapters not hidden away
  5. scrubber6620


    I like the final comment about kicking ass. I can see potential ways of kicking ass from the story so far. But, I hope you are considering the Admiral Janeway solution as an option. Janeway fought the fearsome, powerful Borgs who have an interconnected hive mind, like the enemy robots you have described. In the final show of Star Trek Voyager, Janeway conveyed a computer virus to the Borg queen ( Borgs are part organic and part robotic machines) who felt it and conveyed it to her minions which destroyed the Borg's and their infrastructure. There has to be a computer whiz at the dinner in the last chapter or someone knows one who could write a formidable deadly computer virus that can surprise the bad guys. This story is great. I am looking forward to how you continue to develop it. Thanks.
  6. This is becoming the type of story that I can best enjoy and be satisfied with binge reading chapters when it's done or much, much farther along. There are so many possibilities and pitfalls and so much to be worked out. It can be frustrating and tedious. But you will find the thread through the maze eventually. It's your story. I want to support you. I would prefer for you to write in the way that works for you and enables your creativity to flow. I can see you to continue to write chapters with your careful, slow pacing development of plot, character and conflict resolution. Unless I get too curious, I suspect I will come back later after you have progressed at or towards the the end and you have decided what makes sense. Good Luck.
  7. Very surprising and original. This extensive useful power of earth mates on a whole pack's health is new to this type of shifter story. The boys continue to be dysfunctional and not fully communicating or realizing the consequences of their actions. If Tobyn wants answers I bet he has to visit Ms Sybil to hear for himself what is going on. He needs time and a wise, trusted expert. Kellar has to be going crazy. One barrier might be removed by Kellar's explanation. If Tobyn accepts Kellar as his earth mate, then he can strengthen the pack and fulfill his duty. More problems lie ahead--Kellar has a theory( Is it all true?). Can they find more earth mates and return ( no who has left has returned until Tobyn). What about the danger from hunters or bad guys who want to kill the shifters?
  8. So earth mates are proven to be real and can't be denied. A sweet and surprising turn of events. The earth mates are immediately happy. Kellar is still the good friend who hopes for the best. He is ready to feel guilty and act on instinct which is very good since is a decent person. Tobyn is once again on uncertain ground and having his bed rock assumptions about life and relationships --especially earth mates-challenged. I bet he feels threatened by his mother's acceptance of another man so easily and might feel this betrays his father and undercuts his legitimacy. I am reminded of what Mark Twain said "It ain't what you don't know that gets you into trouble. It's what you know for sure that just ain't so." There is so much more to talk through and to work out and be discovered and you are taking this story development along slowly and very methodically in a more focused and circumscribed way.
  9. Well handled key relationship transition, thank you. Tilly and Tobyn and Kellar are staying strong and being true to themselves. It was a painful time, though. Tllly acted responsibly and spoke the truth. Tobyn and Tilly do need to hold out for love. Only she could break away from Tobyn and free him. He was stuck in his old ways of thinking. The defining statement for me was made by Kellar--" There is no forcing a choice on a man like Tobyn." Tobyn will have to come around and it will take time, new experiences, new knowledge he accepts and new people. He is going to have Kellar to support him and Kellar will work his healing magic on him, I hope the pair will be a force eventually to help the pack recover . Kellar is not hiding his strong feelings. They will grow together, I feel it is happening as they slept . Moving into Kellar's bed after the turmoil of the day was a positive sign.
  10. Two steps ahead, one step back. Tilly and Tobyn hugged at the and have reached an understanding and we will find out what the agreement is next chapter. Nice way of keeping us on edge.... They already seem to be able to stay together after discussing the tension this chapter. If it is workable for both and makes Tobyn able to move ahead freely, then Tobyn and Doc Kellar can travel together and find other shifters and maybe answers. We can learn much more when the two plus Tobyn's mother travel to visit the mechanic. I can sense bread crumbs for the malaise with possibly something in the food that could weaken a child or adult and make then open to catching an illness ( like Tobyn's ulcer or the tonsillitis ) or something especially a child and pregnant mother might ingest in great qualtities --milk. Doc Kellar has yet to meet lots of pack shifters so he hasn't read their colors. He also hasn't looked around carefully for a source of the malaise in the food preparation area or fields or water, etc. One further thought from the collar chapter--Any possibility Kellar's parents were killed by hunters or the lords and he was placed in a religious home to be watched but escaped and was lost before the people realized he had shifted ?
  11. More pain. More almost honest communications. More partial insights and misunderstandings. It seems these guys might have to learn by experience( and trying out other arrangements like staying together and moving apart) to accept and understand the consequences and find a resolution. Tobyn might come to realize he can only help his pack by being whole , healthy and true to his real nature, not to a stereotype or a label other want to attach to him. Kellar and Tobyn are a pair and probably can do great things working and living together. Kellar is going to heal more shifters or the children soon so he will feel fulfilled and see a another need for his help.The conversation with Miss Sybil suggests insights can come from taking with an expert. They truly need a keeper ( can they find one at another pack?) and they need to talk to other shifters. They seem not be into using the internet to research their situation or even look up stories. The trip to the potential mechanic might also help. What will he say? Will he come to Tobyn's pack? What will Tobyn's mother learn when she travels will Tobyn and Kellar to see the mechanic? Why might he not agree to comeback ? Maybe, the pair will later go on a joint trip to find other packs as they realize they need to be together to at least not be so anxious and they can learn more working together from any other shifters they find. Besides, Kellar's healing ability might gain acceptance by any other shifter or pack they find. You introduce a new thread with the silver and how lords controlled shifters in the past. Hmmm... Could some outside " lords" or hunters have found the pack and lead to its decline from strength and wealth and have decided on a tactic of intentionally impairing, limiting and isolating this pack by using silver or some other pollutant in small qualities in the water or in some other way( a cause of the malaise I suggested in my first chapter review post). Kellar can't yet know the color of silver since it is not being used or worn in the pack's area. He will need to see it identified to learn its color in some other place in order to be able to analyze whether or not it is present in the pack's area when he gets back. Anyone who leaves who is not ill in some way seems to be killed and could provide more evidence the pack is being quarantined. Will Tobyn and Kellar face the lords or hunters if and when they travel far from the pack's area? Will they survive? Are other packs staying away or no one visiting because the area gives off a malevolent vibe that only attuned shifters can detect? I am once again looking forward to your next chapter and seeing how you work things out. Thanks.
  12. The guys seem to be getting clearer with each other and showing their good souls and decency while still not finding a workable way for them to stay together in some form. I liked the open and congenial way the pack members welcomed Kellar. There has to be good mood caused by life saved and a promise of better times ahead. A quick exit by Kellar was averted by his own suggestion of a replacement mechanic. He can't be anything but helpful, can he? Now, I am looking forward to what he discovers about the malaise and any other related issues as he explores the pack lands, talks with people, takes an insightful car trip and visits the mechanic. It is strange that the pack is so isolated and cut off from other packs. He has more people to cure. We need more information and Kellar and Toby will be giving it to us as they relate and grow and decide what seems right. This is a good mystery story so far with loose ends and maybe false starts( ?)and too many possibilities and a clear understanding probably only at the end when as H. Poirot says "All will be revealed." I do respect the main characters and hope things to work out and true love wins.
  13. Land of Dreams. I like how the chapter ends after all this turmoil. Kellar and Tobyn are slowly finding how about themselves and how closely they are really connected and dependent on each other. They can't sleep alone and they need each other's strengths. They are linked .They are acting naturally, innocently and learning. But, still they can't see a way to resolve their feelings and the implications. The scene involving saving the girl with cancer was well done, tension filled and sensitive to the nature of the characters. I felt the pain the people experienced. I guess eventually Tilly will see ( after how well they worked on her sister) that Tobyn and Kellar are a pair of wolves that work well together and belong to each other. Tobyn's mother should be able to pick up from what the young guys say and how they look at each other that they are true mates as portrayed in legend. She could help them work things out later. I still am puzzled by the nature of the malaise. I once thought the kitchen might be connected but Kellar did not find any problem with his food. Kellar has to decide how long he will stay with the pack, what the real malaise is, how he can relate to more shifters, how many he will help, and what really he wants. Tobyn is confused and is so good hearted. At least they are having almost complete conversations. At some point they will both open up. But this is all so new and they likely will have a rocky road ahead. I am looking forward to your next chapters.
  14. Great story progression with enough loose ends and more mystery about the malaise. I want to be believe his healing powers will be effective. I can't wait to see Kellar help people. You set out the dynamics of the 3 way spilt between potential mates. Kellar will try his best to save the girl and others and find out what the root problem is . He is intent on doing his duty and following his calling as Tobyn will also. I expect there will be high points and low points. Kellar will be really tested living in the same house as Tobyn. They both can read each other so Kellar will need to be careful. Kellar now plans to leave the pack when his healing work is finished. I am glad he will come clean with Tobyn. What will Tobyn do when Kellar speaks his mind? Will Tobyn's mother play a constructive role in their relationship? She seems very wise.
  15. scrubber6620

    Chapter 46

    This was a great chapter that added more depth and left us with ways for the story to grow in interesting ways. I am hoping at some point Ethan and Aiden get contacted by a senior druid or elemental or a team of them. They need more training in their special skills. Ethan and Aiden are acting on instinct now. I think there must be untapped potential abilities or new ways of handling opponents or helping others. Now that Ethan and Aiden are known to the Alphas by what they did at the conference it might be possible for the word to get around eventually to elementals who will want to investigate them face to face to see if they are real and what might be happening.
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