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  1. scrubber6620

    Chapter 19

    They are really in sync and in love. The public statements and displays of affection prove it. This was another feel good chapter with no blow ups . Almost all the key figures have interacted and now have time to contemplate what is next. I loved Muriel's introduction to the relationship. Will she value Spencer more and anguish about his leaving?? I hope Ed does come through with an offer soon. Spencer won't announce his separation without written proof. Ambika needs to get a clue. Blake is not trustworthy. BTW, Spencer shouldn't be worried what Blake thinks, unless there is an und
  2. scrubber6620

    Chapter 20

    'But they weren’t just going to let me go. I had to hope that there was something I could do that would lead me to an answer that would resolve my precarious situation." He has advanced beyond thinking of his survival and wonders about his future. He is aware that his situation is precarious. Will he be kept someplace as a zoo animal after he has been studied on the ship? What is his future? Does he know too much? Does he really have a chance of going back home or to a home ship or will he not be allowed any contact with his home and be left on a habitable planet or kept on the alien
  3. What a roller coaster turning day for Vincent and the crew. He surprised everyone and himself. Vincent acted beyond expectations and normal limits. He could perform magic as a wolf and in his hybrid form. He became a hybrid too soon to easily control it and then did take it under control faster than expected with the help of Cyrus and Mason. What a wild ride! Questions--How will Vincent continue to increase the control of his hybrid? What does the mysterious marking on his leg mean? What is he planning for Ty? Will the connection to Bol be revealed further and better explained? Is Vincent
  4. scrubber6620

    Chapter 18

    Beautiful chapter. But Khandastovia? Really? Is that somewhere in the vicinity of Rothenia?........ 😁 Hey, I love Rothenia with its magical characters who have been tested and an exceptional King. The politics can be crazy. Marshall would love it and its mystery and the media people.
  5. scrubber6620

    Chapter 18

    What a lovely warming comforting time--Spencer and Marshall are easily compatible and enjoying each other without hesitation. Who wouldn't enjoy their meal? Marshall is trying his best to support and win over Spencer. I am sure their sexual adventures will be fulfilling and awesome later and make them want more. Going to see the family is a terrific plan which Marshall initiated . He will astound them and surely will win them over. I can't wait to read about the family experiences, Muriel's reactions, and the new job . Marshall is planning on staying home more next year.. The ground is la
  6. scrubber6620

    Chapter 42

    Question about this story and the actual history---- So far this story creatively adds characters to history, but can I anticipate the plot will in future chapters follow what actually happens? I first learned Tsar Paul I was killed in this chapter so I read more about it online. "At the beginning of his reign Paul was naturally suspicious of potential enemies, so he built a castle in the center of St. Petersburg (St. Michael’s castle), which he believed would be safe and impregnable, so he spent almost all of his time there. That castle turned out to be a trap, however, and on
  7. scrubber6620

    Chapter 17

    Great chapter--Spencer was brilliant and convincing and full of opinions that Ed liked. Both were honest and they connected well . It seemed like an ideal job interview which started and ended well. It was a polar opposite of the type of meeting Spencer had with Muriel. His future looks promising after his exit interview which could be very revealing and honest. Will he be able to stay around for a month or will Muriel kick him out as soon as possible? I admire Spencer's bladder control after so much coffee and idea of using the easy chair in Marshall's bedroom for fun sex. Bo
  8. scrubber6620

    Chapter 42

    A delightful chapter . George did his unpleasant duty and found out more than he expected. Hostages--hmmm It fits. I can't wait to see how they get out of Russia. Will the Tsar need to be overthrown first? To advance the possibilities of a release, I expect George needs to see the Tsar's son who asked him to see him at some point Thank you for a wonderful and surprisingly early chapter than ends the year in an intriguing and thought provoking way. I am looking forward with renewed interest to what you create next.
  9. scrubber6620


    BTW-wouldn't it be possible to get a fix on Chris' location by a searching beam or type of signal like radar being sent back from at least two locations where the spell hit? The intersection would be where Chris was located. So if two demon sites cooperated, Chris could be hit by return fire or even if they didn't cooperate he could get a visit from demons who moved along the path of the returned signal. I am glad Chris first set up his protective shield around the ship. A fight might come sooner rather than later. A 65 layer spell might call forth a serious demonic response.
  10. This is a feel good, delightful yearend chapter with lovely experiences, a great hunt, strengthening friendships, love in bloom and love developing .The truck ride for Vincent felt good to me, too. You added some real worry with the evil mage considering Vincent as still not a serious opponent who could defeat him and wondering mysteriously if he is the one( Is this connected to what Bol acknowledged). Their upcoming battle must be a defining, cataclysmic event with finally things explained, When others learn about Bol's concern will they be able to help Vincent be batter prepared?
  11. scrubber6620


    Great cliffhanger--the next chapter will be awesome, I am sure-You have our hopes up Chris has to defeat the general{s} and he will fight with all his power and may even gain more power and spells as needed to be victorious Someone more powerful is looking out for him? So soon others will join in the fight, Chris will be tested and Chris could learn more helpful info about the flow and demons What an exciting year end chapter !
  12. scrubber6620

    Chapter 16

    Well done, heartwarming, romantic and very satisfying--even the sexual scenes are tasteful and charming and sweetly fulfilling and enjoyable They met and sparks flew and they seemed to know easily they were so right for each other and finally after a delay having now no worries, no indecision. They are a good pair in and out of bed. Spencer will be in a great mood tomorrow. You have wonderfully and positively laid the groundwork for the next big issue-the Coleman interview. So much is riding on Spencer getting into a better, more supportive work environment where Spencer can use his
  13. scrubber6620

    Chapter 15

    Upbeat-Actually, this chapter is heavenly and a welcome opening to the holidays-Love the carolers ! The cads, Blake and Joe, are not longer winning , lying and hurting their lovers. They are truly ex's. Marshall knows he needs Spencer and Spencer is going to him for a likely warm stayover. Spencer has a chance at a great job with a total professional and respected media figure. If he and the Ed Coleman get along, the future will look much brighter for him . Muriel will be livid but she can't injure Spencer when he leaves. What a great, heartwarming chapter. Thanks
  14. scrubber6620

    Secret Admirer

    "Romance. Spellmanship. Slash smut. Riveting relationship drama" Glad to see you have found the secret admirer with the potential of the so far missing element--romance. I hope they work out since Philkin needs a better alternative than Rod and knows he does. However Two cautions : Philkin does not know his admirer and is a Slytherin partner one to worry about? Perhaps you will develop their relationship soon? I am concerned about the looming presence of Harcourt and what Rod wants next? I can dream up scenes, but I would be presumptuous and maybe too kinky and you know the r
  15. scrubber6620

    Chapter 13

    I feel deflated for Spencer hearing he was only assuming a care taker role in his expanded job. It fits. His 1% raise signals how little Muriel thinks of Spencer. She has not been in the office to judge how well he is doing and he can't show her how he is handling his expanded duties Blake could be off base or relying on old information But, Spencer has to act like a professional , not burn any bridges and not show any worry. Spencer has to not be complacent or paralyzed or angry ( which will hurt him) and take control of his life much better than now and begin quietly to look for a
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