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  1. scrubber6620

    Chapter 50

    I really enjoy Granger's adventures. I just re-read this chapter and it tells me new things . Mark is an excellent writer who can sustain interest over a log period of time and tell a great , complex tale with interesting people.
  2. I really enjoyed Hammerhead. I am looking forward to your re-write. Summer Job is an excellent contribution to your new efforts. You are to be commended on the challenges your are accepting to achieve better outcomes.
  3. scrubber6620

    Chapter 5

    Could Toto be reading Michele's comments to Bella all wrong? Michele might really like Toto and is coming to grips with what this means by talking with a friend/relative named Bella? Whatever the true meaning, if Toto acts upon this overheard conversation and decides to move away to lessen his hurt feelings without letting Michele explain himself, Toto will surely regret it. He knows and has been reminded it's best to not act too quickly.
  4. Kidnapping is always done with a purpose. Rhyad was mated and we were just told mated ones are not usually taken. I wonder if his family was behind this kidnapping so as to get him out of the way. His mating must have disgraced them. Rhyad will have to learn to fly.
  5. Thank you!  I always drop everything when Mr. Arbour presents us with a new chapter in  this series.   This chapter does not disappoint, it just leaves us wanting more of the same.  Thank you again!


    1. scrubber6620


      You are welcome. Mark Arbor is great and constantly interesting. You are very kind to notice me, too.

  6. scrubber6620

    Chapter 50

    I love the hot gay sex, intrigue, twists and turns, surprises and uncertainty. Granger and his fans are kept on their feet . Thank you. Once again, Granger wins the heart and admiration of a lover who he apparently introduces to gay sex and both really enjoy it. The Tsar says only Granger pulls him into male sex . He has become fascinated by Granger and loves his ass as a forbidden delicacy that possibly might be available for just a period of time so he relishes each opportunity to couple passionately. So Granger at this point is not yet to be pushed out of Russia. He faces a key f
  7. scrubber6620

    Chapter 49

    What wonderful surprises and shocks in that pit of vipers the Russian court is ! Granger eventually made an unexpected lady friend and made gold out of dross. I hope his meeting with the new Tsar goes very well and a decent treaty can be worked out smoothly and quickly. You seemed to have solved some key problems facing Granger : finding a way to create or at least begin to create peace between Britain and Russia and getting Granger and his party a path safely and quickly out of Russia. Perhaps, Granger can arrive in the vicinity of Copenhagen in time to assist Lord Nelson in his a
  8. scrubber6620

    Chapter 47

    I can feel Granger will be at see within two chapters. Will Granger end up with Nelson at the Battle of Copenhagen? His winning the support of the new Tsar should be important, too. Admiral Parker was in charge of the battle of Copenhagen. Admiral Nelson ignored his superior's order to disengage and lead the winning fight. The phrase "turn a blind eye" came from this incident. Nelson is said to have put his telescope up to his blind eye, turned in the direction of Parker’s flagship, and allegedly said: Nelson knew the battle would go his wa
  9. scrubber6620

    Chapter 47

    Wow, Granger had sex with Pavel more than once and them with the well endowed Tsarevich. Tough , confining things keep happening and Granger finds ways to win friends and very pleasing sex partners. He has had sex with two imperial family members. the Tsarevich and his mother and we know which one he really enjoyed. The soon to be new Tsar will have good thoughts about Granger which could help him, Daventry and Britain. Granger made a powerful disturbance, as requested, and must have eased the transition to a coup that has to succeed. It would be terrible if Tsar Paul sent Granger to his dea
  10. scrubber6620

    Chapter 46

    Great idea that Panin was the author of the forged letter. He would have had access to Whitworth's stationary and past letters so he could be in a good position to have a new letter forged. He just would not know of Whitworth's new stationary or that Granger would have a copy of a real signed letter from Whitworth so this new letter could be shown to be a forgery. Panin must be highly skilled in survival at court and as Machiavellian as Talleyrand, another foreign minister who Granger knows. Having the focus on a putative threat from Granger would likely free the real plotters from observati
  11. scrubber6620

    Chapter 46

    Wonderful chapter. Granger will not be going to prison. He can await the coup and can have a close view of what happens at the palace. He might be able to give up to date information to Daventry who would want to know where the Tsar was located at critical times. The Tsar has likely made a mistake giving Granger access to more personal information about the Tsar. Granger's conducted a fact based brilliant defense ( he was innocent after all). He will be settled in the palace with the Tsar and his servants who also ca to help keep him informed. He is likely not subject to arrest likely f
  12. scrubber6620


    I also think up new story lines--Chris interviewing for college hiding his elf nature with resulting un satisfied faculty and other problems, Chris fighting a demon general out of Yemen and learning his and Nomir's ancestors fought the "devils' before when they lived among the tribes and are welcomed back, or maybe Chris attends an Elf university and complications ensue. The most soulful word after a story is "abandoned." I saw that after a dkstories final chapter on a large , well received 3 many chapters part story. He ended it only 3 chapters into his third part with the hero mage , W
  13. scrubber6620

    Chapter 20

    I am ready for the sequel
  14. scrubber6620

    Chapter 19

    Great turn of events. I did not see that coming.
  15. I like the view that Seamus is into Matt, but can't express himself properly--yet. They aren't able to read each other or easily communicate. Something important in a while will happen to change how they see each other, I suspect. I am glad to know the story is completed and chapters are being released every 3-4 days. This is a delightful, appealing story. Some authors aren't as serious and considerate. You have a supportive, interested audience and easily earn our respect and attention by what you write and how you go about it. Thank you.
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