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  1. Both Jake and Nic had to process their sex. What did it mean? Each went about it differently Nic gathered friends who questioned him incisively and smartly. Nic kept silent about who he had sex with. They knew him well. Shiv found him a skin tight dark adrogynous outfit which he loved. He is going to save it for a real date if he ever gets one. He wants one. Nic doesn't yet know the depth of Jake's desires for him. I wonder how soon he will find out. Jake will be easy to read, I bet. Jake threw himself at work and busy projects. He drank too much beer. He had hard, mean sex with Meg she was thrilled about and after a bad orgasm on his part he felt nothing for her. She did not turn him on. The orgasm Nic gave him was awesome and beyond what Meg does for him. Now he was lost. I can see Jake become more fixed on Nic as the solution to his unease. He will see Nic at school. Can Jake keep it together and find a way to talk to Nic and spend time alone with him? Jake is home alone for days. Will he invite Nic over? Will Nic accept? I can see Jake letting Nic know he is mesmerized by him and he wants more time with him and more sex. Nic can be in the driver's seat and could direct Jake who could be putty in his hands at least in the beginning. Jake is the best candidate to give Nic a date. Nic wearing that newly bought dress like outfit will shock Jake.
  2. scrubber6620


    Oh no ! How the attack succeeded has been explained. The traitor has been identified. We don't know why the Admiral attacked ? Are great powers or kingdoms seeking the keep and control of this kingdom? Is this more than personal revenge by the Duke ? Is the admiral solely acting in league with the evil Duke? Taking down Leon assumes the keep is under the Admiral's control. We know Leon was the target and he has been humiliated. All is not yet clear. Brathay is set to explode and kill all nearby. But can he stop his violent actions and regain control as his father taught him and seem weak and without power and find out more and what the plan of the Admiral is. With the right knowledge perhaps he can plot a way to save Leon and spirit him away with the help of the townspeople.
  3. scrubber6620

    Chapter 9

    Wow--what a fight and Skye smells something intriguing, "Pine and snow" Skye comments... " he can tell that his pack is only just holding their own against the interlopers. The numbers are on their side… And then the huge white wolf appears--Finn will soon aid Skye's pack and the Leeds pack will be very surprised as will Arista and others What a cliffhanger! How will Arista treat Finn now after he saves them, if he does? How will Skye react when he realizes Finn's aroma is captivating him? I cannot wait till the next chapter
  4. scrubber6620

    Chapter 16

    No-but these next steps by Sebastian and crew will be fascinating and I expect nothing will be simple or straightforward or go according to plan. The adversaries have their own advantages and might take the initiative and even move early. They are operating on their own time scale. So, I can see the bad guys can ignore Sebastian and crew and keep them busy and ignorant of what they are really doing--avoiding confrontation in Germany to get their US base ready. If the move of the operation headquarters succeeds, then the battles will likely move to the US. Robert's investigations will be essential to keep Sebastian in the loop about the High Council and Germany.
  5. scrubber6620

    Chapter 16

    If time is crucial, then it sounds like the sentinels will have to appear in Germany and handle the bad guys ?
  6. scrubber6620

    Chapter 16

    I think you have hit on a great way to defeat the bad guys. Take all their money and then do it carefully without a trail so they get suspicious and fight each other
  7. scrubber6620

    Chapter 16

    Wow--that overheard conversation --which I don't think was staged-was awesome and path breaking--all has been revealed and the kidnappings are on a larger scale than imagined--covering the US, Europe and Russia. Alberts and Belland are behind the action with Nichols in the US, They all have lackeys for support so the two US packs are facing strong opposition. Gathering the High Council's data now seems anticlimactic. BTW, providing so much data is a way to throw off a serious analysis. The boys are going home. I think the High Council members will be expecting policies or guidance from Sebastian, not him leaving. I guess he can say it will take lots of time and he will get back to them. The pack members in Montana can be analyzing what was emailed to find out more about the plot. But the best information maybe well hidden. Hopefully, an overzealous enemy won't try to shoot Sebastian or kill more of the 6. We have 36 hours to find out. Sebastian's crew can be tracking the emails of Belland and Hunter the ones that become related to them and find out more about their moves to the US. The other High Council members seem very accepting and friendly. I would still keep an open mind on whether one or more others are involved. Not all the overheard conversation was clear and some of it continued garbled. With the 6 being on their best behavior maybe they can learn more at the big dinner. It's time to ask Robert for investigating help and fill him in on the extent of the problem. If the Alberts and Belland are moving he can probably get the details , including who is going and where they are going to reside. The High Council will need to be informed formally, too. It's exciting. Things are happening fast....
  8. scrubber6620

    Chapter Seven

    So they both need each other--but only one side is being honest The enemy is coming in great numbers and they run away--a delightful cliffhanger
  9. They really are fucked---The detectives seem very capable and very concerned and able so all they need is a break and some good evidence. I hope they get some useable evidence soon. I don't think a simple Honda Civic could have hit them. It is a small car without the hard reinforcement like a Volvo or Subaru that are built to survive accidents. The car most certainly had been modified to survive a head on collision. Air bags would have been deployed in a collision in a normal car and would have hit the driver and seriously delayed his response. There also was a scary deliberate drive by when David appeared and he was targeted, Perhaps, the driver was injured -even from the airbag explosion-and had alter to seek medical help which can be learned upon investigation. I would look for people connected to David and his wife that might be injured or seem to be injured. Future chapters might give us more characters and then some possible evil doers. David and the police will be relentless, I bet. David's story indicates the car ran into them and did not swerve so it had to be on purpose. The car later clearly tried to run him down as it passed him. The location for the hit was likely planned. Hitting them this far into the forest without cell reception meant medical aid would be delayed possibly too long and beyond the time for medical emergency care to help and all the car inhabitants would die. Three deaths, not one, might have been the goal. So far, the police have not found any evidence about the Honda at the site. Is it time for a forensic team--tire tracks, etc.?
  10. scrubber6620

    Maddox Says

    Oh, the sparks keep flying--mmm Both guys after the meeting took showers and jacked off achieving awesome orgasms thinking of each other. Maddox was very surprising and revealing. He played with his ass more than Jonathan had done and really liked it. Maddox envisioned fucking Jonathan and being fucked by him. He wanted to do everything with Jonathan as his slave and partner, really. His friend tells him about ass licking ( his girl friend) and he wants to do it to Jonathan. He seems intoxicated with trying new things with Jonathan for the month and then longer. I hope he can convey his desires and plans to Jonathan who is clueless right now about what they mean and might do. Jonathan is so taken by Maddox but still thinks he is an experimenting straight boy who will dump him after a month or maybe sooner if he can get out of the deal. He discounts the advice of Ray who tells him others think Maddox is in love with him. He fears he is recreating the mess with the bad Drew who toyed with him and hurt him badly. Jonathan also fears their sexual relationship will be sooner or later known across the campus and the gossip with hurt them both. He will be shamed even more when Maddox dumps him. He has to tell Maddox about his fears and Drew to get Maddox's reaction and possible denial that he will repeat the last behavior and will stick by him. Getting in the way of a well thought-out rational discussion will their high state of sexual arousal and Maddox wanting to try everything with Jonathan who has yet to learn how badly Maddox wants him and his body. He is going to find out soon enough, though, in Maddox's car, I bet and can't resist him. A serious discussion will be sidelined by wonderful, mind blowing passion. I hope they will talk about their situation, feelings and activities or soon or they will have growing misunderstandings and serious problems. Jonathan is very tender. Maddox wants to do right by him and will not be Drew. They need to speak plainly and fully to each other and out each other's mind at ease. When the campus gossip rag publishes news of their relationship things could get messy and heated if the two don't understand each other's wishes.
  11. scrubber6620

    CDMX • XV

    Everything went better than expected--wow The review was artfully sidelined, the events were handled perfectly, the media was entranced, the first lady added dignity and grace and star power, the ambassador was very impressed, both high society and regular people were celebrated and included, The dads and grand dads and Lieb were themselves and pleased and congenial. This successful event and publicity should mean more centers for school kids will be built. Hooray ! I expect the ambassador will be sending an upbeat, strong report soon to Washington with appropriate credit to CJ for his well-received in the highest circles efforts to build goodwill between the US and Mexico. Her comments now and in the future will probably sideline any negative comments from Northman. Northman is now forcefully notified that the ambassador really appreciates CJ efforts to build goodwill. If Northman is a smart bureaucrat, he will give CJ a bland, middle of the road assessment review on his performance on his job duties with no serious negative remarks. He could ignore CJ's outside of his job activities in his ratings since that are not part of his duties. Northman could not be faulted as being prejudiced by making untrue statements. His own performance review would suffer otherwise. He knows only those rated at the top level are eventually considered for promotion by the bureaucracy in Washington DC who won't be told by him of CJ's stellar goodwilll building efforts. A middling rating is a dead-end maker. Small-minded Northman won't realize the ambassador will likely be constantly singing CJ's praises and might even be adding her views on his evaluation.
  12. At least the people were honest and those that truly cared for Carl showed him they cared. What a sad meal ! George is being so distant and hard. His behavior should enable Carl to separate emotionally from George and know they are truly over. George has lost two lovers now. Carl still was thinking sad thoughts : "But the more he thought about it the more he felt they could never be happy again as long as the war wasn’t over. And even when it was finally over, he was sure it would take time to heal from all this violence for the city and its people. Maybe things would never be the same again._ He can have a better remembrance of the Hopkins. Carl will be able to think fondly of the gracious, heart-felt hugs and the hand-made sweater ( a jumper). It might well be cold in his military quarters and he probably could use a boost to his civilian clothing assortment for winter. Carl was loved . After all the Hopkins took him in and gave him a home when he was lost and in need. He can be lifted up by his memories of them when things get tough or dire in the future. Now Carl is going to another new "home" with all but one strange person. He will need to find friends and train hard and successfully learn his job in order to survive in combat or where he is placed. He is going once again into a great unknown far far away from home. He wants to fight and stop the Germans and is motivated. It is helpful in a wonderful. innocent way that he considers his Viking blood gives him courage. This ending ties things up and sets up Carl's future in part 2. I hope he survives and grows and heals and finds love.
  13. This is gut wrenching, painfully sad--a family destroyed, a child not born. The accident was so sudden. Was it an accident ? Why, Why ?
  14. On No ! He maybe joining the RAF. Carl might not be a pilot at 18 without a real education. The contingent would need lots of mechanics, workers, admin types
  15. scrubber6620

    Chapter 15

    Don't forget, Chusi could surround and strangle her prey as an anaconda. She doesn't have to swallow a being to kill it. As an alpha snake she must be huge. I bet she could strangle any shifter present one on one and she would know it.
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