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  1. That is interesting. I don't know anything about Polynesia. And thank you, AC.
  2. Two Lizards In The Sun (14/03/18) I am not quite done baking And likely I will never be done. But at some point during waking this cake will sit out in the sun. It will sit there, ripe for the taking, You will smell it, feel its crust – but until then I will settle for faking, and I know you will see why I must. It will not be a tragic unmaking, it will not cause a parting in shame. You'll be hurt and your trust will be shaking, but you will still love me the same. The two lizards, there is no mistaking, will l
  3. Is anyone here familiar with Microsoft Edge? Since its last update it's harrassing me with highlighted spell checking and autocorrection that seemingly can't be turned off through the browser. Disabling them in "Devices" and "Typing" doesn't affect the browser for some reason, no matter how often I Restart Things. (See what happens to "Restart Things" in this %&/()//(&)&$($#+ä#+) --- yeah, I'm annoyed.

    If ANYONE can help, PLEASE!!! tell me how!!!

    1. Daddydavek


      I don't use it.  Did you try using their web site?



    2. Doctor Oger

      Doctor Oger

      Thanks, and yes. The official help site was the least helpful of everything I found. I've switched browsers now.

      But thank you for the reply. 

  4. "Blue like sky and sea" and "I will come after you". I learned a bit of Norwegian a few years ago. So these names were a bit too on the nose to not be funny. Addon: Yes, I read the other chapters, too.
  5. In combination with Aditus' story this was a really entertaining read. Imp's and Angel's names are maybe a little more hilarious to me than they should be, if I knew not to spend half the night reading instead of sleeping. So I blame you and Aditus for keeping me up on a work night. Thank you.
  6. The duke's carriage rumbled along on the dry dirt road, flanked on both sides and bracketed both in front and back by mounted guards decked out in the duchy's colours, green and black. All six of them wore their chainmail under the livery, gleaming steel band gloves and half helmets, and their weapons on proud display on their backs and saddles. When he looked out of the window on his right, Till could see a short spear, a sheath of sturdy bolts and a crossbow he was certain he would not be able to cock if he tried. The serious bearded man carrying those was about twice his size and weight – o
  7. I changed the content of Contemplation and Coma in Batshit Mages. It changes the story.

  8. It seems as though the author hasn't continued. ... in ten years. ... Dammit, I'm old. Thank you for uncovering this, Myr!
  9. Hello! Years and years ago a friend had given me copypasted chapters of a story titled "The Gift of Ys". It was incomplete then and I wanted to see if the author had added to it or even finished it. The author's name was Jae Monroe, and I don't know what domain/website it was from. It's a sort of political gay romance set in a medieval/ancient fantasy world (though without magic or mythical races/creatures), in which men are sorted in "little brothers" (Darani) and "big brothers" (Dajani) according to their physical stature, and that determines their social role and status. The main cha
  10. I'm not dead but very preoccupied, so I've had to stay away from GA. I've put all my stories on hold for this reason (except for The Wardrobe, which can't be edited without changing the title because another story apparently has the same title) and will wake them up one by one when I manage to produce something for them again.
    Once the clusterfuck that is my life calms down again.

    See you then.

    1. Lisa


      Doc, I hope everything's ok...

  11. I hope you told your "individual" that this is excellent, Valkyrie.
  12. Thank you so much again, Lisa! It's not quite like that. It's entirely self-deprecating: "I have found new fault in me, just more for me to mention" But I really like the alternative perspectives you always add. They force me to proofread everything from a different angle that I wouldn't have thought of on my own. And I'm bashfully honoured that you read this several times. =}
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