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  1. Happy Birthday!

    1. xleroc


      Thank you!

  2. Hi xleroc. I too enjoyed  'Hidden Sunlight', so we have that in common. B & W (beer & wine) is a clincher. I am dropping you a line, to wish you a very Happy 47th Birthday and hope that you have an awesome day of celebrating, Texas style? Have a good one.


    Take care


  3. xleroc

    June, 2018 (A)

    I had a feeling Julian's bruises weren't from his sister. One of my friends has twins that fight like this, but they don't leave welts.
  4. xleroc

    The story

    Oh, no! You can't stop there... great characters and a great start to a story...
  5. xleroc

    Easter Special (A)

    This story is really starting to grow on me. Here's to Part B!
  6. xleroc

    60 - Dinner Negotiations

    So happy to see this story pop up again! I've missed Siggi and Gunni's saga... here's to regular updates; thank you!
  7. xleroc


    Damn. This is some heavy shit. I love that the characters in this story aren't simple and one-dimensional. It's rare to find a story whose ending can't be guessed in advance. I can't wait to see what happens next!
  8. xleroc

    Dead and Snow

    The two guards were _chasing_ him with the intent to capture. Killing them in close quarters combat, like he did with the 4 punks who attacked him in Chapter 4, was "easy". Mike shot him in the shoulder, and then in both kneecaps, from a distance. Not sure how anyone defends against that.
  9. xleroc

    Dead and Snow

    Ever more interesting. I have a feeling that we're about to see a new twist coming, though...
  10. xleroc

    Here Comes the Thunder

    When I first read about Danni killing the goons his father sent, I assumed it was via some kind of telekinesis, but I guess I was wrong. Where did Danni get the knowledge of lethal personal combat? Will Mike get what's coming to him? I guess we'll see... keep it coming!
  11. xleroc

    Chapter Twenty Six - Time’s Glory

    So very sad. To come so far. Let's hope Jordan and Firas can "reach" Samir.
  12. xleroc

    Cut the Cake

    From another math nerd, this is the correct answer. I was about to write something similar, but JaySeale beat me to it.
  13. xleroc

    Mistaken Identity

    Damn, but you spin a great tale. It's so hard to wait for new chapters. Part of me wants to wait until it's done, but I'm too impatient.
  14. Happy Birthday!

    1. xleroc


      Thank you!

  15. xleroc

    Romance Languages

    Continuing to love this story.

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