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  1. Well thank the stars tat 2020 is now dead and buried!! I won't wish for things to go back to "normal"because "normal"has changed dramatically in the last 12 months or so. I do hope that we will learn from this and go forward in a more cautious and safe manner, remembering to think of others as well as ourselves. May all good things come to those that deserve them. I do hope that we will see some great stories on here this year. My favorites are anything by Mark Arbour or Quokka, but would love to see some new authors giving it a go. Unfortunately, I cannot write a story, but I do enjoy reading them. I would also like to see more premium stories this year. On that note, I hope you all have a very happy and prosperous 2021.
  2. gazza456

    Chapter 5

    Ian Roberts is gay!!?????? OMG LOL
  3. gazza456

    Chapter 5

    See.......us Aussies can be as stupid or stubborn as you Americans!!! LOL Such pity that we are in the 21st century and there is still a stigma about gay people playing team sports........anywhere in the world!! It's not like we have a disease that you can catch by touching us!!! I guess that is why there is such a high amount of team playing athletes that are so pissed off all the time....they can't be themselves!! One day!!
  4. I don't know why, but I just had a picture of Leo saying "I'm King of the world!!" LOL
  5. gazza456

    Chapter 34

    I am just wondering if anyone else has remembered the chapter when we first met Alex.........to remind you...THEY ARE CASH POOR!!! All I can see happening is that poor Wade is going to get his heart broken and maybe his wallet lightened.
  6. gazza456

    Chapter 24

    I normally don't comment on stories as they are fictional and are just well written. However, I just have to vent about this chapter. I am an Australian. I have never had anything to do or say about the armed forces in my country. I still don't get the attitude that Americans have towards their military or their attitude to guns. Not saying it's right or wrong, I just don't understand it. This chapter, though, had me in tears for Andy. I think I now can understand the camaraderie that exists with those who have faced combat to help bring about the freedoms we ALL enjoy, regardless of nationality. Thank you for opening my eyes. Great story too
  7. gazza456

    Shad Chapter 4

    Just goes to show that with the proper equipment and proper support, along with being physically fit and having a modicum of talent, you can get somewhere. Another great chapter. Loving the story and characters. Gary
  8. gazza456

    Shad Chapter 3

    "Get out, and all your stuff left here will be given to charity as we don't want it or you infecting our children." I think he forgot to mention "But make sure you get back here for your slave duties" Typical bigot...……..all brawn and no brain. At least his home life has improved drastically for the better.
  9. gazza456

    Shad Chapter 2

    I wonder what the step father will do if Toby realises that he can charge back rent for the use of the house! What will happen to his relationship with his spineless mother and step siblings? AAAAHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!!! So many questions and scenarios going through my head now and my brain hurts!!! Damn you Quokka....post faster!!!!! LOL
  10. gazza456

    Shad Chapter 1

    Having been away from this site for a couple of years, I have finally come back!! Really enjoying reading your stories again, and the new additions. So from all the reading I have done, with the descriptions of the wonderful state of Western Australia, and by the author name you submit under, can I safely assume that you are a kiwi??? (just kidding) Great start to a new story. Looking forward to more Gary-
  11. Happy birthday mate:*)

    1. gazza456


      Thanks very much Quokka. :)

  12. gazza456

    NB Chapter 21

    Really enjoying the story Quokka. Just one thing..."6 months in a leaky boat"was a Split Enz song released in 1982
  13. gazza456

    Chapter 48

    Poor JJ!! Everyone is out to get him when he has done nothing wrong!! Why can't they just leave him be and let him live his life as the spoilt, egotistical, narcissistic brat that he is!! LOL
  14. B)..............Hey Gazza,


    The first time I saw your name I thought an Aussie (good thoughts only mate :2thumbs: ) As you reminded me of another author named Graeme here in GA with his story 'New Brother'. I consider it to be his best and wondered if you had read it,



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    2. gazza456


      I really liked Circumnavigation as well. You hit on one of my pet peeves also.....can't stand it when a great story seems to end with the author "disappearing" for an extended period or forever! I tend to like stories that have some substance to them or turn into series.  Not a fan of the quick one chapters much.

    3. Benji


      B).............. Yeah like Dom Luka, hmmm not sure if true or not, but he was probably the most gifted writer here. However his weakness seemed to be that of an extremely controlling BF to the extent that he was forbidden to finish his last 2 stories. This was pretty much of a consensus of members who knew him. Anyhow check out 'Desert Droppings' and 'The Log way'.

    4. gazza456


      Have read both...great stories

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