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  1. My mother was a fan and introduced me to his music. Grew up listening to Springsteen, Mellencamp and Seger. 70's and 80's are an awesome era of music.
  2. I am going to have to say that the author must like Bruce Springsteen a lot. Lot's of references to his songs.
  3. AlexanderG74


    I have tried to read this story all the way through a few times. I think this is my fourth attempt. I don't like starting a story then coming back to it months later after life has gotten in the way. I am thoroughly enjoying the story.
  4. AlexanderG74

    Chapter 24

    Even tho I have read this story multiple times. Once you start it keeps you engaged and coming back for the next chapter.
  5. AlexanderG74

    Chapter 6

    I absolutely love this story. This is probably my fifth re-read of the story.
  6. Happy Birthday Alexander!



  7. You'll need to have 5 active posts before the site opens completely. It's an anti spam thing. Be welcome!

    1. AlexanderG74


      Thanks for the info

  8. Hi everyone. Really enjoying the stories on here. Gone from Daylight series is awesome.
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