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  1. Gary2881

    Chapter 12

    Is there any word on A Road Less Traveled ? I'm looking forward to reading it.
  2. Gary2881

    Hunting Season

    Dear Carlos- I have no issue with the values that you cite. What bothers me is the tactics. I see most any public gathering being disrupted by people who disagree with their point of view. If people are shouted down and denigrated, where is our freedom of speech? If you don't like someone's message then propose your own. As much as I dislike the white supremacist's views, its still his right to have them. If we cannot raise better arguments, how are we going to counter those views. If it becomes commonplace to shut down any opposing views, what happens when ours are shut down? Is this what happened in Los Vegas? I don't know, I sure hope not. Getting back to the story. I was shocked, as I read, by the feeling that CJ was spoiling for violence, not just protest. This is what I felt was out of character. In the past CJ used his intellect rather than violence. Maybe I read the story in a way that is different than you intended, but that is what I felt. It's still a good story. I guess that if I wasn't so invested in CJ and his story, it wouldn't matter.
  3. Gary2881

    Hunting Season

    Dear Carlos- I must say that this story upsets me. Dr. King said that you can't drive out hate with more hate. It seems that this is what we are seeing now. One group holds a rally or demonstration and their opposition tries to disrupt it with hateful language and actions. It sounded to me like CJ was spoiling for a fight. If the white supremicist group has a permit for a demonstration, even though you don't like their message, they have the right to hold their event. Other groups that try to disrupt that event could be breaking the law. For CJ to drive to another city armed with a consieled handgun to protest seem out of character and irrisponsible of CJ and his Dads. If he had fired his gun, I am sure the local district attourney would take a dim view of CJ's self defence argument. In my state just pointing the gun at someone could become a felony. His dads seem to only be concerned about the media coverage. If my 19 yr old son had done that, that would be the last time he saw that gun. In most stated you must be over 21 to buy a handgun. Anyway, I am a fan of your writing and of CJ. I can hardly wait for Nov. 3rd. Sorry spelling is not my long suite, and I am having more trouble today.
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