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  1. Relapsed last night and been drunk all day. I guess I really am a mean guy. Drunk words are sober thoughts. Sorry, but what can I do? I'm just a bad guy.

  2. I don't care if I'm flayed alive. I'm a writer and I will say what I wanna say. Masturbating in front of someone is not sexual harassment. Prudes are the worst people on the planet. Yes, I will stand by Mr. CK. Well written comedy and art supersedes the feelings of even a thousand dumb broads who get sexually harassed. Yes I said it.

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    2. MacGreg


      It's disrespectful with a capital D, for everyone. 

    3. FormerMember4


      @Puppilull I can’t believe more haven’t. This behavior is disgusting. A violation is a violation. No sugar coating. Now this guy has clearly shown what he is. Trying to excuse the inexcusable. Sorry you had to see this.

    4. Timothy M.

      Timothy M.

      You're welcome, my Swedish friend. :hug:

      But I do wish people wouldn't mix up their admiration for art with opinions about the artist as a private person.

      I can still admire the Ender's Game books, Richard Wagner's music and the role of Verbal in The Usual Suspects, in spite of my reservations about the artists behind those.

  3. I got a Switch and Zelda for my birthday. Looks like I won't be writing much for NaNo this month haha

  4. Calamari Codependency -17.438327, 178.954304 I read Matt's text while swinging in my bungalow hammock, butt-ass naked. M: Cruise over for a rescue mission, MOFO. And bring the Elephant Juice!!! Using only thumbs, I responded: TC: Let's stick to Rooibos tea instead. M: HELL NO AMIGO. We need the Spirit of Africa, right meow. Copy? TC: Copy. M: And wear your squid hat. Copy? TC: Copy. Soon as I wrestled on pants and undies, I went into the kitchen and got a heavy brown bottle of Amarula Cream from the pantry and then grabbed a pink hat fro
  5. I'm generally a forgiving reader but I can't stand terrible dialogue.
  6. Narias1989

    Chapter 1

    Hey Jeff, Thanks for the read. I write lots of vignettes and short stories about these same characters. I guess I could start compiling them here. I've got whole binders full of Teddy and Danny stories
  7. At first, I didn't give a damn about my reputation, but I wanna post stories without the moderation queue. Whaaah!


    BTW, anyone doing NaNoWriMo? I'm gonna make it this year :)

  8. I live in a suburb and there's a starbucks across the street from my house. By now I'm probably considered a regular even though I don't talk to the baristas. It's my community, why shouldn't I be able to hang out here? I just buy a coffee and sit in the corner to write. Sometimes I get a refill or go to Taco Bell for lunch and come back. No one seems to mind as long as I'm quiet and respectful. The time limit is usually reserved for homeless people and I don't look homeless. Someone mentioned here they go to Lestat's. Is that the one in San Diego? I live a few blocks a
  9. Three men sat on the bench atop Koi Hill, hanging out between classes, wasting precious time. The tallest man rose from his seat, demonstrating brilliant upright American posture. He sighed and looked at the sky, brown hair blowing in the summer September wind. “You all right, Spaulding?” said Teddy, to his left. He kept his nose poked inside the pages of small leatherbound book. “Sounds like someone needs a hug,” said Danny, on the right. He had a skateboard flipped upside down on his lap, and he was adjusting the rear trucks with a wrench. Spaulding saw a single cloud wanderin
  10. Narias1989

    Chapter 5

    3:17 AM When I saw what looked like a Flying Spaghetti Monster's silhouette flying across the full moon, that's when I knew Bennet was telling the truth. Even if I blinked ten-thousand more times, it was still there, that wiggly pasta of doom. Then I saw them split off into smaller entities, that spilled over her round face like dripping eyeliner. La Luna, mi amore! How dare they touch you. Those fiends up there must be the Trespassers, Bennet mentioned. “You see them,” he said. I nodded, still looking skyward. “They'll make an appearance in a couple hours. Just keep an ear
  11. Thanks man, I'm so happy you feel that way. Your words are really an encouragement. I'll make sure to give some of your stories a read when I can. best, narias
  12. Longtime lurker here. Thought I'd drop by and finally say hello to everyone. I've been writing on and off and lately and decided to put more effort into it, and this seems like a nice place to post stuff that I'd be otherwise embarrassed to share. Other than writing, I like to read and skate and go fishing. Hope to see y'all around. narias
  13. Game of Thrones :)

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