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  1. This man is a brilliant, Brilliant writer. After reading his works it feels inhumane to call them fictional. Thanks for this little interview.
  2. Reinhardt

    Chapter 21

    I just have to say that I had soo much fun reading about the sheer fun of the evening play with the panthers. I loved what your description and my mind conjured of their sheer magnificence and strength. I just loved it all. What a great writer you are to me man. So fun, so much that sense of wide-eyed wonder i'm, enjoying.
  3. Reinhardt


    Damn it man. Being a reader is hardly fair compared to having the specific keys to these worlds that authors wield and the unique way it filters through them. Smh I just don't know how to deal with it sometimes!
  4. Reinhardt


    Haha, love you mate ^^ ❤️
  5. Holy shit! I was just e a ting it up man! THIS IS SO GOOD! The emotions are perfectly described without it needing to be extreme. I can so very well feel the excitement and stuff without all of that weighty suspicion and paranoia that other stories like to generate for "spice". This is a wonderful work OBVIOUSLY emanating from a Wonderful author. My god, all the best. There is nothing to overthink ^^ <3
  6. Reinhardt

    Chapter 15

    I like this story so far, thought its movingly along too slowly for me to have any significant comments. I respect your timing, so other than expressing my interest to see more, that is all think I can offer for now.
  7. Hey man, noticed your picture and wanted to share that I'm an eve player as well lol

    1. Brayon


      Yuppers. That's my favorite Gallante Miner, Marcus. I even wrote a FanFic (heavily fictionalized) about him here on GA.


      I'm usually flying around Dodixie these days just mining, and HighSec ratting.


      o7 Fly Safe

  8. Smh... near 7 years ago. Such an amazing writer.
  9. THIS is some good flippin writing man

    1. Pmsingtiger


      Omg thank you!!!

  11. Reinhardt

    Original Rift

    I'm sorry. You made a fair point regarding my expectations. After some reflection on your response, I found that there wasn't much of the "willfull" part you speculated on, but more like knee jerk reaction. I realized that it was my own "jaded' experience of another author who evoked similar interest and emotions sufficient for me to see it through the end, only to discover that all those tantalizing and hope inducing moments amidst the racing desperate emotions for the beloved characters consistently culminated into a big mind F*** with negligible resolution/sense of fulfillment. Essentially, it boiled down to a fear that my time and emotional investment could play out the same way it did when i gave a number of that author's stories the benefit of the doubt. I'm an avid reader, so suspense and patience for stories aren't unpracticed within me.. except in this case concerning your work and your own investments, of which I apologize for my inconsiderate comment and lapse of understanding.
  12. Reinhardt

    Original Rift

    Sigh, this one chapter so far began justifying the emotional frustration endured reading all that paranoia and despair filled business in the earlier chapters.
  13. Happy Birthday, Justin! I hope you have the best day, buddy :hug: 

    1. Reinhardt


      Thanks man, I am! Cheesecake incoming :o 

      haha. Appreciate the well wishes Gary,  thanks ^^ :hug::hug:

    2. Reinhardt


      Hey... Gary... you know what I'd like for my birthday today? A Story! Haha  



    3. Headstall


      You got it, my friend... it's coming in a few hours :)  with a big bow on it!

  14. I'm still with you man. You're doing beyond a terrific job mate. AMAZING chapters. Beautifully dove-tailed story. Story telling at its best for me mate. You're wonderful Gary ^^ I will be singing your praises in the future again for sure. See you then buddy <3
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