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  1. Happy Birthday!

  2. BooRadley

    Part 5

    This was a great story. Thanks for sharing it with us!!!!
  3. BooRadley

    Part 4

    Five heart rating!!!!
  4. BooRadley

    Part 3

    If people saw me in a dress they would run away!!!!
  5. BooRadley

    Part 3

    I like this chapter sooooo much!!!! Ben and Griffin are really good friends to help Gary and clint!!!!
  6. BooRadley

    Part 3

    Is that dame Edna a man dressed as a old lady????
  7. BooRadley

    Part 2

    Awesome chapter. This is one thoughtful story. I need tissues too!!!!
  8. BooRadley

    Part 1

    Great chapter. I'll be back!!!!
  9. Drpaladin is right. Meds cover up things. They don't cure them. Talking will cure more than any pills will.Talking and sharing. Every time you share things that scare you or worry you they get a little lighter. So keep doing what you are doing!!!!
  10. Good talk goes a long way to helping get rid of hard things said. You keep up the good talk and we'll listen, and be there.
  11. BooRadley

    Part 4

    This was a really fun, really awesome story. I can't wait for the Xmas one!!!!
  12. BooRadley

    Part 3

    This was a really cool chapter!!!! Kippy and Charlie have such great adventures!!!! I want to go too!!! 👾
  13. BooRadley

    Part 2

    Awesome chapter. It was funny and cool and amazing all in one!!!!
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