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  1. BooRadley

    We Don't Stand a Ghost of a Chance, Charlie Boone!

    Awesome story for Halloween or any time, with aliens, magic, and scares and fun all in one!!!!
  2. BooRadley

    Part 4

    This was a really fun, really awesome story. I can't wait for the Xmas one!!!!
  3. BooRadley

    Part 3

    This was a really cool chapter!!!! Kippy and Charlie have such great adventures!!!! I want to go too!!! 👾
  4. BooRadley

    Part 2

    Awesome chapter. It was funny and cool and amazing all in one!!!!
  5. BooRadley

    Chapter 16

    It was just an amazing story Geron. Thank you!!!!
  6. BooRadley

    Part 1

    Cool start to the story. I love Kippy and Charlie and all their friends. The moth seem like they will be good bad guys!!!! 😵
  7. BooRadley

    Z is For Zombie

    Awesome end of the world story with a super surprise at the end. You got to be there to see it!!!!
  8. BooRadley

    Chapter 16

    Awesome, awesome story. Just AWESOME!!!!
  9. BooRadley

    Chapter 15

    Wow. I didn't think I would be sad when the zombie died. Amazing chapter!!!!
  10. BooRadley

    Chapter 14

    Great chapter. This is a different kind of zombie, that's for sure!!!!
  11. BooRadley

    Chapter 8

    3 times!!!! I'm still home sick so here I am!!!!
  12. BooRadley

    Chapter 9

    Ok. You have enough other stories to keep me busy!!!!
  13. BooRadley

    Chapter 13

    Great chapter. I'll be back!!!!
  14. BooRadley

    Chapter 11

    This is coooooll!!!!
  15. BooRadley

    Chapter 8


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