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  1. Cdubya

    Black Widow

    Any word on Mark???
  2. I agree. The characters are so real to me and I too hope Mark is doing well. I so appreciate the series He has given us and miss him terribly. I literally went through withdrawal lol.......did not realize how much I looked forward to his updates.
  3. Cdubya

    Chapter 21

    Great chapter. Worth rhe wait!
  4. Cdubya


    Thanks for the update. Don't apologize for living life and being a mom. We can wait. Just glad to know it's something coming down the pike. Enjoy your stories. It's a compliment when we inquire. :-)
  5. Sure I'm glad to see Mark's name pop up in notifications.
  6. Cdubya

    Chapter 26

    I think Alek used self-rising flour which made him rise down there and made the Rolls hard....... great chapter.
  7. Cdubya

    Chapter 9

    Great chapter. I sure was glad to see notification on this story.
  8. Cdubya


    Looking forward to a new story.........😁
  9. Cdubya

    Black Widow

    Thank you for the update David. Im just glad to hear he is doing okay.
  10. Cdubya

    Chapter 17

    Awesome chapter. I just wanted to reiterate about the technical problem with the blank space in the middle of the story. I almost missed the part containing the dean conversation. Great writing keep up the good work and thank you for sharing your talent.
  11. Cdubya


    My heart goes out to you. I think of the old quote, "it's better to have loved and lost than to have never loved at all." I realize that is probably no Comfort to you even Ten Years Later but sometimes all we have are the memories. Try to remember the good. Hugs!!
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