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  1. Gomez Stanley C

    Chapter 20

    Great Story. Merry Christmas everybody!
  2. Gomez Stanley C

    Chapter 58

    A great story. Sorry to see it end, but I know another great story is coming. Thanks for the wonderful characters!
  3. Gomez Stanley C

    Chapter 58

    So the next (last one) will tell us about the guy in chapter one? The guy who has been reading the diary.
  4. Gomez Stanley C

    Chapter 12

    We were worried about you! Glad that was the problem. Welcome back. LOL
  5. Gomez Stanley C

    Chapter 12

    Hope you are well! Missed a chapter coming out last night and this morning.You have spoiled us with a chapter each morning and one at night.
  6. Gomez Stanley C

    Chapter 4

    I hope he is covering the legal aspect. Social Services could get upset. 🙂
  7. Gomez Stanley C

    Chapter 2

    LOL When I was about 5 I had to help "round-up" about 20 chickens at my Grandmother's farm. Never laughed so much, but we got it done.
  8. Gomez Stanley C

    Chapter 12

    I want to see the boys graduate from college and continue their lives together. LOL Was hoping for a few more chapters.
  9. Gomez Stanley C

    Chapter 10

    Great chapter.
  10. Gomez Stanley C

    Chapter 2

    Maybe a southern thing, but here the dorm is a building with rooms in it. I had a dorm room in Lever Hall (the dorm).
  11. Gomez Stanley C

    Chapter 12

    What a great story about LOVE.
  12. Gomez Stanley C

    Chapter 10

    I hope the boat adds new life to the captain. He will be so excited.
  13. Gomez Stanley C

    Chapter 9

    Seems like an ending but hope not. 🙂
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