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  1. Gomez Stanley C

    Chapter 3

    Will he find some of that old treasure????
  2. Gomez Stanley C

    Chapter 1

    Welcome back. Looking forward to another adventure.
  3. Gomez Stanley C

    Chapter 171

    Thanks for another wonderful story!
  4. Gomez Stanley C

    Chapter 101

    Someone help me out here. I can't place who Evan is. The one that got another dance with the bride. Thanks.
  5. Gomez Stanley C

    Chapter 34

    Great story. Glad it is not "the end". Can't wait to see how a three year old changes the lives of the different characters. Looking forward to what comes next.
  6. Loved the story. And yes, HATE that it is over. Maybe the characters will resurface in another story. Thanks.
  7. Gomez Stanley C

    Chapter 32

    I am calling the cliff hanger police! LOL Great chapter. Thanks.
  8. Gomez Stanley C

    The Wedding

    Would love to see the story continue. I know the couple will make a wonderful family -like a kid or two. hint hint. LOL Always hate to see an end to a story line.
  9. Gomez Stanley C

    Chapter 47

    Thanks for another GREAT read. Look forward to the next adventure.
  10. Gomez Stanley C

    Chapter 28

    Enjoy reading your work. Looking forward to the next installment.
  11. Gomez Stanley C

    Chapter 41

    I just went and read the added part to chapter 40. Thanks. Looking forward to Frank growing as a member of the family. 🙂
  12. Gomez Stanley C

    Chapter 41

    What was in the trunk????
  13. Will keep you in my prayers! We love you!
  14. Gomez Stanley C

    Chapter 34

    Good luck with the move!
  15. Gomez Stanley C

    Chapter 28

    Fantastic first installment of a wonderful story. Enjoyed each chapter. Thanks for the work. Look forward to the continued story.
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