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  1. Gomez Stanley C

    Chapter 26 Surprises in Zurich

    More please. Hanging on this cliff is hurting my hands. LOL
  2. Gomez Stanley C


    I am not crazy about that last part too. Seems a long time away. I don't like that last part too. 🤣 2019 seems so far away. Looking forward to the next book in the series.
  3. Gomez Stanley C

    Chapter 25 Overwhelmed

    Thanks for a wonderful chapter. I am surprised Dane did not sneak a puppy or two home with him after Christmas. Looking forward to seeing how Robert fits in with the family. I wonder how long it will take for Dane to get him broken in. LOL
  4. Gomez Stanley C

    Chapter 29

    Thanks for another great chapter. I was so glad to see Pat so happy. Rain and Riley are lucky to have a loving guy to help look after them as they grow up. I can't wait to see how Riley and Rain get along. Happy Easter.
  5. Gomez Stanley C

    Health Crisis

    Will keep positive thoughts for Lily and Cody. Glad Bella had a good day shopping and getting prettier. (Those wedding bells have been ringing for a while. LOL)
  6. Gomez Stanley C

    Over The Rainbow • Part VIII

    Not the way I like to start a Friday but it was a great chapter. I know they will find a way to include her in their wedding. Looking forward to the next installment.
  7. Gomez Stanley C

    Chaotic Week

    Great parenting there. The boys, I hope, have learned a lesson. Poor Nan. You never did say if Tony had a "mark" on his neck the next day at school. I am sure both Dads checked for one. LOL Waiting for the next chapter. (I loved the days when you posted two chapters at at time.)
  8. Gomez Stanley C

    Winning the Lottery

    More please.
  9. Gomez Stanley C

    Bella's Birthday

    Thanks for the new chapter. Tony must know that all the men in that family will put a hurting on him if he hurts Bella. Now hurry up with the next chapter and the adoptions!!!!!!! LOL
  10. Gomez Stanley C

    Trials of Parenting

    MORE please!
  11. Gomez Stanley C

    Chapter 28 - Adam

    Happy Birthday, Paddy! Hurry up with the party. I want a piece of cake. Can't wait to see what he names the puppy. (I am going to ignore all that is going on with Adam. LOL)
  12. Gomez Stanley C

    Chapter 27 - Ian

    Fun chapter. Riley is growing fast. Looking forward to seeing who this kid is that looks like Paddy.
  13. Gomez Stanley C

    Over The Rainbow • Part III

    Thanks for another great chapter. Glad CJ went ahead and popped the question.
  14. Gomez Stanley C

    Don't Give Up On Me

    Loved this chapter. Where was Khan while the gifts were being exchanged, especially the kitten? Those kids are coming around thanks to the love from their Dads and extended family.
  15. Gomez Stanley C

    Looking Out for You

    Glad to see Levi is mellowing out some. I am sure the kids have issues to deal with but the LOVE they have now will solve most of their problems. Looking forward to them settling in with their new Dads.

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