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  1. Gomez Stanley C

    Chapter 26

    Great that the family is official. Where did they go on the cruise at Christmas? LOL
  2. Gomez Stanley C

    Chapter 1

    OK. Lets fill this new house with a new family. Hurry back from Europe Alan. Looking forward to the new story. Thanks!
  3. Gomez Stanley C

    Chapter 16

    GREAT STORY!!! As usual I hate that it had to end. We get into the family and then... I hope you have a new one ready. My mornings and nights always are spent reading yo
  4. Gomez Stanley C

    Chapter 9

    Glad the jerk was taken care of quickly. Now the family can move and and who knows - grow??? LOL
  5. Gomez Stanley C

    Chapter 7

    Butch has landed in a good place.
  6. Gomez Stanley C

    Chapter 6

    Well Bobby got one dad now is working on making it a set of dads. He is one neat little boy.
  7. Gomez Stanley C

    Chapter 4

    Great story. Bobby is a lucky kid. So glad Pete found him.
  8. Gomez Stanley C

    Chapter 1

    Thanks for another good story. Looking forward to seeing a new family develop here.
  9. Gomez Stanley C

    Chapter 3

    The dog's name is Izzy. She was the sweetest dog I ever had.
  10. Gomez Stanley C

    Chapter 3

    So........what is the dog's name? LOL Thanks for a great chapter.
  11. Gomez Stanley C

    Chapter 2

    Scott is a great Uncle. Andy is lucky to have him. The ex-parents need to suffer some - money wise or jail wise. Go get'em Scott. LOL In a comment yesterday you said the story was 2 chapters? Is this it or have you decided to make it longer?
  12. Gomez Stanley C

    Chapter 1

    What a great uncle! Andy's life will just get better!
  13. Gomez Stanley C

    Chapter 5

    Great story!
  14. Gomez Stanley C

    Chapter 1

    Looking forward to getting to know this Billy.
  15. Gomez Stanley C


    When I first saw the title I thought it was about Billy from the last story. Looking forward to learning about this Billy.
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