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  1. Are you still interested or have you found an editor?  Am available.  Would enjoy reading another writer's work after finishing a long piece.  This isolation is difficult; made easier with reading/writing.



    1. C.T. Piatt

      C.T. Piatt

      I haven't found an editor yet. I'd appreciate you taking on the task.


      How is this best to do. Previous group (years back) I emailed to my editor/betas


    2. MCVT


      I proof/edit for several writers whose native languages aren't English. 

      This is how we do it:

      If both use MSWord, I attach a comment* to make a note.

      If they're on Google docs, I highlight a passage, or word then include page number in a note in an email.

      Most of my edits that I make directly are, upon prior agreement, punctuation.  Periods, commas, caps, etc.  Content edits are in comment boxes* and either format, I include any comments like "clarify - who's doing that?"  or something like, "Needs prior explanation,."  Mostly just content that will help keep readers on track understanding to keep the story moving forward. 

      I just email back and forth with writers.  In return, they review my work for me, making suggestions and pointing out where I've assumed too much.

      If this interests you, please let me know at MCVT2017@gmail.com




    3. C.T. Piatt

      C.T. Piatt

      email sent


  2. I'm in need of a content editor - although if you pick up line edits I'd be forever grateful. (British spelling) I'm willing to reciprocate. It is a work in progress. So far I have 60K written. Below is a synopsis Pink Moon's Words Shibari ; Japanese rope bondage. Surrendering to another, completely. Finding freedom in that abandonment. Unattainable to Joshua as the Pack Enforcer, the dominant werewolf, second only to his Alpha. And yet he yearns for it. So when he sees a mention of Japanese hemp ropes on a web page Josh dares to enter the shop. There he finds a human woma
  3. I'm close to being in a position to post a story in 1000 word jumps (I have 60k written so far) I'd like to swap roles with you.
  4. C.T. Piatt


    Thank you. I like to think that the story will tell you what you want/need to hear, rather than me explain. The power of words is that each word, sentence, story feels different to each person who reads it.
  5. C.T. Piatt


    Why thank you.
  6. “What about me?” He looked directly at the man before him. “What about what I want?” His fists clenched, nails digging into his palm. He felt them dig, felt the points of pressure. Tried to relax, but it didn’t work. Silence. Silence filled the room and that was enough of an answer. He turned away. Felt a hand on his shoulder. “Don’t.” He shrugged the hand off. “Just don’t.” He turned back. And stepped backwards, closer to the wall, trapping himself. Like he wasn’t already trapped. “Don’t.” He breathed out, trying to exhale the anger, the frustrations. “Not unless you care for me.” The
  7. When duty and circumstances override who you are you are left wondering if anyone can see the real you.
  8. C.T. Piatt


    So glad you enjoyed it.
  9. Enjoying this story immensely, with its twists and turns. part of me can't wait for the finish, but part knows that I'll miss it when it does.
  10. C.T. Piatt


    Thank you - I was reading another story and came across the 'cutting-in' line and the scene flashed into my brain.
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