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  1. Ford48


    Wayne, I feel very much like I'm back home. Your Camp Refuge stories...in fact all of your stories... seem so real from the situations to your characters to the progression of the story line. As I've confessed before I've researched the Camp Refuge locale and can visualize just where it is. I'm a stickler for editing, not to the point that I don't enjoy various stories, but the you're, your, you are, and the they're, there, their put me on edge. I never feel that with you. So, I'm happy to have you back. What a great start to a new story. Keep it coming!
  2. I have loved this story from the beginning and have appreciated the character development, the progression of the story and the neurotic behavior of both Matt and Seamus. The world will be a little emptier without Matt, Seamus and Aidan. Would love to check back in at some point!
  3. Ford48

    Chapter 1

    I love your stories and am hooked for the long haul. So happy!
  4. Ford48

    Chapter 10

    I'm liking Luca more and more!
  5. Ford48

    All I Want....

    I had this mental image of Martin from the beginning. A little bit effeminate, a little bit loud and funny and just a dear, sweet man. Sean is more reserved but sees the real Martin and begins to love him, not embarrassed at all by Martin's outgoing personality. They are a perfect couple. Thank you, so much for a beautiful little story. I have a relationship like that...we're not a couple but we "get" each other. He's in theatre and I have gone with him to buy wigs, dresses, undergarments, jewelry and high heeled shoes. I have long since gotten over any embarrassment. I just love him for
  6. "I don't know what you mean when you say "you could end it right here?" That sounds terrible. There's so much growth left. We don't even really know Seamus! Tell us more about Kelly. Or Matt. How does Matt grow as a parent? They haven't even consumated their relationship. Who causes the conflict? Climax? Resolution? End now? Blasphemy." The best news I've heard in a while. I love your characters and their situations. I agree that both Matt and Seamus are a little dense, Matt for not getting it and Seamus for not being clearer about his intentions, but I really want to see
  7. Matt is so incredibly dense! And Seamus is hardly any better. Uncommunicative!
  8. Ford48

    Chapter 10

    A beautiful and heartwarming story. Thank you!!!
  9. Ford48

    Chapter 14

    A wonderful story! So complex. Beautifully drawn characters. There is nothing more to ask for, except for more of them!!!
  10. I'm slowly becoming aware of how brave Mrsgnomie and all authors who post here are. (?) They write their stories telling them in their best storytelling fashion, exposing themselves through these stories and have them criticized or praised by us, the readers. Bravo to all the authors. I think we, the readers, are a friendly bunch but we have our favorites and, let's face it, some stories are better than others. I love this site and am so happy that there are so many who share their imaginations and their creative efforts. I'll shut up now!
  11. AND...BACK TO THIS BEAUTIFUL STORY and away from the too cool football love fest. What's the world coming to??? I'm loving the complicated story line, the mystery of Seamus and the, kinda, density of Matt. I'm gaining a handle on Seamus and can't wait for fleshing out of his back story. This is such a delightful read, never mind the original premise, and I thank you, Mrsgnomie, for the entertainment... and for the erotic implications.
  12. Ford48


    I love story lines that are clear, distinct, have awesomely drawn characters and move along. I'm just starting to read your stories and they are all those things. I love your ability to set a scene and then inhabit it with really interesting , "real," entertaining people. I'm hooked but feel lost. Is there a recommended reading order so I don't miss out on anything? Thanks so much
  13. Ford48

    Chapter 1

    OMG!!! I'm new to your stories but am loving what I see so far. Your characters are so stark and real. I don't necessarily love them but I'm loving the crispness of their creation. I'll keep reading. Thank you!
  14. Wow, Parker, I just happened onto this lovely story while perusing GA and loving your writing style and abilities. What a gentle and heartwarming story story of two people who may have thought that they were over the hill. My "relaxed" abs even flexed when I thought that maybe I have a future.
  15. Ford48


    My sentiments exactly! Thank you, Parker, for giving Rick, and Gus, the strength to be true to themselves and for Rick to be released from the inner workings of his mind. We all needed to see him act instead of think and dream. A beautiful chapter.
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