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  1. Ford48

    Idee Fixe

    I always like clear writing, good character development and straight forward story telling. Thank you for that in this story, as well as in your other stories. I'm rooting for Rick but hope he starts to show a little spine. He's been browbeaten by his father and had that awful encounter as a teenager but I get the sense that he's now realizing that he needs to get back into the land of the living. He's not getting any younger, as they say! The "slight" piano teacher with the "vivid blue cast" on his arm sounds intriguing. Is his arm broken? Is the blue a sign of illness? Or is it just a shadow? I'm hooked and will continue reading. Thanks.
  2. I wrote my last comments before reading this Epilogue and Author's Notes. I stand by what I said. Best wishes!
  3. Ford48

    Chapter 20

    I am awestruck with your writing and your storytelling ability. You create consistent and interesting characters and ones that compel me to keep tuning in and to CARE. Thank you for this journey with TC, David and, eventually, Sinclair. I feel more knowledgeable about BDSM and, although I don't thinks it's for me, I think we have been introduced to it by you in its purest and most loving form. You have convinced me that it could really happen that way. I send my best wishes and hope to see you continue writing. You do it so well!
  4. Ford48


    I cried! Not an uncommon reaction for me when one of your stories ends. Your characters are so real and so charismatic that they always draw me in. My sadness is somewhat alleviated by knowing (hoping?) that your family of characters is still out there and that we will see them again as they are woven into your future stories. Thank you, Brian, for your creative mind and for many hours of reading pleasure.
  5. Ford48

    Chapter 14

    This chapter, more than anything previously, has allowed me to understand the dynamics between TC and David...and now Sinclair. Their individual personalities are clearer in my mind and so is the fact that TC and David really do love each other. I'm sure that love will extend to Sinclair and his to them. Thank you for such a fascinating, well-written story. I'm always hungry for more.
  6. Ford48


    I love how you weave your characters in and out of your stories. I have fallen in love with so many of them that I can't begin to name them all and I have spent many happy hours with them in Scotland...and, now, Wales. It's wonderful to think that Lenny and Adrian will be visiting with them, especially James and Nathan and Kennedy and Kieran. I hope we can visit them with you, Brian. Thank you, once more, for creating such vivid, wonderful people and allowing us to share in their adventures!
  7. Ford48


    Glad you're having fun, you guys. The rest of us are just interested in seeing the rest of the story of these two wonderful people, Lenny and Adrian. I'm holding my breath.
  8. Ford48

    Chapter 2

    Still with you, although James' neuroses and over-analytical mind may be his undoing. Thanks.
  9. Such a good start. I'm hooked. Plus it's nice to see you back on GA. I loved your previous story.
  10. Ford48

    Chapter 9

    Oh, wow! Things are moving really quickly. I love this chapter but I think I need to reread it more than once to fully understand what is happening. I also need to get into my own headspace. As always, I love the characters and your creative writing abilities and anxiously await the next chapters. Thank you for providing such food for thought!
  11. Ford48


    "As soon as Leonard stood still, and took a lungful of fresh morning air, he realised what Adrian was doing. From the vantage point of the raised patio, the garden had been transformed. Lush manicured lawn stretched down to the outer edges, where evergreen bushes marked out the boundary. As promised, Pippa’s company had erected a pretty gazebo in the far right corner, with a small bench inside, looking back to the house. All around the edges of the lawn, bushes of differing heights and varieties had been planted, with some original flora—the apple tree behind the brand new garden shed, the three firs along the right boundary. But it was the panorama beyond that caught Leonard’s breath, the sun rising over a blanket of various shades of verdant patchwork marking out the farmlands of Wales, with dark waterways meandering through, all beneath a sky of pure blue optimism. “Now tell me it isn’t worth the effort,” said Adrian, lacing his fingers into Leonard’s." I'll leave it to Brian to solve the mysteries, and I have confidence that he will. I think this is the most delicious passage in this tale. I love Brian's ability to tell a story and to make us love his characters. I look forward to the rest of the story but fear it may end too soon.
  12. Ford48

    Chapter 8

    Anxiously waiting to learn more about the BDSM world and trying to understand the "rules." I'm rooting for David and TC and if it takes Sinclair to keep them together then I'm all for it. Such wonderful characters...all three!
  13. Ford48

    Chapter 7

    Erotic! This is a totally new world for me so I am both stimulated and horrified. It seems like a cattle auction but on a different level...I think! I love your writing, as always, and will continue to follow this strange combination of normalcy and decadence. You are the best and I love the adventures that we're taken on.
  14. Ford48


    When I got the notification that you had posted another chapter, Brian, ( I feel like I'm being too familiar to call you that, but I found your name many correspondences ago) my day was made. I love your writing style, your character development and the characters and stories that you create. This story is no exception. Lenny and Adrian are real in my mind and I am transported into their world. I await, with the proverbial bated breath, their next chapters. Thank you.
  15. Ford48


    You have made my day!!! Thank you!!!
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