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  1. Ford48

    Chapter 21

    I know this is a fictional story, but REALLY!!!. Your writing style humanizes your characters. I feel the pain of this latest lurch and feel like I'm in mourning. Maybe the future won't be so horrible...please!
  2. Ford48


    I'm so happy to be back at Camp Refuge. I knew all the characters at one time but need to relearn them now. I'll make my list. I was so taken with the first stories that I looked up the area on Google Maps and knew exactly where the camp was located. Now I'm being drawn back in...and I love it. Thank you Wayne! I respect your writing style and your characters...and your editing, about which I'm a snob, I guess. All the your, you're, there, theirs, etc. numb my mind and really detract from my enjoyment of stories. Your stories are perfect and such a joy to read. My best wishes to you!
  3. Ford48

    Chapter 2

    Harrowing! I'll be glad to learn what's happening. A different style of writing for you.
  4. Ford48

    Chapter 17

    As usual, Brian, you exceed my expectations. I'm with them in the bedroom and loving their interactions. I'm picking up post-its and hoping nothing goes wrong. I love the strength that Spencer is showing, which wasn't so evident early on. I'm loving this story. I love your writing ability and I wish you and your husband a bountiful 2021. Best regards, Jon (aka Ford48)
  5. Ford48

    Chapter 15

    Merry Christmas, Brian. This story is wonderful!
  6. Ford48


    Wow! What an unexpected happy surprise. I'm so happy to be back with Will Schluter and his family, friends, fuck buddies and all the rest. Thank you for the ongoing saga! I love your characters and love trying to keep up with the voluminous number of them.
  7. Ford48


    A good ending to this story but also a good segue to the next chapter. I think there are too many well developed characters and story lines to let this die here. Please!
  8. Ford48

    The Dream Team

    Thanks for a thoroughly enjoyable story. I know nothing about the music industry but you have made it all believable with characters that stand out and seem real. I'm excited for the next chapter...can it really be the last?...and to find out about Ash and Marcus.
  9. Ford48

    Chapter 4

    Welp! We're on our way. I'm hanging on for this adventure. Never got into Camp Lore because i didn't relate much to any of the characters...but I tried. But this story has eerie possibilities. I love your ability to tell a story.
  10. Ford48

    Idee Fixe

    I always like clear writing, good character development and straight forward story telling. Thank you for that in this story, as well as in your other stories. I'm rooting for Rick but hope he starts to show a little spine. He's been browbeaten by his father and had that awful encounter as a teenager but I get the sense that he's now realizing that he needs to get back into the land of the living. He's not getting any younger, as they say! The "slight" piano teacher with the "vivid blue cast" on his arm sounds intriguing. Is his arm broken? Is the blue a sign of illness? Or is it just a s
  11. I wrote my last comments before reading this Epilogue and Author's Notes. I stand by what I said. Best wishes!
  12. Ford48

    Chapter 20

    I am awestruck with your writing and your storytelling ability. You create consistent and interesting characters and ones that compel me to keep tuning in and to CARE. Thank you for this journey with TC, David and, eventually, Sinclair. I feel more knowledgeable about BDSM and, although I don't thinks it's for me, I think we have been introduced to it by you in its purest and most loving form. You have convinced me that it could really happen that way. I send my best wishes and hope to see you continue writing. You do it so well!
  13. Ford48


    I cried! Not an uncommon reaction for me when one of your stories ends. Your characters are so real and so charismatic that they always draw me in. My sadness is somewhat alleviated by knowing (hoping?) that your family of characters is still out there and that we will see them again as they are woven into your future stories. Thank you, Brian, for your creative mind and for many hours of reading pleasure.
  14. Ford48

    Chapter 14

    This chapter, more than anything previously, has allowed me to understand the dynamics between TC and David...and now Sinclair. Their individual personalities are clearer in my mind and so is the fact that TC and David really do love each other. I'm sure that love will extend to Sinclair and his to them. Thank you for such a fascinating, well-written story. I'm always hungry for more.
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