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  1. Guilhelin

    Chapter 1

    I'm 26 right now, I don't comment a lot, but Comicality I've been reading your stories since I was 16, 10 years ago. I never stumbled upon this story but it was just on the main page from a new chapter being posted. I'm looking forward to the read. I'm a much happier person now, I have amazing friends, but when I was 16, I definitely hated myself for being gay. I like to read stories similar to my own. Your stories helped me cope in high school I'd like to believe. -Chase
  2. I saw this right before bed. Good read. Demons gunna lose
  3. Oh my, I'm first, great way to start my vacation.
  4. I've stayed with you, the whole time, but the chapter wasn't long enough
  5. I've been waiting for awhile
  6. I can actually check this before bed and happily see it's been updated. EVERY NIGHT!
  7. I'm so glad this story is updating this fast. I nearly didn't finish Chapter 1 but i'm very glad I did.
  8. Guilhelin

    Chapter 4

    I confessed yesterday, he loves me platonically. We are closer now. It went pretty well. Thanks.
  9. Guilhelin

    Chapter 4

    This story made me sad, I knew it would. I'm currently in love with my bestfriend who is like Jack, don't have the parents issue tho. Also have no way to make Jack interested without being too vulnerable.
  10. Guilhelin

    Chapter 31

    I also don't like the cell phone being added. Short chapter after over a year of waiting. Still I've been reading this story for nearly a decade and have thoroughly enjoyed it.
  11. Guilhelin


    I've been waiting for awhile. 😧 what happened?
  12. Guilhelin

    Chapter 30

    Hey Com. I've read dozens of your stories, I'm 25 now, been reading them for the last 8+ years, even got a subscription at one point. This is one of my favorite stories. I've read it multiple times. This is the first time I've ever commented on one of your stories, but I'm happy you wrote this one, makes me emotional. I can relate to a lot. -Chase
  13. Guilhelin


    As I said before, glad I stumbled upon this story. I have some mixed feelings about a few of your references to things in how they come out of no where, but it could be because I kept getting interrupted while reading this chapter so it wasn't flowing as smoothly in my head. I kept checking for an update all week, glad it was a lengthy chapter, but I'm super impatient lol. I want to read the next chapter already. Anyway, regardless of what anyone says, keep coming out with more chapters!
  14. I'm really interested in the next chapter. Thanks for writing this story.
  15. Happy Birthday!

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