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  1. mrbossmant

    J.J. v2.0

    I had thought the Applazon torch angle and also briefly considered Shawn but think bad wiring or lightning strike might be more plausible. Off to New York we go
  2. mrbossmant


    I wish I could be JJ's friend the projects he's working on and thoughts are amazing and I can understand at least 2/3 of what is being talked about. But not only that I wish I could be there for him as a friend to talk to and confide in I think he could do with some friends to ground him like he suggested to Henry. Over the last 10 years I learned that working all the time is no way to live and a great way to loose friends. It took a near burnout for me to realize I had a problem am now trying to create a healthy work life balance and find new freinds and hopefully love. It looks like JJ is smarter than me and was able to figure it out much quicker that happiness trumps work and if work wont play ball then its time to find new work. Cant wait for the next chapter.
  3. Thanks @Mawgrim for another great story. I would not mind revisiting these two in the future and can't wait to see what you think of next.
  4. mrbossmant


    Sad to see the story coming to an end as it has given me hope that I might some day still find love.
  5. The best thing Jenson can do now in my opinion is tell his parents everything Hunter has told him and maybe they can help and maybe take him in like @weinerdog suggested. This was a heavy chapter I'm so far on the edge of my seat I might as well be sitting on the floor and I'm not sure if I'm going to be able to sleep not knowing how Hunter is and what is going to happen. Please don't keep me us waiting on answers !!!!!
  6. mrbossmant

    Slave Labour

    I'm ether having Déjà vu or I have read this story before somewhere. Still if I remember correctly it was a good story definitely deserving a re read.
  7. mrbossmant


    Hi had so hoped that Hunter and Jenson would work out and that they would be good for each other as they both deserve so much happiness. I also worry Jenson might go back to Dave which is a really bad Idea. @James Matthews please don't keep us hanging too long.
  8. mrbossmant

    A Bomb Cyclone

    I really like this story. I especially like the trip down memory lane it started when it mentioned Adobe Dreamweaver which is the program I started developing websites with back in 2000 before moving on to other programing languages. It even nearly got me a job with AWS a couple of years ago. I can't wait to hear what's next in store for J.J and what kind of trouble he is going to cause.
  9. I don't condone Dave's actions but I do hope he gets better and finds love himself
  10. I was ready to start crying when I saw The End but then dried my eyes when I saw you mention we were getting a Puppy 2 I can't wait I hope in Puppy 2 we see Dave get the help he needs and find a boyfriend he also deserves some happiness. And I cant wait for Cindy to meet Stephen I think they could end up being an explosive couple with Cindy wearing the pants in the relationship. Don't keep us waiting too long pleas I need my Puppy fix
  11. mrbossmant


    Hmm wondering if the girl Steven met at lunch time happens to be new and if her name happens to be Cindy. Don't keep us in suspense too long @James Matthews!!!!
  12. I have to say I don't trust Greenstone especially after I heard that Puppy had a trust fund and from the sounds of it they were medicating him to keep access to the trust fund. I'm wondering if something similar is happening to Cindy. Anyway great chapter keep them coming!!
  13. 10/10 would read again. This story has it all, a great cast of characters, an interesting story line and plot with lots of twists and turns along the way and some cute and fluffy k9 friends what more could someone ask for. Well worth a read.
  14. I have to say @kbois Bravo another masterpiece. I would love to request a second book of Jett, Kyle, Bruce and Rosy, maybe a few years down the line maybe with a few kids. Maybe another book focusing more on Bo and Noah with guest appearances of our duo with their K9 partners. Again thanks for providing may hours of entertainment through these testing times. T
  15. mrbossmant

    Chapter 18

    I thought my suggestion was twisted but this is a whole new level.
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