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  1. mrbossmant

    Chapter 12

    They would be my bet (check my comments a few chapters back) as well but I'm leaning more toward Pierre because first was a car bomb, then a bomb on Ian's boat, then an issue with Ian's car, now the motor bikes ( I wont count the horses as they don't have an engine although all those vehicles do have horse power ) 1+1 = Pierre ? Anyway keep them chapters coming I want a mystery solved and a royal wedding
  2. Thanks for keeping us entertained though 36 chapters I hope we might see a book 2 in the future with Ian and Lex possibly taking in kids i would bet they would be great dads and would love to see some of it Thanks again and can't wait for your next adventure
  3. mrbossmant

    Chapter 10

    Another great chapter and now your making me doubt my assessment of Dax in the last chapter What I do wonder is if Leon knows that Logan and his team captured his parents killers Anyway keep up the great work cant wait for the next chapter
  4. mrbossmant

    Chapter 8

    I'm thinking the mechanic Franco or Leon's driver Pierre could be part of the conspiracy, considering the first two attempts and the assassination of Leon's parents all involved a vehicle of some sort. I also don't fully trust Dax and never have. only time will tell I guess please hurry up with the next chapter
  5. mrbossmant

    Chapter 27

    Another great chapter cant wait for the next installment
  6. Thanks for your interest in Eric's story. Hope you enjoyed it.  :) 

  7. mrbossmant

    Chapter 19

    I was more thinking Ian's best friend but can't remember if he had anyone Mazen was too quiet and Cassie would just overshadow him
  8. I guess you're enjoying yourself. 😁 Thanks for all the reactions.

    1. mrbossmant


      Took a break from Reading about CJ and the Gang to give you time to write so just trying to catch up and i find the like button an easy way to keep track what I have read and what I have not ( not sure I like walls chapter 10 Cesar just pulled up to the new office)

  9. Hi mrbossmant, your content count (40) is most deceiving. When in fact you are a very active and participating member. You have 5 followed authors listed. A 176 followed stories, but the most telling item are the reputation points that you have given out over the years, over 2,650 given out. You have made a huge impact on our authors and for this I thank you.

    I want to wish you a belated Happy 29th Birthday and hope you had a grand party. I'll try to be on time next year. All my best.


    Take care


  10. Now all we need is the actual wedding and maybe some kids (defiantly need some kids)
  11. Another great story to add to the collection of great stories from Ace I cant wait to see what the next chapter brings
  12. mrbossmant


    For some reason I am getting the feeling that Eli is going to become a permanent part of the cast of characters and maybe end up with Arron as a new boyfriend or maybe Trey would that not be fun Please don't leave us hanging to long
  13. mrbossmant


    Interesting start i'm anxious to see where it goes
  14. mrbossmant

    Chapter 49

    Thumbs up for all but the authors comment at the end I want more
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