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  1. I had to leave a sad reaction because I have loved every letter of this story and am sat that this is the end of this book. However I have hope for the next book but please don't let us wait too long. Too many authors on here like torturing their readers with long cliffhangers and I'm not sure my heart can endure a long wait Thanks again for the journey and the reading pleasure this story has given me
  2. mrbossmant

    Chapter 21

    That's not fair I can only leave one reaction
  3. mrbossmant

    Chapter 21

    We need a double posting here stat!!! You cant leave us hanging like that !!! Another great Chapter keeping me on my toes till the next one. Thanks
  4. mrbossmant

    Chapter 16

    Another great chapter. I don't drink but will hold up a virtual glass at the specified time
  5. mrbossmant

    Chapter 11

    Like for the story and the chapter and a dislike for having to wait till Monday for the next one
  6. I love it and can't wait to read about what happens after all the dust has finally settled
  7. mrbossmant

    Chapter 2

    My thoughts exactly
  8. mrbossmant

    Chapter 2

    It also does not state how much Tristan has changed in the last 5 years so maybe he's not recognizable in the picture. Or he its like one of those old polaroid's and he has only seen the back of it
  9. mrbossmant

    Chapter 2

    🕺 Yay me looks at the calendar but that's a week away 😭
  10. mrbossmant

    Chapter 2

    I need a lot more of this to warm me up because if you didn't know it baby Its cold outside Sorry could not resist but would love a lot more of this like yesterday !!!! please don't keep us waiting
  11. Wish I could add more than one reaction but I cant so I will out my thoughts here Like for the chapter Tear for Mason And an angry face for the cliffhanger
  12. mrbossmant

    Chapter 23

    I don't understand how anyone can use and abuse another living being in general never mind kids they should be nurtured and encouraged to learn and grow. Unfortunately I know first hand that abuse is everywhere. I'm not saying I was physically abused but I definitely know what mental abuse is like having had to endure it for the last 10 or so years in one form or another. been to make feel like you don't care in the world or can be tossed to the side when they feel like it. and always made to fell like everything wrong in the world is your fault. Its especially hard when its done by pe
  13. mrbossmant

    Chapter 16

    Also who is Sal ?
  14. mrbossmant

    Chapter 16

    Is it just me or is there a part missing ?
  15. Ok my theory is Toby was able to get some dirt on Levine and contacted the FBI the agent he was dealing with was Billy. But Toby was killed before he and Billy could meet to hand over what he had and get Rhys and himself to safety. I hate for Billy to be a bad guy I seem to have a soft spot for PO
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