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  1. mrbossmant

    Chapter 3

    I think Five Guys has been trademarked
  2. mrbossmant

    Chapter 3

    I love Jim's entrepreneurial spirit and the fact hes looking out for others in need of a hand I wish I had the resources to do the same can't wait for chapter 4 and to find out who they find to help I also wonder what the name of the truck is going to be Three Guys ?
  3. mrbossmant

    The Warning

    Our thoughts must be in one line as I thought about the Black Foxes being Ryan and his family. the other theory I had was that the band mates were the Black Foxes but who was the fox with the baseball bat wound. At least Alex isn't one of them
  4. The other Idea I just had is that Owen is in a coma after his car accident and is dreaming all of this
  5. Ok i'm just going to throw out a theory Ryan is the black fox and Alex is the black puma with the red eyes, The reason Ryan is "sick" is because Wayne hit him over the head and needs time to heal Now all we need is a Witch, A lion and a wardrobe
  6. mrbossmant

    Chapter 6

    That sounds like a bigger drama than what @AquariusGuy could come up with
  7. mrbossmant

    Chapter 24

    I know the feeling am currently dealing with one like that and agree with Alan sometimes its better to fire a client when they don't want to listen ( which is what I will be doing soon)
  8. mrbossmant

    Chapter 8

    I think its meant to portray a text conversation Now when can we get more I have so many questions after reading the first 8 Chapters I don't even know where to begin Keep up the great work and the next chapters cant wait
  9. mrbossmant

    Tin Soldiers

    I was just thinking the same thing but @spyke has a good point as well
  10. mrbossmant


    I can relate to gray. My life revolves around making sure the people around me are happy. But I neglect my own happiness. I'm 30 years old and work for myself but have nothing to show for it, I spent years sacrificing everything to keep my customers happy just for them to abuse my good nature and drag me through the mud just so that I can clean up the messes they made while holding me financially hostage just waiting to be thrown aside when something new and shiny comes along and what am I left with, No friends, No social life, No love life (Something I have never had), Family far away in another country that I might see 3 times a year. And spend my evenings reading stories on this site (which is the closest I have ever gotten to letting out my gay side) and wallowing in all the regrets and wondering where it all went wrong
  11. mrbossmant

    Chapter 13

    Will anything ever go right for them I feel like I'm on a roller coaster that only goes down hill
  12. mrbossmant

    Chapter 48

    I'm surprised he did not take the opportunity to make a family holiday of it as a reward for the kids grades and show them Europe and maybe give them a lesson in financials in Switzerland
  13. mrbossmant

    Chapter 47

    Great minds think alike I was just wondering the same thing
  14. mrbossmant

    Chapter 46

    I would not be surprised if they take over the army base
  15. mrbossmant

    Chapter 49

    Another Great chapter Just wondering what country MedTech was based as I originally thought it was based in the US but then when Kevin said " The interest payments are above the legal maximum set by your government." It made me start to wonder
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