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  1. I was ready to stop reading this story after the last chapter. I could not deal with the heartache of Blake dying. I was all set to forget it ever happened. But the thoughts kept rattling around in my head keeping me up at night wondering if Jasper would self destruct or would he survive and how many casualties would there be along the way?. My curiosity and love for Blake, Jasper and Ryan is compelling me to comeback to finish this story to see if we might get somewhat of a happy ending but my heart is dreading the sadness that I will probably have to face along the way.
  2. Your stories have given me something to look forward to when times were dark and I can only hope you will get over this hurdle. I hate how life can be such a hard mistress to mistreat the kind caring individuals in the world and seem to reward the selfish ungratefully assholes of the world. I don't know what else I can add that any of the previous commenters haven't said already. But just know your are in my thoughts and I am sending you my best wishes and hopes for a miracle. Timothy
  3. mrbossmant

    Chapter 5

    My Bad I seem to have completely missed chapter 4
  4. mrbossmant

    Chapter 5

    Nice chapter but I get the feeling I'm missing a chapter or paragraph because I can't remember anything about a carriage or a barn. My bad I seem to have missed all of chapter 4 Anyway looking forward to the next chapter
  5. mrbossmant

    Chapter 25

    What @philippe said I don't think I can say it any better
  6. mrbossmant

    Chapter 23

    I was ready to stop reading after the first paragraph. I could not take the heart ache that it would cause but I soldiered on through, needing to know what happened and it did not disappoint another great chapter and cant wait for the Christmas celebrations, the move and the start of the new job. Oh and thanks for not letting us wait this time it was very much appreciated !!
  7. I had to leave a sad reaction because I have loved every letter of this story and am sad that this is the end of this book. However I have hope for the next book but please don't let us wait too long. Too many authors on here like torturing their readers with long cliffhangers and I'm not sure my heart can endure a long wait Thanks again for the journey and the reading pleasure this story has given me
  8. mrbossmant

    Chapter 21

    That's not fair I can only leave one reaction
  9. mrbossmant

    Chapter 21

    We need a double posting here stat!!! You cant leave us hanging like that !!! Another great Chapter keeping me on my toes till the next one. Thanks
  10. mrbossmant

    Chapter 16

    Another great chapter. I don't drink but will hold up a virtual glass at the specified time
  11. mrbossmant

    Chapter 11

    Like for the story and the chapter and a dislike for having to wait till Monday for the next one
  12. I love it and can't wait to read about what happens after all the dust has finally settled
  13. mrbossmant

    Chapter 2

    My thoughts exactly
  14. mrbossmant

    Chapter 2

    It also does not state how much Tristan has changed in the last 5 years so maybe he's not recognizable in the picture. Or he its like one of those old polaroid's and he has only seen the back of it
  15. mrbossmant

    Chapter 2

    🕺 Yay me looks at the calendar but that's a week away 😭
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