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  1. QuietScreamer

    Let’s Play

    I don't agree that April left Jett with a scar —Jett left himself with the scar! As I have read it, April took a chance and bravely kissed Jett, letting him know without a doubt how he felt toward him. It was Jett that pushed April/Theo away, said bad things about him to other kids at the camp, and ignored him until April left. April absolutely needs to come clean about the situation but he also has absolutely every reason to fear a negative outcome. They were just kids, but all April has to go on is the personal history and knowledge that Jett broke his heart once before already. 😕
  2. QuietScreamer

    Time To Decide

    Killing me with the weird perspective changes! It makes reading this very confusing and hard to follow. I wish that I could continue reading but I don't ever know who is speaking to whom at any given moment. 😟
  3. QuietScreamer


    Oh no! I don't want it to end. Can you just make it some kind of supernatural Hardy boys series with hot gay sex scenes?? 👅💦
  4. I stumbled across this gem as I was scrolling through titles, looking for next great read. Well, this is it! A lighthearted vignette that had me laughing and looking forward to 'what-happens-next?' 😃 The only draw back is that the story is complete and there won't be another installment. This left me smiling and was absolutely worth the read!
  5. I loved this story! Every character and scene was so well thought, from the very beginning you identify with each characters emotional state. Each reaction is human. Wayne captures the settings of each scene as though it were a character themselves (which I LOVE!!) the smells, sounds, the breezes, even the position of the sun. Great story with a great ending. 📖 ❤️ It's absolutely worth the read.💖💖💖
  6. QuietScreamer


    Waaaaaaynne! 😩 When are we going to get a new chapter? It's so hard to wait! But you announced the end of Bluegrass Symphony soon and I hope that I'll get to read more about my Pack over here. 🙏🏾😁
  7. QuietScreamer

    Chapter 87

    I, too, would love to read longer chapters, but at least you post your chapters often and I'm not waiting forever just for another 1,000 words. I think I would definitely lose track of the story then.
  8. QuietScreamer

    A Bit Of Fun

    In Aiden's defense, Heathcliff has said that he likes Aiden but has not specifically said that he wants Aiden without the NDA and outside of the existing arrangement. Aiden is an expert compartmentalizer (?) and has placed the arrangements in the very clear black and white terms that they agreed upon, until Heathcliff specifically says that he wants to break the arrangement and pursue an EMOTIONAL connection Aiden won't take that step for fear of overstepping the boundaries and breaking his own heart. Because, in his head, he would only have himself to blame for a broken heart since Heathcliff laid the no emotions condition very clearly from the start.
  9. QuietScreamer

    Chapter 24

    I have zero doubts she read his diary....😑
  10. I can see that your following chapters will have healthy doses of humor! I'm glad for that because I can also see some dark shadows looming. Can't wait for the next one. 😊
  11. No matter how much I try I just cannot make myself like Noah. He's such a selfish baby! All he does is whine and pout and throw tantrums that just make everything worse for everyone! He's basically spit in the faces of everyone that have been good to him. Even his horrible parents! His cowardice galls me to no end. I'm not at all trying to diminish the terrible struggles he's going through inside, but he wouldn't be so bad off if he'd only had enough faith in the love Jordan proved over and over again. Instead he just wants everything to go back to the way they were before he fucked everything up. He wants zero consequences to make up for his atrocious decision making skills.
  12. QuietScreamer


    Shouldn't this solicitor have discussed that vital piece of information BEFORE Nathan signed the papers?! I can understand that the great uncle may not have known about this clause, seeing as he didn't grow up with them, but how did the solicitor know anything about it? I'll admit I don't know squat about how those things work, but if she didn't handle Nathan's inheritance proceedings to begin with how does she know the details of the family will? @lomax61 Congrats on the marriage! ❤️🧡💛💚💙💜 Enjoy your two weeks!!
  13. QuietScreamer


    Totally saw that coming and glad it FINALLY did!! I'm only sad that it happened to leave off there. I cannot wait until the next chapter.
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