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  1. I'm still waiting for the fallout when he finds out he's going to be a Dad!
  2. damejintymcginty

    Chapter 27

    I still feel 'abort' is warranted as it is only used once in the chapter. The other report only said they couldn't save the baby. The antichrist's vanity would make him believe he was the cause of the miscarriage even if that's strictly not the case, as you have pointed out. However, Mike, as author, can use whatever language he feels best! 😀
  3. damejintymcginty

    Chapter 27

    I think it was the antichrist who used that term...and was deliberately used to cause Rudi the most pain. The inference would seem to be that he had brought it about by will and it was not just an unfortunate event. But I could be the one that is wrong, Drpaladin. I'm still hoping Henry can save the day but maybe not. Tragedies do happen.
  4. damejintymcginty

    Chapter 25

    Don't like the sound of the bulky man with shades! I'm now peeking through my fingers....
  5. As Paula Abdul would sing....Opposites attract!
  6. damejintymcginty

    Chapter 4

    'Call me Newton.'. Absolute class! Great writing, thank you!
  7. damejintymcginty

    Chapter 45

    Hi, Just finished this for a second time having followed Ian's Heart as well. Looking forward to reading more chapters if you are able to write more. Great writing and characters.
  8. damejintymcginty

    Chapter 10

    Just as well Terry and Davy are aware of the truth. I hope the Eastern Europeans aren't Rothenian!
  9. damejintymcginty

    Chapter 11

    Ohhh dear! The proverbial 💩 has hit the fan now.
  10. damejintymcginty

    Chapter 19

    Yay! Go Damien!
  11. damejintymcginty

    Chapter 17

    Brilliant chapter especially the last two paragraphs! Damian is going to be James' undoing when Justy realises what's in the bag... Hope Damian doesn't take any first. Thanks Mike.
  12. damejintymcginty

    Chapter 8

    What's the chances the wee boy is Damian?? Great story, funny and well written. Thanks Mike.
  13. damejintymcginty

    Chapter 29

    I think he got on well enough with his parents. It was his siblings that he didn't get on with.
  14. damejintymcginty

    Chapter 29

    Brilliant story but just one thing.... How did Henry explain Gavin's disappearance to his family?
  15. Yes.... But I would rather hope that Heathcliff would step in and insist that he only work with the company if Aiden was working with him. Obviously the thought of Heath terminating his contract might refocus the boss' priorities. Money talks! And obviously the boss gets the ungentle slap on the head for the most homophobic unhomophobic speech of the day.
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