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  1. Original: "As for story construction and a good use of the English language, a pet peeve but then I taught English/English literature, were outstanding." Sorry, my sentence didn't clearly say what I meant. Let's try this. "As for story construction and good use of the English language this story was outstanding." My comment about teaching is irrelevant to the review.
  2. LD Stratton


    Musings: Liam mentioned he bottomed on occasion. I wonder if he had enough love and trust to allow Seth to to top. Kris needs a story of his own. Dark, BDSM, tragic (maybe joyfully a butt-boy in prison), a psycho, would make for interesting reading Michael, possible he became trans?, in any event his story with Marcos -- another love story. End Musings I loved this feel-good story.
  3. What a terrific story filled with a lot of humor, wonderful characters and a huge abundance of love. This is very much a feel-good story that will keep the reader laughing and loving Seth and Liam as well as the unpredictable Michael. I read it in one sitting.
  4. LD Stratton

    Long Road

    A nice story giving us some insight to travel in Western Australia, the craft of farrier and a brief look at Aussie rodeo. Although labeled as adventure, drama I didn't see much of either. It was pleasant enough read.
  5. LD Stratton


    Well Fuck! Sorry but 3 close friends have diagnosed with glioblastoma. This is supposed to be a fairly rare form of cancer but I've been cursed to watch 2 of the 3 die from this. The 3rd is my ex. We separated a few years before his diagnosis and yes, he's still alive but his mind is gone. I met with him 2 years ago. His memory was sketchy but he did remember a few things from our shared past but then he would ask where I was (I was sitting in front of him). With survival rate only 6.8% after 5 years I guess he is one of the 'lucky' ones 9 years after diagnosis. He does have a very loving and devoted husband so that is good. There is nothing left of our relationship even if it lasted 15 years but I can't help but hurt for him and my other 2 friends.
  6. I'm still not happy with Brian but Snow lives forever in my heart. What a very special character in this story. I'm very pleased with the last chapter. So often stories on GA go through all the drama, angst, hate and mistrust then via a 'deus ex machina' end even though so much is left unanswered. Frequently one doesn't know if all amends have been made and they live happily ever after. Considering all that drama characters endure in most stories one doubts that these relationships last much longer. Yet, what the author has written in this last chapter the reader knows that Brian and Snow were truly soul mates and ended a long and happy life together.
  7. Perhaps because I'm a stickler for monogamy but this whole incident with the Loft fiasco I lay solidly at Brian's feet. Snowflake was open enough to tell Brian about his attraction to Krist but it was Brian who admitted his attraction to Jimmy and then gave the flawed justification that it was ok, not only to fantasize about others but to act on it. This concept of 'open relationship' is seldom healthy. Snowflake was very apprehensive about the Loft experience and realized he loved Brian to much to go through with it. Brian on the other hand had no problem to being fucked by Jimmy right in front of Snowflake. So, Snowflake bolts but I didn't read or read into Brian's reaction other than to call out to Snow. So did Brian go back to 'ass up'? Did Brian chase after Snow? Did Brian realize he just totally messed up what he had with Snow? And yet, in their reconciliation somehow this mess was blamed on Snow. I don't like or trust Brian.🤬
  8. LD Stratton

    Chapter 7

    What a good read, an intelligent read. Off to find what else you've written.
  9. LD Stratton

    Chapter 1

    Perhaps a faux pas on my part. As I read on, just finishing Chapter 1, I found myself totally engaged with your writing style and somewhat chagrined about my earlier comment.
  10. LD Stratton

    Chapter 1

    First paragraph ".... passed youth." I think you meant 'past'.
  11. LD Stratton

    Sanc Chapter 1

    This is one of the strangest beginnings to a story. The premise is set in the first couple of paragraphs.... the son is missing.... then we are taken to a tour of a warehouse, building solar panels, chickens, trees. What about the son? I'm giving this 1 more chapter before I decide if this is worth reading. I see comments about adjustments. How messed up was this 'beginning' before that!
  12. LD Stratton

    Chapter 1

    This needs part 2. Richie has more story in him.
  13. LD Stratton


    "Endings" is a story of trust issues, forgiveness and down right stubbornness. Hank and Chase individually have demons in their past to conquer before they can move on and in the process they each change. It is a long battle with a few ups and many downs until they can come to terms with themselves. There is an intense beginning of the story and that intensity carries until the last chapter which I think will surprise you. This is from one of my favorite GA authors and makes for an excellent read.
  14. Up front and blunt: I don't care for stories about werewolves, vampires, shifters, other worlds and that ilk. Others may enjoy said genre, I do not. That said I loved "Morningstar: The Malaise". I was fully prepared to read a few chapters the lay it aside but the author writes beautifully, engaging the reader in the personal lives of the characters he created. There is depth to the characters, beauty in the writing, creating a draw that takes you from one chapter to the next. I highly advise reading other stories written by this author.
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