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  1. I was OK with Daniel up to this point. Although he's been a bit devious Daniel's actions were in self-defense and self-preservation. But the dog, my god! Animal abuse is sickening, horrid under any circumstances. That was just SICK.
  2. LD Stratton


    Although this story isn't new I finally got a chance to read it. What a fun and funny delightful story! Couple of typos but the grammar was very good. This story really made me smile.
  3. LD Stratton

    A Dark Night

    What the hell kind of 'hospital' did they go to? There is no way in hell I'd sign papers for the release a patient in that condition.
  4. LD Stratton


    LOL what a fun story. I would love these guys in my circle of friends. The sound so unpredictable, a lively couple. Excellent writing.
  5. LD Stratton

    Chapter 11

    Well that just totally sucks. Right now I really could care less about Matt. Good god I hope he doesn't try to get back with Mike and Mike has the self-respect to kindly tell Matt to take a flying-(expletive deleted). Move onward and upward Mike!
  6. LD Stratton


    One wonders if many of our years later Cairo looked back on this little blue dot and remembered Riley. I'd like to think so.
  7. LD Stratton

    Chapter 21

    My bucket list is a mile long. Been to Scotland but would love to go back. Then there are these: China, Cambodia, Thailand, India, New Zealand, South Africa, omit everything else in Africa since it's not a safe place for us LBGTQ people. Onward: Egypt (ok an African exception), ALL of Europe although been there multiple times I love it, Russia, Samoa. The list goes on. I tend not to like organized tours since I'm not a shopper. I prefer to travel with experts in art, architecture, archeology so I actually learn something and NOT with 4,000 other people aka cruise ships. If I speak the language, I"m ok in English of course, French, Spanish and German, I prefer travelling alone and at my own pace which is frequently 3-4 weeks. I particularly like the tours of the Smithsonian and other such institutions.
  8. LD Stratton

    Chapter 6

    I've been lost since the very beginning, so much so I had to start a 'cheat sheet' trying to understand who was who and what relationship each was to the other. 10 characters in the first 3 chapters with pronouns bouncing around willy-nilly. I'm going to guess, no hope that perhaps English is not the native language of the author and if so I can overlook grammar and misspellings. As an English and Literature teacher I'm apoplectic. Not sure I can struggle through the rest of this.
  9. Holy Brother of God, how the hell is this going to work out? Guess we'll just have to wait until Mme. Author pulls the rabbit out of her hat. Usually I can build a possible scenario or 4 for the future of the story but right now, I have nothing!
  10. Read this last chapter to a beautiful story and smiled. But then I asked "ok but what about Harlan?" That hard-ass dude needs some happiness too, he needs a man's arms around him to help him find that softness in his heart. So then I started to read all the comments and when I spotted the potential sequel coming and that it it includes Harlan I had to smile. Looking for the next "Camp Refuge 3?" story!
  11. LD Stratton

    Chapter 21

    You my man have written a very good and powerful mystery/suspense story. I would read and try to build scenarios of coming chapters only to be knocked about, rebuild the scenario with new information and once again discover I had no idea where it was going, who was who, what side they were on or what would happen next. Excellent plot building! Also being a 'foodie" I was enjoying the descriptions feeling as if I should have a bottle of Cabernet within reach. One question lingers and that is the backstory of Paul and his 'secret'. We only were given a bit of it by Chad but evidently there was some painful memories for Paul never explained. I won't encourage you to continue in the mystery/suspense genre. That will come when you as a writer are ready. But I will point out you have the ability to do so and very well.
  12. LD Stratton


    So nice to read a story that was not full of angst and drama. Not once did I want to smack the protagonist upside his head and yell "GET WITH IT DUDE HE LOVES YOU". This was a "smile story" and totally enjoyable.
  13. LD Stratton

    Chapter 15

    When cooking I'm flying around the kitchen like a madman so dirty dishes/utensils get popped on the countertop over the dishwasher while reaching to the faucet to get some water and diving back to the range to stir this or add that. Kitchen towel is over my shoulder handy for quick wipes and another tucked into the waist . When I have a minute and sometimes less than a minute I pop counter dishes and utensils into the dishwasher often moving things about to efficiently fit everything in. I make absolutely sure kitchen is clean and neat before plating dinner and calling my guests in. Most times my 'guest' is my husband but it is sometimes up to 16 people -- max for kitchen dining. DO NOT EVEN THINK the kitchen is anything other than MY SPACE. Get in my kitchen I head for the knives! Most people know this and stay on the far side of the island. Noobs are warned early.
  14. LD Stratton


    Well guess who will be bidding on Nathan at the bachelor auction. I can see a tiff coming that will distance Nathan and Jaymes but true to Jaymes' character "NO" is not an answer and he'll be bidding big! I really like Jaymes. He knows what he wants and goes for it.
  15. LD Stratton


    How nice to place the fete on my birthday! 12 July Jaymes and Nathan will end up together. I'm soooo tempted to jump to the last chapter but I'll refrain and enjoy the ride. Good writing btw, nice style, enjoy reading, I'm in for the ride.
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