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  1. So refreshing to have a contemporary setting but it has a drawback, an epilogue is nearly out of the question, which is a shame. I was wanting a proposal out of Marshall, a wedding, the birth of a niece. Well written, nicely developed plot. Thank you.
  2. From beginning to end, a wonderful piece of writing. I do blame you for keeping me up until 4 AM reading "just one more chapter".
  3. From one of the best GA authors an intelligent, well written story of self-acceptance and a growing love. Set in the old West, the author brings the story alive with colour, dialog and a cleverly crafted plot that engages the reader from beginning to end. Worth a read? NO! This is a must read.
  4. I freely admit to being a horndog and lack patience but those boys just moved the relationship along a good mile.
  5. A good drama-free chapter that reveals a lot about the 2 guys, their private thoughts and their deepening interaction with each other.
  6. I was not familiar with that quote but how very true it is. BTW, all chapters checked.
  7. In the words of MacArthur "I shall return" and gladly do a check fest.
  8. Yes I have read all chapters and I do neglect commenting on each chapter but be assured I've read them all. I will try to remember to comment but I am so fascinated to discover what is next I read on.
  9. Just finished "Song and Dance" and enjoyed it so much I did an author search to see what else you have written. Normally I only read COMPLETED stories but your writing is addictive so I took the plunge. First, I want to thank you for writing a story that is grammatically correct. I'm already known as the Grammar Nazi and reading your work is a pleasure. I fully believe I will become physically ill if I have to once again read "He chocked on this large appendage." The word is 'choked'!😡 (After a smack on the back of my head my husband demanded I clean up the previous quote. What a prude.)
  10. LD Stratton


    Congratulations! (nothing like congrats from a complete total stranger LOL)
  11. Renee you nailed it on the pain, the debilitation of a migraine headache. I started having migraines at University. No light, no noise, my own breathing was too loud. I literally pulled hair out of my head. I prayed for sleep, that was my escape, just get to sleep and then sleep for hours and hours. Once I went to bed at 4 PM and woke up the next day at 2 PM. Yes, 22 hours of sleep! I know what Bryce was feeling and I recognised Kevin's love and caring. This was a beautiful story of love and tender compassion. Thank you.
  12. LD Stratton

    Chapter 3

    Curious how the Ben and Pat thing would work out. Actually I would hope they both are miserable but it would be a fertile field for some drama.
  13. Excellent and well written. Characters were well developed and the entire story was captivating.
  14. LD Stratton

    Complete Story

    "I chocked on a sob..." This should be "choked". I see this error over and over in GA. Please google 'chocked vs choked'. RANT OVER.... I loved the story and the rapid-fire delivery. I literally had to stop reading and step away for a few minutes to catch my breath. Wonderful, exciting writing!
  15. LD Stratton

    Chapter 13

    Finally a story that isn't so damned depressing. As if gay reality isn't hard enough we are frequently bombarded with stories of loneliness, loss, depression, conflict, isolation, etc. I certainly don't expect every story to have the prince kissing the pauper as they walk into the sunset happily ever after but many stories seem to infer we LGBT+ are a sorry fu-ked up mess. Dabeagle has given us a story that is well constructed, well written and, to my point, one of inspiration and knowledge that maybe, just maybe a prince can kiss a pauper.
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