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  1. I have a tattoo, made it being 20, was inspired by The Prodigy šŸ”„
  2. This summer I was planning to visit Italy buuuuuuut............ šŸ¤Ŗ
  3. many nice recommendations, thanks šŸ‘
  4. It was sort of naturally between us cause I started living on my own in another country quite early and they were just calling me to check up if everything's ok and I just told them about my bf and they were like fine, hope to see both of you here, and after a while we came together and felt comfortable enough. anyways, I'm not sure whether they felt bad about it a first but I'm glad that if they did they managed to figure that out
  5. JayR


    Yuck... not a big fan of spiders actually šŸ˜… but some pics really look breathtaking however, they'd better stay there in the pics hehe
  6. it's always up to my current mood šŸ˜†
  7. I've always been a bit scared of any dolls to be honest šŸ˜ some of them really seem to be quite evil
  8. Summertime sadness actually hehe
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