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Found 9 results

  1. So, they have made Alex Rider into a series on streaming services. Anyone else interested in this? Anyone in the UK where there is already out and on Amazon Prime?
  2. To date, I've watched several Gay theme movies, and have been sorely disappointed. The "Eating Out series" is an example of Bad Gay films. "Shelter" was good, like the exception to the rule. This is just my opinion, but it just seems most of the English language Films, are just bad. From the quality of Acting, Storytelling, to Production itself, they all seem less than C-list movies. The foreign films being much better quality. Does, anyone have a suggestion on a Good Gay Theme movie?
  3. First of all, this is my first topic, so I'm not sure if it's in the right place. Second, I'm pretty rubbish at writing in-depth reviews without unintentionally dropping spoilers, so I tend to err on the side of caution and keep it vague. I've only seen the first episode of season 5, so far; "Striking Vipers". It was a pretty wild episode, really well written, well produced and the actors did an amazing job, too. It also touched upon one or two themes that might be relatable with many readers here. But again, I don't know how much to reveal about those themes without spoiling them, so I'll rely on the wisdom in any comments below to figure that out. Do you watch the show at all? And if so, have you seen any episode of the new season? It's an anthology series, so with Black Mirror you can watch it in any order. Each episode is a stand alone. (with one exception; the season 4 finale).
  4. So, I finished watching season one of Sex Education on Netflix. I loved it so much. It’s about a teenaged boy whose mother is a sex therapist. While he himself is utterly inexperienced, by some fluke it turns out that he shares his mother’s talent for therapy and sex advice, and he ends up running a ‘sex clinic’ where he helps students at school in return for a modest fee. Hilarity ensues, along with a lot of interesting drama. The show deals with bullying, sex (duh), prejudice, first loves, and a host of other topics. There are seveal things about it that are truly wonderful, but I’m gonna list a couple. It has some absolutely amazing characters. From Asa Butterfield’s portrayal of the main character Otis, to Gillian Anderson as his sex therapist mum, to the character of Eric, Otis’s closest friend (who is wonderfully and unapologetically gay, and not the only LGBTQ character in the series), there are just so many great people. And while the show is funny, not one of these people lack depth, even if they’re initially portrayed that way. They’re all flawed. They all have their shit to deal with. It’s not all comedy. There were several points at which I was close to tears. Style-wise, it’s just really interesting. The creators of the show have intentionally included a number of anachronisms that at first seem jarring but actually kind of draw you in, in the same way as the absurdity of some of the humour. The show is set in the present day, but clothes, interior decoration, and a lot of other things are very 70s in style. There are no modern cars, they all look like they’re early nineties or older. The main characters listen to vinyl records. There is practically no contemporary pop music. It’s just really nicely packaged and feels quite unique. Boyfriend said it’s like someone was inside my head. Kind of feels that way, given how much I loved it. If they had it would have been much gayer, though. I missed trans characters, though there was one who appeared very androgynous and may possibly have been genderqueer.  There’s another season in the works and I can’t wait. I really highly recommend it. I mean, it’s probably not for everyone, but give it a chance at least.
  5. Jared Leto from the television show 'My So Called Life' and the band 'Thirty Seconds To Mars' plays a transsexual person in the movie 'Dallas Buyers Club'. I have always found Jared Leto to be almost pretty and I look forward to seeing him in the part of Rayon. This movie is about the early days of non-existent medications that could be used for treating HIV and the attempt to acquire non approved drugs . I've watched the trailer. It showcases Matthew McConaughey as real life Ron Woodroof. Has anyone else seen the trailer yet? http://www.usatoday.com/story/life/people/2013/09/09/tiff-jared-leto/2787249/ http://www.focusfeatures.com/dallas_buyers_club?utm_source=AllSearch&utm_medium=Search&utm_campaign=DallasBuyersClub
  6. Alright people, this came up in discussion the other day at the pub and it got me thinking. I am very proud of not having guilty pleasures. I feel no shame in telling my friends that I love Glee, or that I listen to Nickelback out of choice, or that i think Taylor Swift rocks. These are all things i feel no shame in. But as it turns out, I do have a guilty pleasure that i don't share with my friends (and no, it's not GA) I watch Say Yes to the Dress on Youtube. why, i have no idea, but i have seen every available episode. it is not something i can explain rationally. but there you go, there's my guilty pleasure. Sharing time!
  7. my favorite would have to be Max from ABC's Happy Endings! who is yours? and if you can't pick one in particular, who's your top something?
  8. Zombie


    Dallas is back next week in the UK! I loved the original show - perfect trash TV I know you guys in the US saw the new series a few weeks ago - how was it for you? I can't wait to see Jesse Metcalfe losing his shirt again Here he is *gulp* all chained up ...
  9. What's your opinion (if you have one) on the fact that the majority of gay/lesbian and bisexual tv and movie characters today are still being played by hetrosexual actors and actresses? I think it would be a great thing if we, especially the younger generation, had more real life GLBT role models to look up to in the entertainment industry, especially non stereotypical gay actors and actresses, dispelling the myths that all gays, lesbians look or act a certain way, or the fact that our sexual orientation somehow defines who we are as a person, our interests and personalities and so on. I think we have come a long way, especially within the last ten years, although we still have a long way to go. For instance there are literally hundreds of 'coming out' Vlogs on youtube, some being as young as thirteen, forteen or fifteen years old. Something I wouldn't have imagined happening as little as ten years ago, even in the UK which is quite liberal in comparrison to the US on gay issues. I think media has played a significant role in this transformation. On the flip side of the coin, it is a good thing to see movie roles involving GLBT's even if the roles are played by straight actors and actresses, as this too also helps out.
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