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  1. Mmmh, I suppose that depends a bit on the people you surround yourself with. Personally, I can say that I'm pretty sure I know who my real friends are. And I trust at least most of those. Real friends are on the first front concerned with your happiness. So if they have a somewhat good judgement, they will be able to see, if you have a good partner that makes you happy. And if they do not really get along with one of those partners, they will at least try. On the other hand with a potential partner it should be similar. If he cares about you and your friend is good for you, then he w
  2. Well, I had something similar to a prom, but the couple thing was not really that big there. Most people just went with their families anyway and didn't really have a partner. It was pretty great and fun though, but probably just different to a real prom. (And so I - like many others - just didn't have a partner, but still had fun. ) The way it was this whole discussion/topic just didn't really come up though there.
  3. That with your uncle really sucks. And with your cousing as well. But we will stay strong and make it through, together as a society. Best wishes to you, your family and everyone else who reads this.
  4. I always got a little bit nervous when it came to Halloween. It never really was my thing. I didn't like getting scared and I absolutely hated clowns. And by that I do not really mean the clowns in the circus, but the scary ones. Do you remember those horror clown pranks that were trending a while back? I always feared that I could be targeted for one of those, because that would have been hell for me. I didn't tell many people about it, because some would just see it as invitation to customize as a clown on halloween. Anyway, when halloween came that year I was in a pretty good mood. I wa
  5. Memories of a special Halloween evening from a teenager.
  6. Well, I always liked reading (although that doesn't mean you always have/take the time for it). At some point I wanted to read a few more stories about gay people. Due to that I found gayauthors, liked some of the stories there and read a lot there for the next while. There are really some jewels there. (Although sometimes stories can also be heartbreaking.) One funny thing: I mostly searched for completed stories, because I didn't want to read a story without an end, where you would have to wait for updates with pauses between them, if you want to know how the story continues - I definit
  7. No, I don't have anything I regret there. But it's always an interesting question, how people make their decisions on things like that. There are people that just try everything and realize then what they like and what they don't like. And trying things out is good. Sometimes it is necassary to know what you even want. But that way you will have some experiences that will not go to as you expected, some even bad. Having some of these always is just a part of life. If you regret them or are glad that you learned something is dependant on the specific experience and another interesting
  8. Who4m1

    Chapter 20

    Sweet, sweet chapter. A few nice jokes and then a classic cliff hanger. ^^
  9. Ah, break ups. Interesting topic – and another one where I have not really much experience. I hope not too much of it will be added in the future. I think there are different approaches on that. Some people just do things and find themselves in the same relationship after two or three break-ups. But I am not such a person. Before I make an important decision, I think well about it. I am not hasty. And breaking up is a big thing for me. Usually I would not get together again with someone that I had a breakup with before. It possibly is just a bad idea and led by strong situation
  10. Well, that question is difficult for me. I hope I don't get lynched for my answer. LOL xD Because I'm not really a horror fan. I mean, I can respect people liking it and all. It just seems to be not the right thing for me. Of course that doesn't mean that I don't watch them at all. They can be entertaining from time to time – just usually not my favourites. Those genre classification are always a little difficult for me anyway. There are many movies that are not clearly one genre. But how I understood it, horror is closely related to the scare factor. And that factor i
  11. I have to admit in this series Miguel was my clear favorite (regarding good looks and cuteness). But I can see your point. (And on that occasion I also was reminded again, how much styling can change. Because, while Xolo Mariduena is to me not really that cute with some styles I saw him with outside this show, I found him gorgeous with the style he usually had in this show. (I think it's mostly the hair and that he is completely shaved.))
  12. That is an interesting question. It always is an interesting balance between writing your story your own way and keeping it realistic. At the same time you always find the most important struggles of an era in some of their stories. Stories always develop out of our own thoughts and thus are heavily influenced by our state of mind. Therefore Corona definitely will be displayed in a lot of works and that is a good thing. However, I would guess that for the fact that it influenced many people around the world really heavy, changed the life during this time, that in relation to that fac
  13. That can get personal and says much about a person. For me that is one of the topics where I fluctuate between both extremes. When I'm comfortable I can be very talkative. I like to discuss things with others. Before important decision I often have tried to get a second opinion of others before I actually decide anything. And when something is occupying me a lot, when something is important to me, then a part of me definitely likes to share that with people close to me. However, I am clearly more the private person. Usually, I won't show if anything is bothering me. While I have no r
  14. Who4m1

    Chapter 19

    First! XD I had to do it once in my life. And I will change it into an appropiate comment.
  15. And there is the long awaited and good climax. Randy's feelings are really relatable. Enjoyed reading. Took Randy quite some time to tell his mom, but everyone has his own unique journey regarding that. Just sad that it does not always turn out as well as in this story. (Oh, and as side note one more time (in case you didn't read it before, I won't annoy further 😇): there is a little incosistency with the chapter numbers right now. This should technically be chapter 66 and the last one chapter 65 (I think that is right everywhere except in the gayauthors title.))
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