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  1. BlueWindBoy


    Hendrick over ice with lime? You can't get Hoya/preppier than that. CJ's definitely FSO material. "I’ll fly to Argentina right after I meet my niece.” -- When ultrasound says it's a boy, it's a boy. When ultrasound says it's a girl, it's probably a girl, but not always. My brother and sister-in-law got caught out that way at the birth of my nephew and it took a couple days for them to think of what the boy's name would be. "I need a new pair of motorcycle-cop gloves too." -- As long as he can still tell the difference between Lola and a Taser. "I know for sure my brother’s gonna
  2. BlueWindBoy

    GMA XI

    Absolutely, as long as we both know that's what's going on.
  3. BlueWindBoy

    GMA XI

    Just minutes before, Thiago is complaining about being away from Fabricio, and CJ and Squad are talking him down from the ledge. Then a phone call comes in and he's all about getting to CJ's house. I am, however, poking fun. And about those spinoffs, do you have a relative timeline for them, the order in which they should be read?
  4. BlueWindBoy


    Of course Owen can get the El Dorado 25! For a mere $800 and a ten minute drive to Dupont Circle. https://drizly.com/liquor/rum/aged-rum/el-dorado-25-year-old-rum/p59816 Will the carseat work in the Tesla?
  5. BlueWindBoy

    GMA XI

    “Fuck you, homes. You’re nuts if you think I’m going home now. I’m coming with. I’ll call my mom and let her know what’s happening.” -- Thiago abandoning his newborn son so he can hang out with his friends. How the mighty have fallen! “Damn right it’s different. This isn’t fucking Clinton. This is Brad!” -- I'm glad to see CJ has his priorities right. “Bruh, there’s a gazillion flights. . . You have to pick an airline, though.” -- LOL! Good on Harley. With a 12 hour flight from Afghanistan (Brad's most likely location), CJ and company could be in Germany before Brad. But with injurie
  6. BlueWindBoy

    GMA X

    "Like six weeks away.” -- 6 weeks premature, while a concern, is rarely a disaster. It gets increasingly dicey from 8 weeks early and earlier. So I'm glad FCB is gonna be AOK. CJ needs to find a new way to deal with the ghost of his mother. His resentment does nothing to her, and is eating him up. Untempered by Owen and others, it can metastisize into a low-grade misogyny that gay men can be at risk for. "Because if I start going with him to functions, someone’s bound to recognize me at some point." -- Oooof, Sean moved in some interesting circles in his previous life. That he's prot
  7. BlueWindBoy

    GMA IX

    LOTS in this chapter! Did you go on WebMD? You can’t do that! -- NEVER google your symptoms! https://youtu.be/Vn_ZkI7-IZ4 "You think you could get me an appointment with your friend? You know, the Asian guy?” -- That's only slightly less racist than "my Asian tech guru." And orchitis, like herpes, doesn't get cured; it just goes dormant. Poor Carson! Shows how much he completely trusts CJ and Owen to show them what he didn't want to show to Student Health, even with the ribbing. “Considering you guys have been pulling money out of the market, this might be good. If stocks d
  8. BlueWindBoy


    CJ retrieved a bandana from his back pocket -- again with the bandana! “On my sixteenth birthday!" -- Well, 16 isn't THAT young. The episode is a bit ironic given what's come out about Ellen's own bullying behavior. Ah, our heroes' feet of clay. BTW, I checked with the Trevor Project. The check must still be in the mail.
  9. BlueWindBoy


    While Ritchie walked down the aisle toward the altar, CJ sat in the last pew and waited. -- This makes me sad. I understand CJ's anger and unbelief, and I'm happy that he's found tolerance for people who find comfort in religion. I hope that following what is right in sincerity of heart, he may find the way to God himself. As a Catholic, and CJ will always be Catholic, I hope he discovers NYC's own Dorothy Day. OT: I hope Ritchie is prepared for the aggressively evangelical proselytism at the Air Force Academy. They'll tolerate a Mass-going Catholic, but a non-believer will raise their ha
  10. BlueWindBoy

    GMA VI

    “I checked with everyone beforehand to ensure we didn’t have any vegetarians and settled on Colorado rack of lamb as the main." -- So often, it's New Zealand lamb, but nothing beats the high plains of Colorado for making amazing lamb. Excellent choice, CJ! Chocolate Bombe Alaska with hot chocolate sauce. -- BLECK. Bananas Foster would have been sooooo much better. And just as much fun on fire, even more with the sparking cinnamon and cardamon. L'chaim! -- https://youtu.be/Vvr8AjT0aD0
  11. BlueWindBoy

    GMA V

    Billy Joel’s ‘New York State of Mind.’ -- Why not Miami 2017? “That’s it, folks. We’re done. Enjoy the ride. And if you get a chance, feel free to congratulate CJ on being legal.” -- What happened to "I'll be here the whole week. Tip your waitress. Try the veal. YOu've been a great audience goodnight everybody...." Colt was also in on it, waiving the usual fee for non-members. -- I'm surprised CJ and Oz don't have a membership just for the fun of it. “How often do I have to remind you I’m not into water sports?” Sean’s sotto voce “Yet…” earned him a punch in the arm. -- LOL!!!
  12. BlueWindBoy

    GMA IV

    ARAA, the American Rifle Association of America!
  13. BlueWindBoy


    His parole officer, perhaps. But they'd parted ways a couple of months ago. His complete cooperation with the police had gotten him a suspended sentence, tons of community service and parole for his various crimes and misdemeanors. -- A merciful disposition for Scott. He had to have really impressed the cops and the judge with his honesty and being forthcoming. "Dr. Abelló?" -- How is he related to Carlos? "Goodbye, Mother, Dad," -- Sad. Necessary. Still sad. Scott, an orphan while his parents are still alive. "She is taking me spear fishing next weekend. Perhaps you could join
  14. BlueWindBoy

    GMA IV

    Would you be interested in the second spot on the ballot? -- Well, he didn't say no. vellichor -- that's, like, a word, right? It means something, in some language known only on the internet. “Hi, I’m Jeff.” -- Who is that with CJ? "But as usual, the NRA squashed any potential restrictions on firearms. I’m so tired of the bullshit, Oz.” -- NRA delenda est. One bore a dedication to Cory, the other one to his friend Efrain. -- I wonder if CJ's inscription included a mention of seeing them at the game? "They forget the need’s there 365 days. Hunger and homelessness don’t
  15. BlueWindBoy


    So, you're a user. I thought you were better than that, Carlos.
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