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  1. Ritch, CJ's teen-aged half-brother, leaves home for the Air Force Academy and grows up along the way. Under authority and within the military hierarchy, Ritch confronts, and is confronted by, class/schoolmates, higher-ups, calamity, strange cultures, his family's past, and perceptions of his wealth. Ritch has MANY sexual conquests, all of them more or less off-stage, but discovers that more than sex, he really wants love. He desperately wants to fly jets, yet he can't get away from wanting to do the right thing by his friends. Along the way, he gathers a new circus of people with brains, hearts, and courage who he is proud to support and who are proud to support him through thick and thin.
  2. BlueWindBoy


    Four years at the Academy and not a single trip under the Mountain?! One of my lasting regrets is not getting a tour before the complex was closed after 9/11. the Vail house was due for upgrades. -- Third Line? Cousins? B&Z? Why hire outsiders? Contractors in the mountain towns are incredibly slow, unreliable, and EXPENSIVE. oversized sunglasses, white silk scarf, smile, top down, hair fluttering in the wind -- It's like you're trying to paint an iconic scene or something. Very Sophia Loren, Grace Kelly, Jackie O. SPOILER - He'll be assigned to an overseas AFB as soon as he gets his first promotion. -- I'm still rooting for Incerlik with Vurdem. I want to read HTTC as an end-point, rather than as prelude. So while waiting for CDMX1 on September 24, what should I be reading? Bezos, Musk, Gates, Zuckerberg, Buffett, Ellison, Page, Brin, Ballmer, Walton could PERSONALLY end hunger in the US with $3Billion each. They and their fellow centi-billionaires together could end WORLD hunger in 10 years with $100-200Billion a year and hardly notice any effect on their life-styles. They're competing to get into space with vanity projects. I wish they'd compete to provide clean water, sustainable energy, nutritious food, durable shelter, and dignified work. typo alert on your CDMX spoiler: "She had interviewed CJ half-a-dozen times in his capacity as a surrogate for Hilary Clinton and a friendship developed." -- HiLLary has 2 "L"s.
  3. “And your point is?” -- GO FOR IT, JOEL!!! Watch out, tho, Norse Heathen can be mighty white supremacist. typo alert: His brother, brother-in-law, and their kids where scheduled -- I think you mean "WERE"? metallic ice-green? It ain't easy being green! And what's he going to do when he's posted to Incerlik? "Go ahead, toss me aside like a crumpled Kleenex." -- Could be worse, like a used . . . Under the tutelage of his fathers, he had learned to love his country, while acknowledging its imperfections. -- OMG!! What are they teaching at the AFA? CRT? Pure Commanizm, I say, COMMANIZM!!! Will CJ speak to the AFA graduates as his first academy commencement, or will he do it all four years? A thousand white caps flew into the sky. -- I was surprised to learn that not all the caps go airborne. Because of the damage of landing and getting stepped on, and simply getting lost or taken (mistakenly or not) from the field, some graduates opt to hang on so they don't have to replace them.
  4. Wasn't Dog Tag a place CJ & Squad hung out from time to time? I don't remember Fr Curry, but I do remember his book on breadmaking. And NO! YOU MAY NOT KILL OFF B&Z!!!
  5. No Chipper? No Bryce or Zion? Who's watching the place? No raunchy talk between Joel and Brock? What is this, Little House on the Prairie? Was the rough cut of the next X-Men: Gambit movie?
  6. "I like taking care of my peeps.” -- THIS is a mensch! It's not just another thing he HAS to do. It comes from his heart and soul. Starbucks inside the airport -- Airport Starbucks? Ritch may be a mensch, but he's got a LOT to learn about being a romantic. I'm surprised Ritch hasn't gotten a tour under the mountain in his time at USAFA. Of course, they would just try to recruit him for Space Command. "I may not be religious, but I’m not about to shout what I said." -- Hey, if President Bartlet can curse at God in the middle of the National Cathedral while on national television, I don't think the chapel cave in on CJ.
  7. "I thought it was Boxworth who wanted to blow Chipper.” -- Go for it Joel!! "I’m ready to settle down and have babies.” -- LOL!! Chipper's got at least one in every venue. Ritch grinned while walking behind the stands with Joel. He had stories to tell too, so Chipper had better be careful. -- The stories Chipper can tell might prove an actual embarassment. The stories Ritch can tell would only burnish Chip's reputation. Chipper bypassed the booze and went straight for the weed. The cadets had to settle for alcohol. -- Not even a mention of Joel's conquest? No raunchy sleaze talk? Why am I reading these stories? Facundo Paraiso? Nice! I'll stick with the Red Breast at less than half the price. "They live in the hood." -- Lincoln Park may be in Southeast, but "the hood"? That's so racist! “Everhope, turn up heat to seventy-five.” -- Ritch hasn't reprogrammed CJ's house? Yet? “That boy’s poo smells like something died inside him.” -- DUH! That's what poo is! I need to find the right spot for CJ to wear his. Maybe next time he, Owen, Spencer, and Tilda get together. -- Didn't Erma Bombeck teach us to use the good china and silverware now? Otherwise, it's just another form of waiting for Godot. No more drama or confrontations, right? -- Just wait until he finds out he's being assigned to Ankara to handle Public Affairs! And his Turkish counterpart?
  8. And now the AF want him for PR, but maybe that's just another way of saying psyops. wearing make-up before sunrise -- The wing will give him grief about that, I'm sure. He was overwhelmed with volunteers, but ended up tapping the cadet wing’s commander and vice commander to join him. -- Wasn't it Joel or Will who was willing to give a testicle to meet Chipper? a Falcons Football knit cap -- That would be a toque, yes? How Canadian/European! Well, I would say I scored a 9 or 9.5/10 on predicting what Ritch was up to in the last chapter. I'm wondering, with what all is going on, that B&C aren't there. Are you getting predictable, Carlos? Ritch's discovering how well suited he is for command. -- Command, Control, Communication, and Intelligence. Yeah CJ didn't begin to attract real attention until he decked the biker at Rolling Thunder. -- I thought it was when he was caught fucking Peterson's staff sergeant in Miami. SAFOs -- Safety Alerts for Operators, an FAA thing SAFUS -- Undersecretary of the Air Force SecAF -- Secretary of the Air Force
  9. I was looking for a chronological reading order and Ranger started in 2022 with the Oscars. I later realized that you were weaving a much more twisted sequence of events. You suggested that I read Singer and Cadet, and I realized that Malibu fell in the early part of that. I ran out of Enterprise episodes to watch and have only recently decided to watch Manifest as its replacement. I don't think I've done 6 in a day. I think 2 is my max, though I may have done 3. After all, I'm also reading through the Expanse novels and novellas. I have LOTS of time on my hands. My boss would dearly like to be rid of me but can't for contractual reasons, so instead I have almost nothing to do and all day to get it done. As a result, I get almost nothing done. I have the recently-added incentive of becoming your beta reader when I've caught up. It's complicated.
  10. The smirk returned to Baker’s face. “Only girls. I’m not gay.” -- I just have sex with men. First they were recruiting him for psyops, now for JAG. Everyone wants a piece of Ritch. "Their lawyers provide legal services and representation to all members of the military.” -- Nonetheless, a JAG is NOT your lawyer, and you are NOT his client. His client is ALWAYS the USAF. Scotch? Ugghhh! Tastes like water run through hot tires, imo. Irish is the way to go. (BTW, it's spelled JohnnIE) I'm surprised Bender hasn't gotten him to Cheyenne's Frontier Days at the end of August or Denver's National Western Stock Show in January. At least Ritch could pick up a decent pair of boots (if he's not going to go Australian). Organization? Friend? Veterans' Day? Hmmmm. What does Ritch have up his sleeve? My guess is the organization is Heroes' Haven, the friend is Chipper, and the event is a benefit concert in conjunction with an AFA home game, and that Ritch and fam will foot most of the bill (the part that airlines, hotels, et al, don't donate). We'll see how prescient I am. There was not much use for an assault rifle inside an airplane. -- Stopping people from carrying their ARs on a plane is an INFRINGEMENT!!! What about CJ and Lola? He swore the day he got stuck behind a desk full time, he would resign his commission. -- Well, that gives him a good 10-15 years anyway, 20 on the outside.
  11. “I don’t think you’ll have to look too hard, Piloto. At least not based on the drooling your fathers say you do whenever you see a particular one.” -- Hmmmm. A Porsche 911 Turbo, maybe? He did not bother to tell them there was another reason for his possible visit in November. -- Going to the chapel? If CJ and Owen and kids are at Everhope, where is Brad? And again, no mention of Wingnut? “That booty was made to be fucked. By me.” -- And I thought Joel was a bottom. I've often said even though I write feel-good stories, a little rain must fall on my characters now and then to help them grow. -- Like the Good Book says, "He makes the sun to rise on the bad and the good, and send the rain on the just and unjust alike."
  12. Because CJ and Owen were expecting, -- Did something else happen in Mexico? Who's the father? For that matter, who's the mother? Their eyes met, she smiled, and his heart fluttered. -- Aaahhh, to feel young love's keen sting. “Tio Ritch, quiero un taco.” -- If only there were a taco truck on her corner, but noooooo, Hillary didn't get elected. SAD!! "She got hooked on the things while we were in Mexico City.” -- There's a 12 Step program for that, but first she has to admit there's a problem and her life has become unmanageable. Did Aba come back to DC for Roo and Jeffer? I don't see her anywhere. “Anyway, time to do the deed.” -- No double entendre, I'm sure. And who is Joel's date for this event? “That’s all we’ve ever been, Ritch. Friends. I’ve had fun with you, but I never thought it was more than that." -- The very picture of friends with benefits. It's a sad, really melancholy, chapter. The ending of so many of Ritch's formative relationships, even his times with Wendy have taught him about what it means to be responsible, to care for others as much as he cares for himself. Now he steps out of the shadows into his own light, his own command, even, as Cadet Colonel. Who knows, maybe he'll get his own group, "Dragon Group"?
  13. He did not get a chance to ask for assistance. Vurdem threw a hook, and Ritch landed on his back. -- Oh, yeah, that's going to end well for Vurdem. was able to answer all questions easily. -- Person. Woman. Man. Camera. TV. Boxing accounted for twenty-five percent of concussions reported at the Air Force Academy. -- Other than "tradition," I wonder that it hasn't been replaced by a mixed martial arts requirement which would seem more versatile and encourage a variety of strengths and approaches to self-defense. "Congratulations on your appointment as Squadron First Sergeant.” -- WAY TO GO RITCH!! Roy Boy's? The Green Line Grill would be WAY better. One of the collective nouns for a group of fighter aircraft is CIRCUS!! For planes generally, it's a stack. “When I thought of the name, I figured we could do something with an airplane wing at the center.” -- Aaaahhhh, he's not just short and cute, he has some actual usefulness. I wanted to award him a Purple Heart for being injured, but realized a broken nose inflicted by a fellow Academy cadet didn't qualify him. -- Friendly fire doesn't count?
  14. The REAL reason I voted for Hillary in '16.
  15. Now that the Cayenne is on campus, will the Ritchie Ritch jokes start? “Careful, Peterson. Thin ice, you know? I am a superior officer.” -- No, just a higher-ranking one. they had stopped at Josh & John’s Ice Cream shop downtown. -- Ritch should bring the Scoop Bus to campus at the end of BCT "I would never out anyone." -- Unless they're a public homophobe grifting off their homophobic animus; THOSE people deserve all the public shame the world can give them. “Actually, he has balls. You don’t.” -- LOL!!! Advantage Peterson. "Are they friends, or are they simply teammates? Tell me about a personal conversation you’ve had with any of them.” -- Good response to the I can't be a racist because "I have Black friends" line. As Ritch pitches headfirst into the practice of CRT. “My apologies, Master Sergeant, sir.” -- As a Sergeant, even a Cadet Master Sergeant, doesn't Ritch work for a living? Why does Joel call him "sir"? “But I sure as hell hope I never go through what they went through in Mexico.” -- More about the "incident," which now must be linked to CJ's sexuality. The CDMX may have the Zona Rosa, but that doesn't make it safe or the police sympathetic. (I wondered why you didn't call it the DF, found out the name's been changed, no doubt to protect the innocent.) And he was certain there was no gay agenda to take over the country. -- Oh, but there IS! Complete with t-shirt, planner, card game, and more. There's even a plan to elect a gay to the Presidency! Some think Pete was our last hope, but there is another. What happens when Joel meats Cal? Or will Cal meat Joel? (I'll show myself out, now.) In re: Mexico -- Liebe gets addicted to tacos? And THAT'S why the emergency evacuation and cancelled summer assignment and changed phones? Cuz "addicted to tacos" would cover about 40% of the US population.
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